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   "96% of the Graduate School of Master Coaches alumni give a 5 out of 5, the
     highest rating level, with their education and its direct bottom line impact on
     their career."











Board of Directors:
Director of International Research: Professor Motoaki Ibano. Ph.D. 
Director of Corporate Services: Donald Spencer
Director of International Programs:
Kathryn M. Jones, Ph.D.

Academic and Business Advisory Board: Chaired by Professor Vlatka Hlupic-Vidjak, Ph.D (see below).

Officers, Staff and Faculty:
North America Faculty: Dr Shayne Tracy
Europe Faculty Head:
 Dr Roger Peters
South American Faculty: Dr Bernardo Garcia
Asia Faculty: Marion Neubronner,
Dr Ferdinand Sarfati  
Distant Learning Faculty Head: Grant Peterson
Client Services Manager:
Micheal Dupree
Business Manager: Marcus Jordan 
Admissions Co
ordinator: Natalie Johnson
Research and Development and Publications Coordinator:
Michelle Walker
Event Coordinator: Lisa Adams

    The Institute's Founding Director of Education:
   Suzanne Skiffington, Ph.D. (1998-2007)
    The Institute's Founder:
  Perry Zeus. Ph.D..

Academic and Business Advisory Board
Co-Chaired by -Professor Vlatka Hlupic-Vidjak, Ph.D.

Vlatka is a Professor and Director of the Centre for Business Information, Organisation and Process Management at Westminster Universities Business School, UK. She has published over 150 articles in journals, books and conference proceedings mainly in the area of knowledge management, business process change and business process modelling. Vlatka is also a guest editor and a member of Editorial Boards for a number of international journals.
Honorary Co-Chairman : Perry Zeus. Ph.D..

  Board's Mission:
   -To help the Institute's Faculty Staff keep abreast of all scientific development andindustry best-practice the International Academic and Business Board Business Board was formed. 
   -The Board is comprised of some of the world's pre-eminent thought leaders and influential figures in modern business.
   -The role of the board is to: 
            -Highlight new thinking, processes, technology and methodology that our Courses should consider including.
Advise on the overall integrity and value of what the CMC Course provides

  Panel members include:
Mahesh Deshmukh. Ph.D.
      - is
cited in the Who’s Who for his achievements in applied psychology and obtaining India's first Ph.D in executive coaching.
Ferdinand Sarfati. Ph.D.
      - former GM of Johnson & Johnson, Asia and
past president of Philippine Council of Management.
  Shayne Tracy. Ph.D.
is a former educational board administrator. He has over 25 years experience in human resources, human capital assessment and performance management.

                                 "With the members of the faculty from respected universities, such as Harvard,
                              anyone who doesn’t have this certification is not providing quality coaching to
                              their client." 
Dr. Greg Roper, PhD (Master Coach Graduate)  


our parent organization and a research and educational institution) 

- Since 1994 the Behavioral Coaching Institute has sought to set the benchmark for the highest international standard for practice-based coaching and the development of coaching methodology, and to maintain its position as the leader in the development of the world's top professional coaches.

The Behavioral Coaching Institute grew out of the establishment of the world's first course for psychologists to be trained as coaches conducted by Dr Skiffington and Dr Perry Zeus in the late 1990's (see below page).  

Some of the Institute's Achievements:
BCI was the world's first international professional coach training institution. Currently, it is estimated that our graduates provide well over 350,000 coaching sessions a year. Our expert faculty members have provided invitational trainings in the use of evidenced-based, best coaching practices to qualified persons involved in people development from over 50 countries. Since 1994, the Institute has conducted advanced trainings at over 200 universities, corporate institutions and government agencies and our best-selling text books are published around the world in multiple languages. 

Today, BCI has an industry-focus (versus an academic approach) and is engaged in teaching, research and development and publishing of the highest quality across the field of business and executive coaching. The Institute has established a number of key structural units to pursue specialist depth of expertise, knowledge creation and teaching in key activities. The Institute also assists in the ongoing learning and development of our client's 'people developers' and conducts a global delivery program.

BCI's Corporate Consultation/Advisory Services:
Over the last decade BCI has gathered unparalleled expertise in assisting organizations drive behavior change. Our propriety coaching technology and change tools are backed by a proven global team of experienced facilitators, consultants and change agents. See: Corporate Education and Consultation

BCI's Research Activities and International Coach Training School:
 The Centre for Applied Behavioral Coaching (a non-for-profit research organization) -is an international team of leading coaching educators and practitioners engaged in ongoing research and development.

