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       Certification -Certified Master Coach Course -Some Preliminary Guide Notes: 
Benefits and Disadvantages of Online Behavioral Change Coach Training
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           (includes extracts from new text book 'Behavioral Coaching' by Zeus and Skiffington -published by McGraw-Hill, New York)

Online / Distance Learning Coaching Courses in Behavioral Change Coaching

Never before in the world of learning have so many delivery options been available. So how do you select the right delivery medium for a coach training course? In a recent international survey it was found that 92 percent of large organizations will use some form of online learning this year. There are several distinct advantages and disadvantages of e-learning. By carefully weighing this list of advantages and disadvantages, you should be able to better judge what medium best suits.

Some Online / Resource-Based Learning Advantages via the 1-to1 Coach Training Videoconference format:
  • Focused learning
  • No time and travel costs to classroom
  • Can be more effective for certain types of learners
  • There are no geographical location constraints
  • You may feel freer to be yourself online
  • Flexibility in course scheduling

Learning via Videoconference 1-to-1 training.
Resource-Based Learning. This approach focuses on providing media-rich resources for learning. Clearly, online learning is best suited for the disciplined learner and videoconference (via face-to-face, 1-to-1 instruction) is the preferred online format.

Note: Potential distance learners need to ascertain whether the format for an online coach training course is matched appropriately to the nature of the course content. When studying subject matter such as understanding the principles and benefits of coaching, the course demands will be different than if the content includes learning to administer and interpret assessments tools and specialist coaching techniques. The learner who enrols in the traditional TeleClass may obtain basic skill development, but, no real time supervision of skill practice. It follows that the videoconference format is today's best available learning platform.

Coach training via a 1-to-1 (face-to-face) Class Format (one facilitator and one student only)
In Coach training, the relationship is the thing
A solid, trusting relationship needs to be established between the facilitator and the student. The facilitatorís ability to
establishing a successful working relationship with the learner, modeling, discussing personal issues and concerns, managing counter transference, and skill building are critical elements of the learning equation. 

Face-to-face learning also means the facilitator can sight any visible cues and barriers that impede learning and produce the highest level of participant satisfaction and accomplishment.  

People work and learn more effectively in a positive, intimate and emotionally supportive environment. 
Using Accelerated learning techniques can take anxiety and competition out of the learning environment and replace them with positive energy, positive speaking and genuine collaboration. Using '
AL ' techniques (face-to-face) simply means the facilitator can accelerate the learning process by working with an individual's preferred learning style. By optimizing the available time, learning is accomplished in a much shorter time. 

Recent research suggests that professional skills development courses, such as coach training, best require a face-to-face connection between the facilitator, participant and the subject matter versus the "traditional teleclass approach" (voice and email). This personal connection provides:  
- a genuine interactive learning environment
- a lively, focused discussion
- the unique opportunity for the learner to spend time developing their own personal skill set and business needs versus a prescribed "packaged" approach to everyone  
- the opportunity to question, learn and practice new skills in a safe, supportive and highly constructive atmosphere

In recent years, many human resource development departments and training institutes have become more critical of the results and value of traditional Teleclasses and are replacing the technical skills learning phases in an e-learning program with face-to-face situations via videoconferencing. In this way many of the above disadvantages are greatly diminished.

Videoconferencing -the new proven educational delivery platform for coach training:
Videoconferencing is now a proven distance learning delivery platform. Today, most people use a computer that has a video camera. This affordable technology now provides students with the opportunity to learn by participating in a 2-way face-to-face communication platform. Furthermore, a facilitator can be brought to classes in remote or otherwise isolated places with students from all over the world. Videoconferencing is a totally interactive medium as students are able to explore, communicate, analyze and share information and ideas with one another.

BCI's Virtual Campus (VC) is a student-centered global web of educational services.
BCI's Virtual Campus coordinates and supports all distance learning at the Institute. Virtual Campus is a campus without walls. Our programs are not limited to one physical location but delivered across the globe via the Internet. The Virtual Campus's core mission is to deliver accelerated, customized professional development courses in people development to busy, professionals across the globe using the latest proven learning technology. Today, we have served the needs of individuals, groups, and organizations from over 50 countries.

Deep immersion role-plays, relevant 'hands-on' case-studies via videoconferencing.
Most vital behavioral-based change models, tools and techniques and assessment instruments a professional coach requires are only available to coaches trained by an instructor who is also a licensed clinical psychologist. The Institute's invitational, fast-tracked Certified Master Coach Course (conducted around the world via 1-to1  videoconference) meets the critical needs for busy new and experienced coaches to be trained (via deep immersion role-plays
and relevant 'hands-on' case-studies) in the use of validated, proven  behavioral change models tools and techniques.  Read More >.... 

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