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 Master Coach and Diploma Coach
 Certification Courses >














          -For Qualified Training Providers* Register today (see below) to become 
          a Learning Partner / Exclusive Regional Licensee of the Institute's
Master Coach Course - CLASS FORMAT ONLY !

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internationally recognized
Master Coach
via (ICC Accredited*)! >


*ICC Accredited Program
-For Elite Coach Training Providers..

"ICC Accredited" -is the only internationally recognized accreditation stamp of approval provided exclusively for workplace coach trainers with an industry focus. This highly valued confirmation of industry best practices and quality can only be conferred by an internationally recognized coaching body such as the ICC. 

International Coaching Council Accreditation

  • focuses on workplace coaching, not coaching in general.
  • is a unique evidence-based program with a psychological foundation -this is the only world-wide program based on a thoroughly researched, expert-reviewed set of industry coaching competencies and best practices.
  • criteria for course entry/our selection processes -are rigorous and the highest in the field.
  • provides professional support by world leading coaching experts that enriches the quality of the training you (the provider/trainer) deliver.
  • also permits you to split the Master Coach Course into two levels, Professional (CPC) and Masters level (MCC).

You can apply for entry into this ICC Accredited Program if you fall into one of these categories:

  • Existing or new training providers who believe that they can meet the Institute's required high standards of delivery. 
  • Corporations who conduct internal training programs who believe they can meet BCI's required high standards of delivery.

Save valuable time and resources by acquiring BCI's elite CourseWare and at the same time obtain the highest level of professional accreditation via licensure. See: Benefits of BCI's unique Accreditation via licensure.

Select your below preferred Option Step then complete the Form (below this page) to start your application or simply jump the queue and first enrol in our qualifying Master Coach Course (enabling you to apply to join our Partners Program).

     Option 1: (see below page) - Licensing for Class format of:
 - First-Level Courses (Certified Manager/Leader as Coach (CMLC) Course 
                                          and/or Certified Professional Coach (CPC) Course) 
                                -Master Coach Course

       -Note: The Master Coach Course can be presented as a series of seminars, half-day programs or a 4 Day
        workshop etc. For example; the course can also be re-formatted into two short courses --one introductory
        level course (for a large group of persons) and an advanced level course (for more experienced/qualified
        individuals). All course re-formatting must be first approved by BCI. 

Suitable for: 
- Organizations who wish to conduct the Masters Course in-house for their own people -and
                             provide an accountable, world-best standard coaching platform and the latest cutting-edge
                             coaching tools, methodologies and processes.

-  Business / People Development Businesses (educational providers etc)
                              -in non-English speaking countries that have an established successful position in their
                              territory/region) looking to train their clients in advanced coaching practice or/and train and
                              certify local external practitioners/service providers  to become elite coaches. 

Highly qualified Individuals looking to join our International Faculty

   Option 2:
Online Format for First-Level Courses and/or the Master Coach
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                  -The Most Respected
  Global Brand in Coaching  


-Partnering* to present the Course  (Class Format)

Leverage your success off a powerful, recognized global brand:

In response to the increasing demand for elite, professional-level coach education the Behavioral Coaching Institute now accepts a limited number of applications from qualified persons/businesses/organizations to join a global network of Coaching Educational Partners.

To continue the migration of our courses around the world our preference is to establish an ongoing, strong business relationship with a few select highly qualified and well-positioned 'Learning Partners' per region.

The main objective for the development of this distributed provision is to allow advanced coaching education access to individuals and organizations around the world, who for reasons of geography or personal commitments would prefer to attend a Certified Master Coach Course closer to home (and in their language) rather than at one our central campuses in New York, London, Singapore etc.

7 STEPS to obtain a BCI Regional Learning Partner License:
     -and deliver the Institute's Master Coach Course in your territory.

1)  Submission of the 'Registration of Interest' Form below this page.

2)  Telephone Interview of the potential Partner's decision maker with BCI's Chairman (Perry Zeus). Only after a mutual successful interview will the application be submitted to the Institute's Selection Panel for approval.

3)  The Applicant's submission of a Formal Proposal to become a BCI Accredited Learning Partner to supply our Masters Course in an exclusive territory.