Research and Development
The Centre is committed to research and the dissemination of information through the publication of books and articles.
     - The Centre constantly refines our curriculum, models and tools so our graduates can stay way ahead of their competition.
     - The Centre uses an extremely rigorous scientific approach to research, develop, test and validate coaching principles, models, techniques and tools. To find the hard data studies the Centre continually looks at hundreds of research studies.

 The Institute's Graduate School of Master Coaches
The Graduate School
(marketed as the 1-to-1 Coaching School on the internet / a private learning institution) -is the major executive educational arm of the Behavioral Coaching Institute and provides invitational courses (not open-programs) to highly qualified persons only.  

Exceptional Course Facilitators:
The School's small group of highly experienced Facilitators and internationally recognized subject-matter experts deliver our flagship, 'world-best standard' coach training course around the world to select individual and organizational clients.

The Institute's School provide a rigorous, personalized educational experience for busy professionals with demanding schedules by providing a custom designed, focused, short-course structure. The School's niche one-to-one teaching and customized course format is unique in the world of professional coach education.

Unlike most other coach training providers, the 'industry-focused' School does not provide a "cookie cutter" training program or shallow or prescriptive or theoretical education. As a private learning institution providing personalized, "hands-on", customized learning, the School also aims to remain small enough so they are able to develop a long term personal and professional relationship with their graduates.

The 'one-to-one' individualized/customized approach to course content and teaching is aimed towards coaching professionals at all stages of their careers, from entry-level through to mid-career development and updating.

Dr. Skiffington's respect for: the values of education, personal responsibility and coaching's accountability to clients is deeply embedded in the philosophy of the Institute. The Schools 'world-class' standards reflect a fundamental difference in what we do and how we do it compared with anyone else.

Dr Perry Zeus and Dr. Skiffington are internationally recognized as leading authorities and educators in psychological  -based professional coaching:  
          "All coaches do not have to be psychologists. However, coaching is change and change is a psychological process. The coach has to understand the psychological aspects of coaching and be confident and competent to deal with these. To do so requires personalized, expert training and supervision." -Dr Skiffington

Today, the Institute's Masters-Level Coaching Schools attract the best students from all around the world and celebrates a growing list of successful and influential alumni.

-First and foremost the Behavioral Coaching Institute is a private educator but it is also:
1) -
the world's major developer of leading-edge, psychological-based coaching tools and techniques and spends over 50% of its revenues on research and development (graduate coaches have immediate access to the newest validated, behavioral-based learning and change tools, techniques and materials available.) -and-
- The institute is also an advisor to industry groups, professional development associations, private and public learning  institutions and government agencies in matters relating to the development of the professional coaching industry and credentialing issues etc.


The professional education for coaches falls into two categories - those qualified individuals aspiring to become coaches and practising coaches. The Institute's Graduate School of Master Coaches provides a modularised course which is tailor made to suit each participant's level of professional development.

    -The Graduate School of Master Coaches:-

  • is committed to maintaining its position as the world's leading provider of specialist business coaching education.
  • has established an enviable record for teaching and research excellence across a range of disciplines in the business and life coaching environment.
  • comprises proven industry expertise, academic and management resources in coach education and the development of coaching systems, curriculum, methods and materials
  • provides an unparalleled world class standard of learning through its proven research facilities
  • has a close working relationship with some of the world's leading educational institutions, various professional coaching bodies and industry
  • courses are designed to train coaches to show their clients how to survive and thrive in the challenging business environment of the 21st century
  • through graduates sharing their knowledge with their clients the School contributes to the economic, social and commercial development of organizations around the world 

The Coaching School's professional development programs are tailor fitted specifically to meet the needs of each participant and the market/region they operate within. The culturally adapted regional programs are undertaken in North America, UK and Europe and in Asia-Pacific. 


-Our Proud History and Tradition




B.A, M.C.P, PhD, M.A.P.S, M.I.S.H

- BCI's Founding Director
  of Education

"BCI's Certified Master Coach Course has a long standing reputation as the path to obtain
  the world's elite business and executive coaching credential."
H.R.Today. .


Dr Skiffington and Dr Perry Zeus (see below page) are internationally recognized as pioneers in the field of coaching in the workplace and have been interviewed on T.V., radio and in the print media around the world. Zeus and Skiffington's work and research in coaching has been reported in the world's top business, professional and scientific journals. Both have also lectured on workplace coaching in leading universities, consulted with various government committee meetings and hearings and opened international coaching conferences with key note speeches.


