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                         Established 1994.




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With faculty members from respected universities, such as Harvard and Oxford, anyone 
                           who doesn’t have this Master Coach certification is not providing quality coaching to their client
Dr. Greg Roper, PhD (Master Coach Graduate)

"Thank you so much. It has been a life changing journey (professionally and personally)."
 -H. Egberg (HR Director) 

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    Acquire a powerful, proven methodology that enables you to:

  • Be internationally recognized as a professional with the highest level of coaching expertise
  • Use the latest brain science on how people function, learn and change.
  • Help your clients achieve genuine, measurable, sustainable self-transformation.
  • Deliver bottom-line professional coaching results and separate yourself from others..



Behavioral Coaching Institute

has supplied behavioral

change technology to:


Sony  GE   McKinsey & Co  Citibank  Intel  Howard Hughes Medical Institute . Hong Kong University of Science & Technology Sing Health Polyclinics  Toyota  Department of Defense  Credit Suisse American Express   Red Cross   Oil India  Alcatel   Pfizer   Motorola   ANZ   Saatchi & Saatchi NY   BHP Billiton   Fed Ex Saudia Aramco Ras Gas Qatar  Wells Fargo  World Vision  BAE Systems  Nextel  University Hospital Birmingham  Rockwell Automation  Mount Royal University  Petroleo Brasileiro  Woolworths  Canada Customs  Motorola   Shell Global





Accepted by the world's top companies

           Admission Process  

 Step: 1
 Submission of
  below Registration Form:

The Behavioral Coaching Institute's Graduate School is a private, international, ICC Accredited, educational institution. For over twenty years we have offered a small number of available course places each year by invitation to qualified, accomplished individuals invited to work us.

 Step: 2

Note: Note: Strictly Limited Number of Accelerated Credentialing Program Places Available.
- The ICC* restricts the number of Accredited Coach Certifications available via the Accelerated Credentialing Program Format to applicants who already possess an appropriate level of people development experience and workplace achievement.

It follows that the Institute receives a large number of applicants competing for a very small number of course places (we typically receive several applications per available place). To reduce the application processing time a small number of select applicants are now able to bypass the interview process and have their application directly submitted to the Institute's Section Panel for consideration. The Panel may request additional references or support material from an applicant to assist them in confirming the person's suitability.
* ICC -The International Coaching Council is the world’s premier professional accreditation body for workplace coaches (established 1998).

  Step: 3
  Confirmation of

Criteria of 

The Institute's Selection Panel meets each week to consider submitted applications for the limited number of available invitations to join a course. All selection results are final and no correspondence will be entered into. The Institute's office emails each applicant either a formal 'Acceptance Letter' or an offer to be wait-listed or considered for another future course. A successful applicant is chosen not only on their: suitability for the course, relevant professional background/organizational experience etc, but also their commercial opportunity to successfully apply the knowledge and tools from the course. An applicant's learning goals, professional profile and practice is also matched against other selected course participants.

*Note: In fairness to all pending qualified applicants, to secure one of the strictly limited course places, a successful applicant is required to remit full payment (via bank wire) for the course within 5 working days of receiving their Acceptance Letter/Email.

** --All information received is strictly confidential and will not be viewed or shared with any third party.



     Course MENU        

   .   Step 1.  -Select the Course and delivery Format from below page
          Step 2.   -Next, follow link and complete the Registration Form...then Submit.



-As a sponsor of the
United Nations Foundation the Institute provides a small number of SCHOLARSHIPS each semester.


Invitational Master Coach Certification Courses:
- For qualified professionals!
Register for your Invitation today!


                                   E-Learning / Self-Study Format    -Scholarships available
-This prestigious Master Class was developed by the ICC and Dr Perry Zeus 
(acknowledged as a founder of the coaching discipline and World's
                                         Leading Authority in Behavioral Coaching)


Graduate Logo

      M.C.C. Course - Workplace / Executive Coaching
                             -With ICC Accreditation and membership*.
  - Using Coaching as a Framework of Learning with proprietary, proven Models of Behavioral Change (employing the latest: evidence-based change technology from the fields of neuroscience and brain-based learning) to achieve sustainable, measurable quick results.  

*Note: Strictly limited number of Fast-Track E-Learning Places available. Currently only 2 places left this semester !    
        -The ICC* restricts the number of Accredited Master Coach Certifications available via the Accelerated
            Credentialing Program Format.

         U select course format & structure to suit your learning style and budget.  E-Learning or Videoconference.
         Scholarships available
Includes 'Skills Coaching' and proven Models of Behavioral Change to achieve sustainable,
             measurable quick results. Full M.C.C. Certification plus prestigious ICC membership.

  -  Blended E-Learning Format. From $us895  
-  Videoconference Format. (Class of 1. Live instruction) From: $us3,450  

           Course Content: 4 Modules including extensive, easy-to-read: Behavioral Science Knowledge Kits, Behavioral
                Change Toolkit, Practice Management, Step-by-Step Instructions, Exercises & Case Studies.
-See: Course Content



                                      Emotion Coaching : E-Learning Format .