The Proposal should include a Business Plan -containing such items as: the applicant's training and personal or professional development experience, their corporate coaching and change management experience, a 2 year Marketing Strategy,
course venue details, number of courses to be conducted each year, amount of course customization to be performed by the Partner, whether the Masters Course would be split into 2 levels eg; Practitioner and Master levels to best fit the local market, Operational Budget and Staffing, expected number of students (Year 1 and 2), Course Fee Pricing, any Translation Tasks -and time period necessary to translate material etc..

4)  Upon approval, the Applicant's Decision Maker or a nominated Project Head would next apply (via our website's 'Course Registration Form') to attend a 1-to-1, CBMC Course (in Gold Coast, Australia or Bangkok) to be personally trained by Dr. Perry Zeus to deliver the course.

The course attendee will also have the important opportunity to confirm the content and structure of the advanced
Master Coach course and how it may be customized to fit their specific market/region.

Note: 1. Completing the Chartered Behavioral Master Coach Course provides the applicant an initial 2 free year license plus the below Course Fee Royalty Split..

                  Annual License Fee and Course Fee Royalty Schedule :
ii) License User Fee: P.O.A. Normally $us8,950 P.A. (payable first 2 years) -depends upon assigned 
  exclusive territory. After 2 years the License Holder can choose to continue paying the Annual License Fee
                       or pay :
Gross Course Student Fee Royalty Split of 76:24  eg; 24% to BCI.

  Note: -a) The Initial License fee pays for; the assignment of a specific territory in which a license holder can deliver
                   the Masters Course and any post-training telephone support. This fee is set according to the size of the assigned

The Optional Course Fee Royalty Program (payable after first 2 years of license) or continuance of the
                    Annual License Fee
enables the license holder to continue use BCI brand names and the Masters Course.
                    Note: Royalties are payable within 30 days after the conclusion of the Partner's Master Course event.
 c)  For Educational bodies-  P.O.A.
For Large Businesses who wish to run the course internally - P.O.A.
(ie; according to the size of the internal market) -however there is no Course Fee Royalty.

The Applicant will also indicate in the Proposal the desired timeline to train their designated Master Coach Course Facilitators.

5)  As only CBMC graduates are qualified/trained to facilitate the Masters Course the Applicant's designated Masters Facilitator must first graduate via the Institute's CBMC 1-to-1, 3 day campus course in Australia or Thailand. If an intending Partner has 3 or 4 designated Masters Facilitators the Institute can deliver the qualifying CBMC course in a small group format. 

6)  Upon the completion of Step 5 the Applicant will pay BCI the negotiated License Fee (see Step 4). Upon receipt BCI will supply an 'Agreement in Principle' for the applicant to become a fully accredited Partner. 




Corporate Learning Partner:
     -For Qualified Organizations / Businesses looking to
      License Use of the Master Coach Course and
      provide it internally to their own staff:

-Established, large organizations who wish to use the Master Coach Course in-house to up skill and credential designated coaching staff and other key personnel in world best standard practice. The elite MCC Course can also be used as an ongoing, company-wide training course delivered by the organization's own people development professionals.
   Regional Learning Partner:
Qualified Businesses to market and present
       the Course in English or non-English
       speaking or 'multicultural diverse' countries/

  For qualified parties involved in the business of People Development:
    -Licensing (becoming a Senior Learning Partner or Regional Learning Partner) of our CMC Course

Our Sub-License Holders
are typically training providers and business development companies who represent the "best of the best" in their area of professional development. These qualified 'Partners' are typically existing providers, have a high local profile, a great reputation, proven facilitation and training skills, a strong existing customer relationships with companies that can benefit from the Institute's coaching educational products and a discriminating blue-chip client base who only want 'the best'. The 'Partners' also naturally possess the resources and ability to successfully market and organize Master Coach Courses within their market sector/region.

Territory -Licensing Opportunities :
-BCI already has a strong, well-established online marketing footprint and brand awareness in the world's larger English speaking countries. However, due to increasing world-wide demand for quality coach training we are now looking to sub-contract out the provision of the MCC courses not only in our established markets but also to other new/emerging marketplaces.