Dr Skiffington's formal qualifications included a Bachelor of Arts degree, a Masters of Clinical Psychology and a Doctorate in Clinical Psychology. She received international recognition for outstanding teaching and research. In the early 1990's while teaching psychology at university, her research in human performance in an organizational environment led her to begin coaching.


In the mid 1990's Perry Zeus and Suzanne Skiffington established a large practice which consisted of nine coaches and an international business client base. Their loyal clientele, spanning six countries, included several Fortune 500 companies and a number of high profile business and sporting identities. During this time Skiffington and Zeus wrote many articles on organizational coaching for various psychological trade journals. In 1997 Dr Skiffington pioneered and published research on 'Towards a Validation of Multiple Features in the Assessment of Emotions' that has stimulated new research and instrument development in this domain by personality, social and developmental psychologists. But something was to change all that.

In the late 1990's Perry together with Suzanne established the world's first course for psychologists to be trained as coaches. Executive and business coaching become mainstream when major universities began offering coaching degree programs. The first coach programs began in 1998 at George Mason University and in 1999 at George Washington University. In 2000 Dr Skiffington was a guest lecturer for the world’s first Coaching Psychology Unit at the School of Psychology at Sydney University. As her reputation grew, as an authority on coaching in the workplace, she was subsequently invited to speak on her successful coaching practices and techniques to hundreds of organizations and professionals involved in people development. 



During their travels, Perry and Suzanne were increasingly asked by the wider business community to develop a coaching certification program for professionals (as well as psychologists) that had a behavioral scientific basis and also contained their trade secrets for establishing a successful coaching practice. A growing number of coaching practitioners also began to seek a high level credential that would help them distance themselves from the rest of a rapidly growing disparate coaching marketplace.

Meantime, McGraw-Hill Education approached Perry Zeus about writing a how-to, practical coaching reference text that was urgently needed to fill a void in business literature. After considerable thought Suzanne teamed with Perry to accept the challenge to write their first coaching text ('The Complete Guide to Coaching at Work') and they passed the day-to-day running of their practice on to their partners.

By researching hundreds of research papers, studies, articles, books and by working with many of the world's industry thought leaders, leading providers and users of coaching, Perry and Suzanne were able to further develop the Master Coach training course. After training hundreds of psychologists they also began to conclude that: their course's large class format couldn't address the individual participant's specific learning needs and that many psychologists were simply not suited to become business coaches. 

Tackling the above issues, Perry foundered the Graduate School of Master Coaches and the Behavioral Coaching Institute (BCI) and designed a world-best standard, industry-focused, "hands-on" course designed for a very small group of qualified professionals with an established set of requisite people skills and a successful workplace track-record. The unique, invitational course was customized to each participants learning needs and delivered by Perry and Suzanne. 

By 2002, Dr Skiffington had co-authored two more groundbreaking books with Dr Perry Zeus ('The Coaching at Work Toolkit: A Complete Guide to Techniques and Practices' and 'Behavioral Coaching: How to Build Sustainable Personal and Organizational Strength' -see top of page: 'Coaching Books' tab). The books have received numerous awards, are translated in multiple languages around the world and are now standard course reference texts in at least 100 university and college degree programs. The books are also the UK's, Australasia's and North America's top selling organizational coaching texts. The Chinese government selected the books to be the first coaching texts to be translated and distributed throughout China. The first print runs where sold out within several weeks.

The introductory-level books document the many outstanding success stories of Perry Zeus's (BCI's) organizational clients and graduates across the world and have now become industry standard reference and resource materials throughout the global coaching community. Nevertheless, becoming a competent, successful coaching practitioner demands more than reading textbooks. As such, via the advanced-level, "hands-on" Master Coach Course, Perry and Suzanne were able to personally instruct each participant how to select and master the appropriate methodologies, tools and processes they required for their internal or external practice.

Today, the four day intensive certification course and pre- and post course 1-to-1 mentoring is universally acknowledged as the industry's highest level coaching program. The masters-level, industry-recognized course (continually updated with cutting-edge content) shows select participants how to establish, market and manage a world-class standard coaching business or/and implement successful internal coaching programs. As the new course applicant's relevant workplace experience became the major criteria of selection it followed that less than 7% of the participants had any formal psychological training. Today, the elite course only uses practical, proven, psychological-based tools and processes that are industry-focused and can be easily applied and learnt by participants who do not require any training in psychology. The Institute's students (a mix of highly experienced professionals with wide backgrounds involved in people development) simply require the formal structure, processes, tools and world best practices for their specific private or workplace practice.

