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“..Everyone has as purpose, a destiny.  Life is about trying to fulfil the potential
— the destiny that exists in each of us.
As agents of behavioral change it is our task to find ways and
means to provide such opportunities for everyone.."
- Dr Perry Zeus

                              DR PERRY ZEUS'S MESSAGE BOARD    
30th September.2017
Just found a video taken several years ago demonstrating a relaxation exercise prior to an actual coaching session with a private client.
Still relevant today. Hope you enjoy it!
 THIS MONTH'S SUBJECT: Pre-Course Phone Consultation for Applicants    


    1st. October 2017

From my Desk.

Please note:

As mentioned, last month:-
1) Unfortunately, I cannot guarantee a personal reply to emails sent directly to me. I’m afraid the volume is just too great (sometimes over 50 emails a day).

Accordingly, one of my assistants will manage most emails.

2). Please also note that I still personally provide a limited number of corporate coach training events and mentoring and consultation services to a small number of institutional and private clients.

3) Last month I lead (which I rarely have time to do these days) two large training events in Singapore and New York.

After both events, a number of newly certified Master Coaches implored me to have the Institute offer pre-course phone consultation -a service we provided some years ago now. I promised to look into it.

So, after some reflection time, here’s what I will do:

-Free 15 min Over-the-Phone Consultation with me!

Due to demand, during October, I will continue to trial the following.  

For: Applicants who apply for a Master Coach Course place (excluding discounted Scholarship places).

If you have some private questions that you wish to ask me and not my team by email or that you are unsure which of the Institute’s courses best fits you and wish to discuss your coach training needs -just complete the below form and my staff will endeavor to set-up a mutually convenient telephone call.

Given our graduates are from over 60 countries -please allow some flexibility in the time differences when I can call you (depending where I am in the world at that time).

If you’re a good match for one of our elite courses, and we still have a regional place available, I will get you started immediately after our conversation.

Note: Meantime, please also complete and send in a Course Registration Form with all your details. Once I have checked your personal and professional details, and know a little about you, we can talk.


Perry Zeus








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                     would like to speak to Perry !

- Workplace / Executive Coaching Course
- Emotions Coaching Course.
- Licensing Program
- Chartered Behavioral Master Coach Course to become a Learning Partner and be trained by Perry.



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Please Note: My Office will contact you within 24 hours of receiving your Course Registration Form and this Message!



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