Some possible regions currently under review include: some parts of the USA, parts of Europe, Middle East, South Africa, some territories in mainland China, South East Asia and some South American countries etc...

All MCC content and marketing material (citing Zeus and Skiffington's and BCI's names and our copyrighted material and other trademarks etc) needs to be first approved by the Institute.

Some Further Notes:
1) The Partner is responsible for adapting the course to the local language/cultural/business needs and re-naming the MCC course  to best fit the local market conditions/demands. That said, the course would still be a BCI accredited program.
The Partner is responsible for the development and management of their local marketing program to promote and sell the course in  their region. BCI will list the Course Provider's name and location/territory via our websites.
3) The
Partner can be trained by us how to enrol qualified individuals and set-up their back-office logistics etc.
4)  It is required that the Partner possesses the necessary resources, budget and ability to provide their own marketing and enrolment of  participants for their Master Coach Course within their exclusive region/country.

-Next Step: -to discuss -simply complete the below form to arrange an initial telephone interview with the Institute.

Partnering Checklist: 

  • Partner/Alliance Checklist: -
    - A business that already is successful in people development/training  and coaching.
    - A business that is interested in growing a new business unit alongside their existing business.
    - A business that employs respected educators or published trainers.
    - A business that is ideally in a position of 'sustainable, competitive business advantage' in their marketplace
    A business that is also be capable of building with BCI: Cooperative Development, Mutual Trust, Mutual Vision, Mutual Standards and Values, Mutual Goals/Objectives and Mutual benefit.

  • BCI provides:  - World Class Brand and Educational Products
                                - Best Practice (Coaching) Industry Processes and Standards
                                - Training and Support
                                - Full Marketing Guidance


 -To discuss -simply complete the below form to arrange a telephone interview.




To discuss the Partnering License Program first complete the below Form...

        Step 1.  -Completion of the the below 'Registration of Interest Form' 
Step 2. -Follow-on Telephone Interview
 with our Dr Perry Zeus              
               - The interview process also ensures those accomplished professionals/organizations who wish 
                 to become a Regional Licensee holder not only have the necessary professional background, 
                 experience and resources etc but also the ability to present the Institute's elite Master Coach Course.
                 Only after a mutual successful interview will the application be submitted to the Institute's Selection
                 Panel for consideration.



    Yes! - Please call me to discuss.. 

         Firstly, -have you or one of your group attended the Institute's Master Coach Course or
         Chartered Behavioral Master Coach? 

         - Master Coach Course  -Yes
         - Chartered Behavioral Master Coach   -Yes    -No  

 1)  Learning Partner Program -interested in:
- Conducting / Licensing Use of the Master Coach Courses (Class format) plus option to also deliver
             the Institute's first level courses (Manager/Leader as Coach and Certified Professional Coach).
 - within your Organization  -or-
 - as a Business providing the Masters Course in a specific market sector/country 
- Do you currently provide/deliver any coach training or coaching courses? -No   -Yes


Full Name :


Business Name:


Address & Zip :


State & Country :


Tel. (Biz & Home) #'s :



Email (Biz & Personal):



Your Position :


- and/or Title:

Owner               Vice President
Director             Manager           
President/CEO  Associate      Other:



Decision Making Process:

I am the final decision maker.
I have influence in the decision making process.
I may make a recommendation for a purchase.
The Name of the Final Decision Maker is:  



Your Organization's Annual Revenue is approx':  


<$250 thousand   <$500K  $500k -1 million  $1-5 million
$5-10 million    $10-25 million  $25-50 million $50> million

Number of employees:      Years in Business:  

1. Please provide a short Professional Bio.
2. Brief description of your business: -for example if business: history,
 organizational structure, type of services/products provided, geography covered,
 marketing expertise etc .



Your Relevant Qualifications: 3. Your people development experience?
4. Your experience in managing training events?
 5. Your qualifications to present a course that has a psychological foundation etc.?
6. Please also provide 2 relevant references for yourself:



    7. What do you want to achieve through providing coaching educational services?
8. Which country/regions are you interested in targeting?
9. When are you looking to begin and do you have the requisite working capital required?
10. Would anyone else be working with you as an investor/partner?


  - Yes! -I have answered all of the above questions


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