The Institute's prestigious Master Coach Certification Course is now recognized by many Government Accredited Professional Associations (as part of their Continuing Education professional development programs) responsible for the supervision and training of professionals working in areas such as the behavioral sciences, management and human resources. For example; the Behavioral Coaching Institute are approved to offer continuing education as required by the State of California, Board of Behavioral Sciences. Today, many federal and state government agencies around the world have enrolled their key staff in the recognized course.

New Objectives:
Through the many publications and work with the Behavioral Coaching Institute, Dr Perry Zeus and Dr Skiffington are now internationally recognized as pioneers in the development of coaching models and methodology and are acknowledged as leaders in the development of workplace coaching tools and techniques. Meantime, many of their coaching clients are to be found in the Business Who's Who. As an experienced adult educator and international best-selling author Dr Skiffington also found time, as a guest lecturer, to teach coaching in some of the region's leading universities. 

Decades of research, development and teaching builds lasting legacy:
In the last few years Dr.Skiffington dedicated her time to teaching the professional coaching and business skills she developed during her distinguished career to the Behavioral Coaching Institute's (Graduate School of Master Coaches) faculty members. Today, the unique professional development short Master Coach course she helped pioneer is conducted by an elite team of internationally recognised coaching experts. Her lasting legacy is that through the acclaimed CMC Course she is still able to share her humanistic values (engagement of the whole person through the focus on learning rather than teaching) and proven success formulas with busy, professional people who desire to be qualified, credentialed coaching practitioners at the highest level.

Dr Skiffington's values of social care and our individual responsibility to practice such are deeply embedded in BCI:
Suzanne's life was dedicated to peace, humanity and spiritual development. Her human and cultural values took a broad and holistic approach to society and individuals. Her motive in the development of the science of the coaching model of change and learning was to empower people to improve their position in life and be active participants in social transformation. Suzanne valued human worth above power. Today, Suzanne's values are deeply embedded in the philosophy of the Institute. The Institute takes its global responsibility as a knowledge maker and educational provider very seriously. It continues Suzanne's work in valuing the best of the human spirit and in promoting learning and change though coaching imbued with intellectual rigor and a social conscious.

" Through the work of Dr Skiffington's elite course graduates and her best-selling introductory-level coaching text
            books -it is estimated that Dr Skiffington's coaching methodology and best-practices have been used,
            in the last decade, by over 1 million people and thousands of organizations worldwide.
-HR News


    Today, the Institute's expert faculty team (see below page) are all recognized world authorities in training professional people developers to achieve positive, sustainable, measurable behavioral change and learning:

With the Institute's support team and the help of their clients and graduates worldwide, Dr Perry Zeus and Dr Skiffington have spent over a decade in research, application and fine tuning in developing the CMC course. Today, the Institute's faculty members are now among today's most acclaimed thought leaders, and have extensive experience in training and developing the world's top coaches around the globe. The team of expert Facilitators (all personally trained by Perry Zeus) are; highly experienced practitioners, who bring the real world of applied coaching to the workshop, and are published authors with national and international reputations in the field of people development (see below page).

With regional campuses in New York, London & Singapore and our Virtual Campus the Institute's break-through fast track course trains and equips its graduates in the shortest possible time while providing a proven formula for achieving the greatest level of PROFESSIONAL RECOGNITION and STANDING, SATISFACTION and SUCCESS.

Graduate/Partner Support:
-Behavioral Research Laboratory
The Institute's Faculty team are currently engaged in research to develop data, knowledge and expertise in several coaching practice areas. The ongoing research not also continually advances the quality of our flagship Master Coach course but also the specialist level-one courses in our Licensing Program where the Institute licenses the right of use to graduates.  

The Behavioral Research Laboratory as well as our Graduate School of Master Coaches is an integral part of the Behavioral Coaching Institute (BCI -our parent organization). The Laboratory supports the Faculty by conducting state-of-the-art research on issues that affect human and/or organizational performance, change and learning. Some research findings are also published in the Institute's publications.

