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“..Everyone has as purpose, a destiny.  Life is about trying to fulfil the potential
— the destiny that exists in each of us.
As agents of behavioral change it is our task to find ways and
means to provide such opportunities for everyone.."
- Dr Perry Zeus

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Just found a video taken several years ago demonstrating a relaxation exercise prior to an actual coaching session with a private client.
Still relevant today. Hope you enjoy it!

 THIS MONTH'S SUBJECT: The importance of Negative Emotions..    


    December 2017

From my Desk.

I'm frequently asked to explain why we need to focus so much attention on negative emotions during the coaching process. So, here are just a few notes that might be helpful..

Negative emotions and stress produce hormones (cortisol) that harms the brain and learning ability.  

When people (of all ages) are a victim of their negative emotions and associated stress, they cannot learn efficiently, relate to others or perform well. And when leaders, managers, supervisors etc have stress, they certainly are not able to produce positive, engaging emotions and a healthy learning and development environment.  An emotionally fit and healthy brain is indispensable in performance and coping with daily life.

Cortisol is released in response to fear or stress by the adrenal glands as part of the fight-or-flight mechanism of our brain. Ironically, our own biology—which was designed to insure our survival as hunters and gatherers—is sabotaging our bodies and minds in this sedentary digital age we live in.

Once a challenging or awkward event has raised the brain’s alarm and cortisol is released into our body there has to be a physical release of fight or flight. If a person feels: the situation is too difficult and overwhelming, stuck in the situation, defensive, unable to move forward because of fear of failure or just fearful, tense, pressured or confused their cortisol levels build up in the blood which wreaks havoc in their mind and body.

Researchers at Johns Hopkins established that elevated levels of cortisol in adolescence change the expression of numerous genes linked to mental illness in some people. They found that these changes in young adulthood—which is a critical time for brain development—could cause severe mental illness in those predisposed for it. These findings were recently reported in the journal 'Science'.

So, that's it for this month.

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Perry Zeus








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