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Dr Perry Zeus established BCI (the world's first professional coach training school) in 1994.




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  Wellness, quality of life and performance -the prime drivers of the new economic, post pandemic landscape !!  

As most experts agree this won't be the last pandemic or systemic crisis.

The world is seeing massive change in the way business is managed and beyond.

Organizations who truly put their workers first, as so many companies claim to, can expand the list of options going forward. Careful choices will build rather than squander trust as more companies learn to listen to the behavioral needs of employees and share their concerns.

It was never more important than now, if companies are going to avoid falling backwards rather than moving forward to a bigger and brighter future.

When businesses are under pressure to perform in a recession, the standard process is to maximize workers and resources towards their highest-productivity purposes. However, organizations need to ensure they are providing the right behavioral and mindset supports to raise performance levels consistently and permanently.

Productivity boosting behaviors is not about using outdated executive coaching models of change. To perform at a consistent high level requires a holistic, brain-mind-body approach using neuro-behavioral growth and development models and techniques.

Organizations need to better develop and prepare their talent pool for the rocky road ahead. A new generation of leaders will emerge to rebalance priorities and prioritize the long-term behavioral health of its people. This change, in and of itself, will make much more change possible.

The role for leaders is clear.
As forward-thinking executives take inventory of key assets, they will find a better path to emerge from uncertainty to security.

Rather than tweak the old rules to help business more productive to stem losses, smart business leaders are using this opportunity to develop new growth development models for their people —to enable a more resilient and generative relationship between business and workers. This is the opportunity we have been waiting for.

The need to rebalance priorities.
Business resilience and productivity, over time, is a function of caring for the major input to the business—its people.

Real change in business priorities will always face headwinds, but that’s where leadership comes in. And we all, in fact, have a role to play. There is much work to do.
The starting place requires taking advantage of this moment, and making people development decisions that will serve all well long after this decade has passed.

The next-gen strategy
Executive Coaching is the past -but it can be a stepping stone for companies towards taking the next strategic step and not being left behind.

The benefits of High Performance Behavioral Coaching or HPBC is clear and proven. High Performance Behavioral Coaching is about using the latest neuro-behavioral change models and tools to secure a brighter future.

High Performance Behavioral Coaching provides a positive alignment to an organization that delivers a sense of security and allows organizations to be more capable of dealing with change via growth and/or disruption.

Mainstream / generic workplace coaches are trained to be goal and skill focused. Whereas, High Performance Behavioral Coaches (in the workplace, educational institutions, healthcare etc) are focused on the person's environment affecting their performance, happiness and well-being. Both work successfully together, however, the High Performance Behavioral Coach uses a brain-mind-body approach to address developmental needs whereas the generic coach must stay away from the mental / physical domains and the psychological change models they are not trained in. From the client's point of view, it's simply about the kind of assistance they need eg; brain-mind-body or positional skills coaching or both.

An individual or group's productivity and performance is directly linked to their physical AND mental wellbeing.

Today’s work life, thanks to technology, travels home with us almost 24/7. Organizations know they need to respond to the strain this puts on their people they are seeking high performance from.

The unique High Performance Behavioral Coach training Course takes a holistic (Brain-Mind-Body) approach. Students are taught to understand the connection of the brain mind and body and how to best stimulate healthy growth as part of that union.

High Performance Coaching falls under the umbrellas of behavioral health and performance enhancement. It provides unique insights into the brain-mind-body connection, brain plasticity, emotion, attention, peak performance and physical health.

Holistic Approach providing Total Personal Care and Support.
Yesterdays dated definition of occupational health was focused on physical health and safety and aligning people behind a clear vision, strategy, and culture. The missing corporate key for success was ensuring people were provided the brain-mind-body care and support they required to be their healthy (mentally and physically) best.

Modern Behavioral Health Coaching teaches people skills that prepare them to weather challenging stressful days and work changes. It stress-proofs them. Skills learned via a user-friendly, coaching model protect people from anxiety, stress, fatigue, emotional unbalance and other attacks to their health status. It also helps those who are affected and down to quickly and effectively recover. The cost savings are huge plus it builds incredible trust and loyalty.