BCI's Corporate Consultation/Advisory Services:
Over the last decade BCI has gathered unparalleled expertise in assisting organizations drive behavior change. Our propriety coaching technology and change tools are backed by a proven global team of experienced facilitators, consultants and change agents. See: Corporate Education and Consultation

BCI is the global leader in the development and provision of workplace coaching best-practices, tools and processes:  

 -Everything learnt in the Institute's CMC Course can be immediately applied to your career success.
As the Institute maintains high level consultative positions with a number of Fortune 100 and 500 companies we are able to share with our graduates cutting-edge, world best-standard coaching practices. The Institute's organizational clients are some of the world's leading corporations, ranging from large multinationals, government departments and public organizations to learning institutions and emerging entrepreneurial businesses. Her private, individual clients range widely, from specialist service providers,
consultants, CEO's and HR personnel to established "coaches" and other senior professionals using the coaching model of change and learning. 

The Coaching Institute's quality standards are the highest in the industry. 
Everyone who applies for the Certified Master Coach Course does not get accepted. The few available courses available each year are by invitation only and there is a strict criteria of selection. Typically we receive several applications per one course place. Our interview process ensures those accomplished professionals who wish to become Certified Master Coaches have the experience, the expertise and the ability to apply what is taught in the course and get results.

Some criteria for selection to join the invitational, Small Group Master Coach Course:

      Dr.Perry Zeus presenting a recent Master Coach Program

            a) - For External Private Practice People
 - You have experience in people development.
 - You have a successful track record in specialist business or organization
al environments and have a sound understanding of those practices required for a person to succeed in those workplaces.
 - You are dedicated to implementing world class coaching
 standards and processes.
 - You have been coaching and now simply wish to go to the next step and formalize your learning and development in a course specifically tailored to your coaching skill set and practice needs.
 - You may have also receive
d some training via an ICF-accredited coaching school or other coaching program etc.
  Recent Master Coach Class in Singapore -where our students came from such places as: Ukraine, Mexico, Brazil, Australia, Hong Kong, Philippines, Malaysia, Switzerland, Nigeria, India, Thailand, Singapore..  
 b) For Internal Professional People Developers/Coaches.
- You
have experience in people development eg; training and/or coaching
- You are a people person and have demonstrated the ability to get results.
- You enjoy helping people grow and people respond to you.
- You enjoy teaching, training and/or coaching.
- You may have also received some training with an ICF-accredited coaching school or other coaching program etc.
We understand there are exceptions to the above qualifications. - So, just send in your Pre-Course Registration Form so we may call you to discuss your situation and jointly determine if your experience and/or background fulfils our qualifications and our course meets your needs.

BCI's Regional Campuses
BCI conducts regular, invitational CMC Courses.
Please Note: Because of the elite standard of the invitational course -only a small number of courses are held each year at our regional campuses. As such, there is a strict limit to the number of course places the Institute can logistically provide. This also means that there is always a high demand from talented, experienced prospective candidates for the small number of regional places available.

BCI's Distance Learning Program is a student-centered global web of educational services.
BCI's Distance Learning Campus coordinates and supports all distance learning at the Institute. Virtual Campus is a campus without walls.
BCI's Distance Learning Program (DLP) was initially created to provide distant students around the globe the same curriculum and support of our traditional campus program via a technology-based online delivery platform. Today, our Master Coach Course is not limited to a physical location but delivered across the globe via videoconference. This dynamic, face-to-face, interactive educational experience has now become the choice medium of learning by busy, corporate professionals and distance learners alike.

The DLP's core mission is to deliver accelerated, customized professional development courses in people development to busy, professionals across the globe using the latest proven learning technology. Today, we have served the needs of individuals, groups, and organizations from over 60 countries.

Education Model:
Using the latest Online, Multi-Party Video Conferencing technology and the Accelerated Learning Model of learning, the customized Master Coach program experience is a powerful, interactive personalized process of discussion, discovery, and application.

Global Learning Partners:
To the continue the world-wide migration of advance coaching practices and tools the Institute has established an international Learning Partners program.
 BCI's global learning partners also deliver some of BCI's prestigious courses within their region.


  An open letter from Dr. Suzanne Skiffington
    -The Institute's Founding Director of Education

     Behavioral Coaching.Institute


Dear Reader                                                                        May 23rd 2007

Coaching offers enormous potential for suitable professionals (as internal or external practitioners) to enhance their career, make a career change, or consultancy type businesses looking to provide additional services.

Coaching is now recognized as the key ingredient in achieving sustainable and measurable change and development for the individual, group and organization.

The Institute's Coaching Program offers a thorough curriculum for individuals who are already coaching professionals and for those who have the people development experience but lack formalized theoretical and applied knowledge. The content and structure of the program has evolved over a decade of graduate and industry feedback, resulting in a very high degree of student and client satisfaction.

