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   Chartered Behavioral Master Coach Course
  - Campus Format: Bangkok, Thailand or Gold Coast
Class size:1-2 students only.
              Course Details & Registration Form
    Admission Process

 Step: 1
 Submission of
  below Registration Form:

For over twenty years the Behavioral Coaching Institute's Graduate School has offered a small number of available course places each year by invitation to qualified, accomplished individuals invited to work us.

Step: 2

To reduce the application processing time a small number of select applicants are now able to bypass the interview process and have their application directly submitted to the Institute's Section Panel for entry into the Bangkok, Thailand Course. The Panel may request additional references or support material from an applicant to assist them in confirming the person's suitability.

  Step: 3
  Confirmation of

Criteria of 

The Institute's Selection Panel meets each week to consider submitted applications for the limited number of available invitations to join a course. A successful applicant is chosen not only on their: suitability for the course, relevant professional background/organizational experience but also their commercial opportunity to successfully apply the knowledge and tools from the course.  

*Note: In fairness to all pending qualified applicants, to secure one of the strictly limited course places, a successful applicant is required to remit full payment (via bank wire) for the course within 5 working days of receiving their Acceptance Letter/Email.


    Chartered Behavioral Master Coach Course
    - Course Details and Registration Form

      Step 1.   - Select applicable Course Rate.      
Step 2.   - Next, complete the Personal Details Section of the Form below page...then Submit. 
Other Courses
        - Certified Professional Coach Certification -E-Learning / Self-Study
- Master Certified Coach Certification -Format Options:                                    

- E-Learning / Self-Study  

- E-Learning / Self-Study plus 3 days 1-to-1 videoconference instruction    
       - Campus Course - Very Small Class (Your Office or at N.Y. event)
    - Campus Course -Thailand or Australia. 1-to-1 Class with Dr Perry Zeus -see below
    - Blended Learning -
Singapore Class of 1 or 4 (Self-Study, Videoconference & Campus Format)


Bangkok, Thailand or Gold Coast, Australia
Campus Course 1-to-1 Format with Dr Perry Zeus

  Chartered Behavioral Master Coach Course   
  -The Institute's world renowned 1-to-1 Class.

            *Note: Strictly 4 Places available each year -in Bangkok, Thailand or Gold Coast, Australia.

                     One Instructor (Dr Perry Zeus) and one student. (2 students optional).
  .Trainer: Dr. Perry Zeus only facilitates this specialist course (subject to availability). The graduate can cite that they have been personally trained by an acknowledged world expert, developer of behavioral change models and one of the original founders of the coaching discipline.

Over the last two decades, Perry has published more than 2,000 pages on the subject of coaching and behavioral change. Today, Perry specializes in translating brain science research into simple, actionable strategies for peak performance, creativity, mental health and wellbeing. His books are required reading in over 100 renowned, international higher learning institutions eg; Harvard, Oxford, Toronto, Michigan, Sydney, Beijing and JFK Universities.


       CBMC Certification -The highest and most prestigious coach certification. Separate yourself from the rest -and brand
             yourself as the best in your field!!
- Select Location: Bangkok or Gold Coast

Step 1.       Pre-course reading of CMC Course Manuals --See: Content of 4 Modules     
      Step 2.  
Instruction : $us17,950.00 -Includes 4 Days intensive 1-to-1 role-playing with Perry Zeus
                         plus 1 pre & 1 post-course telephone mentoring session.

 Note: Course rate is inclusive. Accommodation not included.


   * This special 1-to-1 Course also trains the student to become an
      Accredited  BCI Learning Partner!!
The student is trained to deliver the Master Coach Course plus they
    receive a
2 year, (value $us6,950 per year), exclusive, regional provider
    license at no cost.
Renewable thereafter -standard Yearly License Fee then
    applies. (Note: Partner's Master Coach Course Student fee sharing formula:
    76% to Provider, 24% to BCI.). Plus -optional development support.

                         For further details complete the Form (below page) to arrange a telephone interview with Dr Perry Zeus
Nominate preferred Course Date (week, month, year):



    Yes! -Please submit my application for the C.B.M.C Course to the Institute's Selection Panel. 

      - Firstly, how did you hear about the Institute's Courses?     

          a) Referral Ad: ( Quote Affiliate Name or Promotional Code )          

          b) Google Ad

c) Dr Perry Zeus's books
- Yes, I have read one of Dr Zeus's books eg; such as the introductory-level text book 'Behavioral Coaching -How to build sustainable personal and organizational strength' (Publisher; McGraw-Hill, New York). 
Note: Coaching can be different things to different people. This best selling book is required reading in over 100 renowned, international higher learning institutions (eg; Harvard, Oxford, Toronto, Sydney, Beijing and JFK Universities etc) -who provide business-related degree courses, such as MBA and Psychology degree courses containing a coaching component.

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                                  Last Name:

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 I am looking to use Behavioral     Change Models :   

- Internally (inside my organization). - Externally (in a practice).

Professional / Educational Background:

Your experience in People Development :

What are some of your primary Course Objectives?


Are you looking to specialize in a specific niche area?


     - References (Biz or Personal): -Yes > Name/Contact Details:

     - Referral eg; Affiliate Code, CMC Graduate, BCI Partner etc -Yes  > Details:





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