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Global crisis highlights need for high performance behavioral coaching


“Empowering people to move to a desired state of performance and well-being”

  'BEHAVIORAL SCIENCE in the WORKPLACE' - extensively covered in the Behavioral Coaching Institute's NEURO-BEHAVIORAL, INVITATIONAL COACH TRAINING COURSES:

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  Extracts from Course Module:
"What is High Performance Behavioral Coaching
 -and how to use it to achieve individual or group measurable, consistent success

Economic instability highlights need for high performance behavioral coaching.

While the pandemic wreaked havoc with the world economy, the continuing fallout is giving us an insight into what the immediate future of work might look like.

As of late, there has naturally been much concern by organizations on how best to protect and secure their future.

The current economic instability shows us that there is a lot of work to do to create a future-ready workforce. The pandemic and associated economic crisis provided us with an opportunity to reimagine how we are able to best develop and prepare people for the new world environment we are now finding ourselves in. But, many organizations are still floundering.

The Behavioral Coaching Institute (BCI) has been conducting workplace development and change courses across the world for over 25 years now, and while these enhance behavioral (what we do and say) levels at an organizational level, they are also contributing to the broadening of people’s quality of life, health (mental and physical) and overall well-being / happiness.

The recent crisis has clearly demonstrated that a holistic brain-mind-body approach needs to be taken in developing the workforce and the broader community.

“25 years ago, we saw a gap in people development workforce coaching and training programs and realized that a holistic brain-mind-body approach was needed to best meet both the individual and organizational needs,” Dr Perry Zeus (BCI Founder) says.

“Today, more than ever, we are raising awareness of next-generation, high performance, behavioral coaching careers in the business community which not only creates a pool of qualified people best equipped to deal with the current challenges and struggles we face but also provides the next generation workforce that is able to secure a bright and prosperous future in the world ahead of us.”

“We cannot fully control the onset of pandemics and economic downturns, but we can protect our workers by giving them access to the development and support they are going to need to be their best no matter what challenges are ahead of them.”

High Performance Behavioral Coaching draws upon the exciting, cutting-edge fields of brain science and neuroscience
High Performance Behavioral Coaching uses a Brain-Mind-Body approach to examine the factors influencing optimal human performance. Established psychological principles and the latest neuro-behavioral tools and techniques are employed to assist all people from the top of their game to bottom end, to produce consistent, superior results.

The High Performance Behavioral Coach uses the brain-mind-body approach to address developmental needs whereas the generic leadership or executive coach must stay away from the mental / physical domains, brain training and the psychological change models they are not trained in. From the client's point of view, it's simply about the kind of assistance they need eg; brain-mind-body or positional skills coaching or both.

Through assisting professionals to refine their mindset, emotional control, neuro-behavioral patterns and way of thinking, human performance psychology presents new possibilities for improving and enhancing human performance. Interventions employing the latest Psychological Skills Training, Mindset Management, Cognitive Behavioral Enhancement Strategies and evidence-based, Neuro-Behavioral focused coaching Change Models and Tools, help to develop in the individual, those brain-mind-body connections that can enhance optimal performance and equip them with cognitive skills required to overcome and triumph under difficult conditions.

The psychological structures that lead to successful or unsuccessful performance are similar across domains be it business, entrepreneurship, music and the arts, the military, academia, health and emergency response services, sport or otherwise. Understandably there are many differences in required positional skills, physical and cognitive abilities across these domains, but a broad body of current, scientific research has confirmed that the underlying structures that determine outcomes which have comparable positive attributes are a brain-mind-body approach to development.

Improved Performance & Performance Psychology
Students in the Institute’s High Performance Behavioral Coaching Course learn the psychological skills that every high performer needs to perform at optimal levels and achieve elite results.

Performance is a creative expression and the physical manifestation of our creative drive. Human Performance draws us towards a greater versions of ourselves – if we are willing to commit and follow. However, the shape of the curve of optimal performance is exponential and requires ongoing self-development for us to stand out.