The Coaching certification process, based on best practice world standard, also includes instruction in the vital business tools to succeed. The standards and skills taught will equip you with the required knowledge to excel in your chosen profession. To ensure your road to success the Institute's expert Faculty Staff also provide one-to-one pre and post-course support.

Coaching is probably the most fulfilling and exciting professional discipline available today for qualified, 'people-oriented' professionals. If you desire to realize not only your own potential but that of your clients then the life affirming world of coaching practice could be for you.

Yours Sincerely
S.M.Skiffington B.A.,MCP.,PhD.,MAPS.,MISH




    Dr Perry Zeus
    - BCI's Honorary Co-Chairman Advisory Board:
"Pioneer of the Coaching field*"

      Perry Zeus (BCI's Founder) is internationally recognized as a *"Pioneer of the Coaching
      field". For example; Perry is cited as an "originator and influencer" in the development
      of the coaching discipline in the first academic text book written on the History of Coaching.

     - 'Grounded Theory of the Roots and Emergence of Coaching' by Dr. V Brock 2009. International
        University of Professional Studies.

   " We've learned a lot over the past 25 years, working with coaches and clients on a broad range
      of development issues, and we've attempted to capture and document best practice processes
      in our personal development methodology
." -Perry Zeus

In the 1980's Perry worked as a project and business development / management consultant and corporate trainer (in the US and overseas) specializing in mental skills development. In the early 1990's he facilitated various specialist coaching clinics with a variety of professional health-care groups. During this time, Perry wrote numerous articles
on the emerging discipline of coaching in various Psychological Journals and specialized in training Psychologists in how to re-invent themselves as coaches.

Dr. Suzanne Skiffington joined Perry and helped established a coaching practice that spanned several countries. During this period, Perry designed the world's first accredited, advanced-level, work-place coach training courses for both psychologists, counsellors and L & D professionals alike. 

By the late 1990's Perry
had published a number of seminal articles on behavioral change and workplace coaching in various key business journals. In 1998 Perry established the Behavioral Coaching Institute (BCI) and it's coach training school -the Graduate School of Master Coaches.

Today, BCI is recognized as the world's leading developer and supplier of advanced coaching methodologies and best-practices. It follows that BCI's Graduate School of Master Coaches is now internationally recognized as the world's leading training school for workplace coach certification.

        Specializing in the field of Neuropsychology (Neuroscience and Psychology).
 - Perry has published more than 2,000 pages on the subject of coaching and behavioral change:

-An authority on organizational behavior and professional development, Perry has been at the forefront of integrating professional development with proven methodology from the behavioral sciences. He has written numerous articles on organizational coaching for professional journals such as; the Institute of Management, Organizational Psychologists Journal, H.R. Monthly and Business Review Weekly etc. He is also a top-selling author. Some recent text books by Perry (published by McGraw-Hill N.Y.) include the world-wide, best-selling: 'The Complete Guide to Coaching at Work', 'The Coaching at Work Toolkit: A Complete Guide to Techniques and Practices' and 'Behavioral Coaching: How to Build Sustainable Personal and Organizational Strength'.  His text books have been translated into more than a dozen languages.


Perry (now retired) specialized in translating brain science research into simple, actionable strategies for peak performance, creativity, mental health and wellbeing. His books are required reading in over 100 renowned, international higher learning institutions eg; Harvard, Oxford, Toronto, Michigan, Sydney, Beijing and JFK Universities -who provide business-related degree courses, such as MBA and Psychology degree courses containing a coaching component.


USA -Dr Shayne Tracy (Senior Facilitator):

- Dr Shayne Tracy is a senior member of BCI's North American Faculty Team.
- Dr Tracy: -
holds undergraduate and master degrees in education from York University, the University of Toronto and Brock
                  University and a doctorate from Columbia Pacific University. He is also a Certified Professional Behavioral Analyst.

                - has over 25 years of experience in the human resources field as a trainer, manager, business founder, builder,
                  consultant, coach and coach trainer
                - is a former educator having been a principal and board administrator
                - is a recognized pioneer in the development of PC-based human resources information and training management
Co-author of Odyssey: The Business of Consulting
                - for the last decade he has consulted to businesses on reorganization, restructuring, executive assessment,
                  performance management and executive coaching
                - his businesses have developed a range of popular commercial coaching assessment instruments.

Dr Tracy's focus in recent years is training coaching practitioners to have a significant positive personal/work impact on their
client's bottom-line corporate growth and profitability.
He has conducted training classes in North America, South America
and Europe

                                                          ......................................................................                                                          .