      Master Coach Credentialing Course - Emotions Coaching    
- Self-Study  - Scholarships available
Includes proven Models of Behavioral Change to achieve sustainable, measurable, lasting
           emotional regulation in people from 7 to 70 years old.
Full Certification plus prestigious ICC membership.
  From $us895. Go here for  



                         Campus Course Format -Your North American Office



 On-site / In-House Customized Master Coach Course .
  (to your group's learning needs)
3 Days. USA and Canada


From $us2,450. p.p. Go here for Quote and  

                   Special Learning Partner Campus Course: 1-to-1 Format .
                       with Dr Perry Zeus
-acknowledged as a founder of the coaching
                            discipline and
World’s Leading Authority in Behavioral Coaching

      Chartered Behavioral Master Coach Course   
       - One Instructor (Dr Perry Zeus) and one student. (2 students optional).
Gold Coast, Australia or Bangkok,Thailand

                * This special 1-to-1 Course trains the student to become an Accredited BCI Learning Partner ! 
Instruction : 3 Days intensive 1-to-1 role-playing with Perry Zeus.
 P.O.A. -by negotiation -depending on assigned exclusive region/territory. 
  Go here for

                       Singapore -Special 1-to-1, Customized On-site Class.
               (Blended Learning -Self-Study, Videoconference and Campus Format)


Master Coach Certification:  For busy, professional people developers who are time constraint and prefer personalized instruction. Blended Learning.
-Program mix of: Pre-class Self-Study; Private 1-to-1 Class with facilitator (focusing on role-playing change models relating to students workplace needs) and; 1-to-1 Videoconference pre-course and post-course support with facilitator. 
Some 1-to-1 class dates still available. Optional Small Class of 2 to
    4 persons.
                         Go here for  


                 Certified Professional Coach (CPC) Course -   E-Learning / Self-Study Format.
Scholarships available
                                       - Skills Coaching -
Entry level. Business and/or Life Coaching.
Content: Foundational Coaching Knowledge & Tools
-See: Course Modules 1 & 2  

            *Note: Strictly Limited Number of Course Places Available.
          - The ICC* restricts the number of Accredited C.P.C Certifications available via the Accelerated
                Credentialing Program Format to qualified persons only.
                             Special Note:
- Completing the CPC Course is not a pre-requisite for entry into the Master Coach Course!
                                                    However, if you submit Application Forms for both the CPC and MCC Courses you are eligible
                                                    to apply for the Special Scholarship Course Rates.

            Select Course Rate then Complete Form below page:
- Standard CPC Course -Self-Study Rate: $us1,195.00.  
- International Scholarship -CPC Course Rate: $us595.00.
-For entry level practitioners who require financial assistance
                   ** Please note that there 3 regional Scholarship places available per semester.
(One Scholarship left this term)
                  -Each application is
subject to a review criteria and judgment of merit by the Institute's Selection Panel. Selection results
                   are final and no discussion will be entered into other than with a successful applicant.

-Plus (optional) 1 pre-course and 1 post-course 1-to-1 videoconference mentoring ($us250.each) -with option
                    of further.

The CPC Certificate is forwarded to the student upon their notifying the Institute the completion of their Self-Study.
1. There is no evaluation/assessment/exam. 2. The Certificate is recognized internationally and accredited by the ICC
                        (International Coaching Council).

      Yes! -Please submit my below details to the Institute's Selection Panel

 CPC Course Registration Form

      - Firstly, how did you hear about the Institute's Courses?     

          a) Referral Ad: ( Quote Affiliate Name or Promotional Code )          

          b) Google Ad

c) Dr Perry Zeus's books
- Yes, I have read one of Dr Zeus's books eg; such as the introductory-level text book 'Behavioral Coaching -How to build sustainable personal and organizational strength' (Publisher; McGraw-Hill, New York). 
Note: Coaching can be different things to different people. This best selling book is required reading in over 100 renowned, international higher learning institutions (eg; Harvard, Oxford, Toronto, Sydney, Beijing and JFK Universities etc) -who provide business-related degree courses, such as MBA and Psychology degree courses containing a coaching component.

   Personal Details  



  Full Name :   

Mr.  Ms.  Dr  First Names:
                                  Last Name:

Company Name:   

 Address and Zip  
 /Postal Code :   

State and Country :   

Telephone #'s -Landline :   

 Home: Business:    

Email -Personal :   

   Email -Business:  

            > Please re-enter your address to
      ensure it is correct >
Email Personal  

  Email Business:

Web Site :   

  Your Profile  

Occupation :   


Your Business Name :   

Type/Size of Business:   


 I am looking to use Skills
Change Models :   

- Internally (inside my organization). - Externally (in a practice).

Professional / Educational Background:


Your experience in People Development :

What are some of your primary Course Objectives?


Are you looking to specialize in a specific niche area?


Applying for a special Scholarship (Self-Study) Course Rate?
- If so, please provide a short statement as to the reason/s why..


     - References (Biz or Personal): -Yes > Name/Contact Details:

     - Referral eg; Affiliate Code, CMC Graduate, BCI Partner etc -Yes  > Details:

       . Yes! - I am interested in the Institute's CourseWare Licensing Program available for graduates of Master Coach course.
                     -eg; Delivery Rights of Use of the 'Manager / Leader as Coach' Course and/or the 'Certified Professional Coach' Course  







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