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 Diploma in Executive Coaching  

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- Accelerated Learning Format coaching courses -especially designed for qualified, busy, professional people developers.
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Behavioral Coaching Institute

has supplied behavioral

change coaching technology


    Sony  GE   McKinsey & Co   Citibank  Intel  Howard Hughes Medical Institute    .
Hong Kong University of Science & Technology  Toyota  Sing Health Polyclinics
   Department of Defense  Credit Suisse American Express   Red Cross   Oil India
  Alcatel   Pfizer   Motorola   ANZ   Saatchi & Saatchi NY   BHP Billiton   Fed Ex
 Saudia Aramco.Ras Gas Qatar  Wells Fargo  World Vision  BAE Systems  Nextel
University Hospital Birmingham Rockwell Automation  Mount Royal University
Petroleo Brasileiro  Woolworths  Canada Customs  Motorola   Shell Global
    University of Washington, Foster Business School 
Ministry of Defence Singapore
University of California Davis Medical Center
 Hong Kong Civil Service Bureau
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      - Campus Semester Intake Shortly Closing
- E-Learning (Distance Learning) Semester Open. BOOK your place now and jump the Wait List!

The ICC* restricts the number of Accredited Certifications available via the Accelerated Credentialing Program Format to applicants who already possess an appropriate level of people development experience. It follows that the Institute receives a large number of applicants competing for a very small number of course places (we typically receive several applications per available place). To reduce the application processing time a small number of select applicants are now able to bypass the telephone interview process and have their application directly submitted to the Institute's Section Panel for consideration. The Panel may request additional references or support material from an applicant to assist them in confirming the person's suitability.
* ICC -The International Coaching Council is the world’s premier professional accreditation body for workplace coaches (established 1998).

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Self Study / Distance Learning




Diploma in Executive Coaching


 M.C.C. -Master Coach Course



           -Diploma in Executive Coaching
            M.C.C Course - Workplace, Life & Executive Coaching
                 *Currently only 2 places left in Semester Invitational Intake!* 
You select course format & structure to suit your learning style and budget. (Blended-
    Learning : Self/Home Study / E-Learning or Videoconference

.Includes 'Skills Coaching' and proven Models of Behavioral Change to achieve
    sustainable, measurable quick results. Full Certification plus prestigious ICC membership.
.Graduates gain the prestigious ICC Gold Seal Accredited Coaching Services.
.'Scholarship' discounted Course Rates available !!
You select Course Format .
( 1-to-1 Videoconference Format Only (Class of 1.Live instruction) 'Get Quote' )

Specialist Master Coach Credentialing Courses

Self Study, Campus or Videoconference Format



  Neuro Master Coach Course -Neurofeedback Coaching 
- Campus Course, Self-Study or Videoconference Format
                    Course Venues: 
-Gold Coast, New York, London, Bangkok.
.Students are taught how to use the latest Neurofeedback technology with their
           clients (from 7 to 70 years old) that quickly, safely and easily facilitates a turbo
           boosted, super pleasurable, relaxed state of awareness -the GATEWAY to change.
           Includes training with evidence-based Neuro Change Coaching Models.
- Life Wellness Coaching and High Performance Coaching.
         - Full Certification plus prestigious ICC membership.
.Strictly Limited number of Seats available.    
.Self-Study, Campus or Videoconference format.
                   Go here for Details and Registration Form

Self Study



                 M.C.C Course -Emotions Coaching 
.Includes proven Models of Behavioral Change to achieve sustainable, measurable,
       lasting emotional regulation in people from 7 to 70 years old. Full Certification plus
prestigious ICC membership.
.Limited number of International Scholarships available.    
.E-Learning Format From $us895. Go here for Details and Registration Form


               North America.M.C.C Course - Workplace / Executive Coaching .
Campus Format - In-House / Your Office -or- Public course in N.Y. .
    In-House (Customized): Class of 4 - 8 colleagues (with similar learning goals)
N.Y. Public Course Max. 4 students.
Full Certification plus prestigious ICC membership.  
 Go here for Quote, Details and Registration Form  


                                Singapore. M.C.C Course      
-Blended Learning Format. Self-Study, Videoconference plus 2 Day (in-person) Private,
  Customized, Class Format in your Singapore office with course facilitator.
Small Class of 1 to 4 persons. Full Certification plus prestigious ICC membership.
ludes: 'Skills Coaching' and 'Behavioral Change Coaching'
 From SGD$2,650. Go here for Details and Registration Form  


          Campus Learning Partner Program in Gold Coast, Australia.  
3 Days intensive 1-to-1 role-playing with Dr. Perry Zeus in Australia    
Max. 2 students trained to facilitate the Master Coach Course (campus format).
    Student obtains Exclusive License to deliver Master Coach Course in their region.

Price on Application. Go here for Details and Registration Form  
   Go here for Details on how to obtain a License to provide the Master Coach
     Course ONLINE
(No facilitator training required)


          C.P.C  Certified Professional Coach Course -Business and/or Life Coaching.    
 -  E-Learning / Self-Study Format   -  Scholarships available
Entry level. Content: Foundational 'Skills Coaching' Best-Practice Processes & Tools. 'Behavioral Change' Tools are only available in the below Master Coach Courses.
: This course is not a pre-requisite for entry into a Master Coach Course! However, if you submit Application Forms for both the CPC and MCC Courses you are eligible to apply for the Special Scholarship Course Rates.
  From $us595. Go here for Details and Registration Form  



    -World's first professional coach training course. Established 1994.



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