  USA -Dr Srinivasan Pillay (Co-Facilitator and Special Presenter).  

Srinivasan S. Pillay, M.D. is a psychiatrist and the Assistant Professor of Psychiatry at Harvard Medical School, Boston, MA. Dr. Pillay has been a physician and a brain-imaging researcher for 20 years, and a psychiatrist and coach for 15 years. He is also currently a consultant to the Brain Institute at the University of Utah and Chief Neurocoaching Advisor to the International Board of Coaching.

In addition to being a recognized researcher and clinician, he is also a teacher at the Harvard Medical School (Supervision of Residents for 8 years). He has been actively involved in the psychiatric curriculum at Harvard Medical School and has been a teacher at McLean Hospital and in the Massachusetts General Hospital-Mclean Hospital Adult Psychiatry Residency Training Program.

Dr Pillay's coaching expertise lies particularly with his work in applying the latest research in neuroscience and behavior to the coaching practice. Today, neuroscience is providing us a clear scientific explanation as to the process of change and how a person can train their brain to change themselves and their workplace performance. Dr Pillay's recent focus is developing a new set of coaching change tools for use by professional people developers that are capable of bringing about significant personal performance results and a new way of thinking about life-change.
  -Asia -Marion Neubronner (Asia Faculty -Facilitator)

-Marion Neubronner is an applied psychologist and researcher from a human development and training background. She obtained her Master’s in Education in Human Development and Psychology from Harvard, USA.  She teaches Positive and Educational Psychology at Singapore Institute of Management. She trains and develops curriculum for Asian-based orgaizations.
- She has over 20 years of experience in the human resources field as a trainer, manager, consultant, and leadership and peak performance coach.
- As a global citizen she speaks English, Mandarin and German and Bahasa Melayu and was Featured in Who’s Who in Asia 2007.
- She is a qualitative researcher and has published papers in human development and psychology and is currently finishing a book on “Turning Gen Y on” for publication in Dec 2012.

- Having trained over 10 000 adult learners, Marion informs the company’s training and development through advances in learning theory. Peak performers coached by her include Olympians and Guinness Book of Record holders.


  Asia -Dr Ferdinand Sarfati (Assistant Facilitator).

Ferdinand Sarfati PhD is a member of the Institute's Asian Faculty Team. 
- 'Ferdi': - holds a MBA and PhD in Business Management and recently completed a Post-Doctoral Study on Corporate Governance
              at Harvard University Graduate School
            - won the Don Gonzalo Puyat Award for Academic Excellence in 1998
            - was past president of Philippine Council of Management
            - was previously the Managing Director & General Manager, for Johnson & Johnson Asean/India (responsible for over

             10,000 employees) and before that the Managing Director & General Manager of Bristol-Myers Squibb (also responsible
              for over 10,000 employees)

            - has extensive experience in leadership and business development
            - based in the Philippines he now heads an international coaching and training group working with a select group of Asian
              and European leading business leaders

            - is recognized as a pioneer in the development of Asian focused leadership development programs capable of delivering
              value-added business.
Ferdi's focus of recent years is providing coaching in Asia that is industry-focused and culturally sensitive to the many different needs of the region.


  USA/South America -Dr Bernardo Garcia (Facilitator).

- Dr Bernardo Garcia is a member of BCI's US and South American Faculty Team.
- Dr Garcia: - has a Ph.D. in Organizational Systems from Fielding University, is a part-time faculty member teaching Applied
                    Behavioral Science in the US and is a member of the American Psychological Association.
                  - is also fluent in Spanish and Portuguese
                  - has over 25 years experience in providing executive coaching, leadership development and organizational
                    consulting in the US, Latin America, Europe, and the Asia-Pacific region.
                  - Prior to the establishment of his own specialist practice, Bernardo was head of Executive Development for Cigna,
                    CoreStates Financial and Wyeth Pharmaceuticals.
                  - Today, he works with some of the world's leading companies in facilitating executive development programs and
                    better aligning executives within their business teams.
                  - has delivered several leadership and business strategy presentations at both US and international conferences
                  - his research and writing interests include coaching executives on cross-cultural issues and how to accelerate the
                    development of 'high-potentials'. He is also the author of: 'Development of a Latino Identity'
 Dr Garcia's focus in recent years is bringing simplicity to complicated global leadership development challenges.


Europe -Dr Roger Peters (Europe Faculty Head).