There are many definitions of performance, however, a broad definition is; Performance is a product of cognitive knowledge combined with an individual's ability to produce required skills.


The Psychology of Performance
Optimal performance is about utilizing expertise in the execution of complex abilities and skills, however, there is also a cognitive and emotional aspect that must be taken into account. Mindset is a fundamental component.

More specifically, Psychology of Performance addresses the interactions between psychology and skills performance, including the psychological aspects of optimal individual performance, psychological care and well being, and the connection between brain, physical and psychological (mind) functioning and the space in which people perform.

Everyone Is A Performer
Every one of us performs to varying degrees but only a handful of us really pursue excellence to a significant extent. Only an elite few achieve eminence in their field of work, sport, research, creative or business enterprise. The majority of us who try are simply not motivated enough or not correctly trained/coached how to and will fail.

So, why can’t more people reach higher performance states?
Firstly, as mentioned, people are generally not provided the requisite high performance behavioral support they require. High Performance Behavioral Coaching attempts to answer this question by systematically assessing individual and collective psychological processes involved in performance and provide the performer with a means by which to master these elements and achieve their performance goals.

Demand is fast growing for professional, accredited high performance coaches, but the area of expertise was not always a popular one. In the 1990's to 2015, there existed a large degree of ignorance and skepticism as its place in the learning and development domain. Out-dated executive coaching and training ideas permeated popular consciousness. Very often individuals, teams and management were unwilling to consider time spent on something as “unimportant” as the mind & brain and focused on simplistic positional skills training models such as the "Grow Coaching Model". Budgets and the availability of accredited, behavioral-based change agents/coaches were also limited, and together, these factors slowed progress.

Thankfully, as neuroscience research and studies were more widely published through the power of the internet, the broader society has progressed in its understanding of the nature and substance of the brain and mind and its impact on performance.

High Performance Behavioral Coaching is about assisting the individual or group to become the best they can be and to perform at consistently high levels under any and all conditions. In that, there is also the realization of the need to manage performance related issues such as; managing negative emotional drivers, fears (such as fear of failure and success), anxiety, dealing with stress and pressure of the demands of performance etc.

Mental Health and Self Development.
The challenges and demands of high performance can take their toll on the fragile Present Self that can result in burnout or even lasting anxiety or depression. It is the job of the high performance behavioral coach to assist the performer in building the required mental mechanisms to protect them.

Emotional pain is also a factor to contend with in how we react to it. In this there is required a deeper understanding of Emotions at Work and how to regulate / exchange maladaptive emotions and the development and management of the Self (Past, Present and Future Self) to best withstand the turmoil of the work.

Applied High Performance Behavioral Science
Whether it be an executive attempting to be on their best game relating to decision making or an entrepreneur desiring to tap into their higher creative and intuitive self, or an artist in their attempt to create a painting, or the writer bringing a story to life; in these efforts there is significant psychological challenge. Consider the marathon runner, or the Olympic swimmer or gymnastics competitor practising many times per day; for those who pursue excellence, there is a constant battle to perform at consistent levels of success, to be their best, to fulfill their potential. This is the domain of Applied High Performance Behavioral Science.

Ultimately, the high performance behavioral coach helps the individual build a stable, enhanced Self that can best deal with the demands of the game of life and space they are in.

The Behavioral Coaching Institute (established 1994)
The Behavioral Coaching Institute’s internationally recognized Coach training courses meets the critical needs for practitioners to be trained in the use of a range of validated, reliable, neuro-behavioral change models, tools and techniques with a user-friendly, coaching delivery model.

The Institute’s range of specialist, invitational, courses include; easy-to-follow, accelerated, step-by-step, intervention protocols and an extensive, proprietary ToolKit. Measured, sustainable positive results are generated by clients of our graduates within just three, short coaching sessions.

The proven, easy to learn, evidence-based techniques, skills and knowledge sets taught in the Course are primarily based on the principles of neuropsychology and neuroscience which strengthens the required neural pathways and mindset to build the desired Future. 

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