There is a revolution taken place as large organizations and small companies alike are learning how to promote Behavioral Performance with a user-friendly coaching delivery model. This is all about the need to equip workplaces and places of learning etc with the neuro-behavioral tools to introduce individual and group brain-mind-body 'fitness' programs to create a more productive, innovative, healthier, happier and collaborative environment.





The affect of the pandemic and the financial stress on people's mental health

The ripple effect of distress and fear in the post-pandemic recession may well exact a far steeper toll on human lives and livelihoods than the  pandemic itself. Fear is contagious too. Many people are becoming swept into a state of distress and insecurity that diminishes their ability to manage the threat of the economic crisis.

The below articles on Behavioral Health Coaching provide a blueprint on how to best build a tele-coaching and/or in-house behavioral health and performance management program for organizations, public and educational institutions etc


    Behavioral Health Coaching. 1.
The need to improve behavioral health offerings into the
workplace and places of study
The need to take a Brain-Mind-Body approach with preventative health management in the
workplace and schools.
    Behavioral Health Coaching. 2.
Read More..
    Behavioral Health Coaching. 3.
Working with Fearful
Negative Emotions




By Dr Perry Zeus

    Global economic crisis highlights need for high performance behavioral coaching.    
  Coaching trends impacting the future of Human Capital Management or HCM
  The need for the specialist coach versus the generic, executive coach in today's changed new world.
  The future of Executive Coaching in a recession.
    Behavioral Health, Longevity and High Performance Neuro-Behavioral Coaching    
    How Elon Musk and Nikola Telsa used advanced Visualization techniques to build a desired future.    
    Anxiety in the workplace -treatment solutions    
    How to develop Intuition in the workplace    
    Working with the Past Self & Present Self to build a better tomorrow    
    How to regulate excessive neural activity using the right, validated NEURO-BEHAVIORAL coaching tools to help people live longer, feel better, and be better in both their personal and professional lives.    
    Longevity & Health Coaching -Definitions and Meanings    
    What is -Neuro Positive Age Coaching ?    
    Behavior Change, Neuroscience and Coaching     
    Behavior Based Coaching: -An explanation    
    The need for behavior-based coaching methodologies to establish a coaching culture in the workplace    
    Advanced Coaching Methodology    
    Emotional Burnout Exhaustion Coaching    
    How Emotions impact Decision Making    
    Neuro Self-Transformational Change Coaching Model
    The New Era of Organizational Coaching    
    Performance Coaching and Performance Management    
    Recession and Stress -affect on leadership performance  
    Workplace Coaching Models


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    …For over two decades Perry has proven to be an extraordinary educator and coach with the ability to apply his deep understanding of the practice of coaching and the behavioral sciences to build the world’s leading coach training courses. If you are looking for the best available source of coaching knowledge, tools and certification then his Institute's international recognized, accredited courses are for you….Thanks again for inviting me into the course Perry!      

Srini Pillay, M.D.
Psychiatrist and Assistant Professor, Harvard Medical School
Author of ‘Total Brain Makeover’, ‘Your Brain and Business: The Neuroscience of Great Leaders’, ‘Life Unlocked’.


"With faculty members from respected universities, such as Harvard and Oxford,
anyone who doesn’t have this Master Coach certification is not providing quality
coaching to their client
Dr. Greg Roper, PhD (Master Coach Graduate)

"Thank you so much. It has been a life changing journey (professionally and personally)."
 -H. Egberg (HR Director) 

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Master Coach Certification:  For busy, professional people developers who are time constraint and prefer personalized instruction. Blended Learning.

-Program mix of: Pre-class Self-Study; Private 1-to-1 Class with facilitator (focusing on role-playing change models relating to students workplace needs) and; 1-to-1 Videoconference pre-course and post-course support with facilitator.
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