Dr. Roger Peters is the Head of BCI's European Faculty Team and the lead facilitator of the European CMC Course and DL Program.
- Dr Peters: - holds a doctorate in psychology 
              - has written numerous articles on people development and behavioral change
              - has been providing executive coaching for international clients for over a decade
              - has over two decades of experience in individual and organisational change and development
              - has consulted to leading companies around the world and many governmental departments.         
              - is an expert facilitator and coach helping organizations implement individual and group tough, lasting, positive change.
Dr Peter's focus of recent years is providing a holistic approach to coaching and not just focus on isolated behavioral patterns.


Global -Dr Grant Peterson (Distance Learning Faculty Head)
Grant Peterson is the Faculty Head of BCI's Online Campus charged with delivering our Courses to qualified persons in distant locations.
-Grant's: -is a recognized authority learning and development in Asia.
            - he is a partner in a leadership development group specializing in assessment and executive coaching.
            - has over 15 years in senior management and development roles.
            - was Managing Director, President and CEO of several Asian companies.
            - is a recognized authority on global coaching and has significant experience in training and developing senior
              management up to CEO and Board level.

is a master in the use of 'Zeus and Skiffington's' Coaching Models and Tools

- is a
seasoned course facilitator and teacher. He has taught various MBA programs throughout Asia.
Grant's focus of recent years is providing world best-practice workplace coach training via proven e-learning platforms.


-USA -Dr John Williams (Associate and Co-Facilitator)

 - John:   - is a registered clinical psychologist and authority on workplace behavioral change
              - has developed cross-cultural coaching programs focusing on leadership in both Europe and the USA.
is also recognized authority on global coaching from a cultural perspective
has significant experience in training and developing senior management up to CEO and Board level.
              - has coached executives in VP and director level position in various Fortune 100 companies around the world for
                over a decade.
John's focus of recent years is helping teach "coaches" around the world how to "Raise up and release leaders."

-Asia/Pacific -Dr Judith Chapman (Associate and Co-Facilitator):

Dr Judith Chapman (BEcon, PhD) is an Associate Professor at the Graduate School of Management, UWS. Judith has a PhD in Organisation Studies and undergraduate honours degree in Economics and Psychology. Dr Chapman has extensive professional experience as a human resource development practitioner and in staff development with a range of organisations. Her expertise lies particularly with coaching and organisations. She has been involved in organisational/workplace coaching (in various forms) throughout her 30 year career. Her research and writing interests include organisational development and change, managerial skills development, leadership and behavioural decision making. Judith has a substantial record of publication in these areas. Her writings include co-authoring: 'Organisational Behaviour - A Global Perspective.'



  Our Global Team of Exceptional Facilitators: 

All of BCI's courses are conducted by senior faculty with outstanding academic credentials (including advanced degrees in the behavioral sciences) and extensive real-world coaching experience. Our team of Facilitators are; highly experienced practitioners, who bring the real world of applied coaching to the workshop, and are published authors with national and international reputations in the field of people development. 

The Institute's Faculty team are all currently engaged in research to develop data, knowledge and expertise in several coaching practice areas. The ongoing cutting-edge research not also continually advances the quality of our flagship Master Coach program but also enriches the experience of the course participants.  

Our international team of Facilitators also possesses firsthand, expert knowledge and experience in business and people development practices and challenges in the regions they live and work. This allows us to facilitate our regional courses from a global, regional and cross-boundary perspective.

Since the Institute utilizes a unique hands-on, interactive style of learning, all of our facilitators ensure that what you experience in the workshop is related to the real world and can be successfully applied within your practice/workplace at a world-best standard. 

Facilitator's Presentation Style:
 -"Learning not Lecturing"-
Our expert facilitators: - aim to ensure that the advanced and challenging course is delivered in a lively, personable and structured
                                 - are enthusiastic and passionate about what they do and strive to create a highly motivating, energetic
                                   atmosphere with poise and professionalism.
                                 - have a proven capacity to engage and excite people from diverse backgrounds.
                                 - aim to engage participants in a spirit of ‘serious play’ –a mindset suggested by American educationalist
                                   and philosopher John Dewey as being ideal for learning
                                 - use positive humour as a learning tool in a sometimes demanding learning schedule





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The Institute is proud to continue Dr Skiffington's support to the following organisations:
Amnesty International, Medecins Sans Frontieres
-and the building of primary education facilities in underdeveloped areas of the world such as Laos.

             Registered as an Education provider from the State Board of Behavioral Sciences, California.                     

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