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“..Everyone has as purpose, a destiny.  Life is about trying to fulfill the potential
— the destiny that exists in each of us.
As agents of behavioral change it is our task to find ways and
means to provide such opportunities for everyone.."
- Dr Perry Zeus



Just found a video demonstrating a relaxation exercise prior to an actual coaching session with a private client.
Hope you enjoy it!

 This Month's NEUROSCIENCE Subject: Neurogenesis..    


    From my Desk.  

-How to enhance the process of neurogenesis.

The human brain creates seven hundred new neurons in the hippocampus on a daily basis. By the time we turn fifty, adult-born neurons will have replaced the nerve cells we were born with.

As extensively referenced in the Institute's Master Coach Course, neurogenesis is the target of choice when we are engaged in the process of change and also how we can reduce our decline related to aging.

AND Yes! The Institute's Master Coach Course (with an Emotion focus) contains proven steps that helps prevent your rate of decline due to aging!

It's all about shaping Our Brain!

Our brains are constantly being shaped. Neuroplasticity gives all of us the power to shape our minds and bodies with intention. 

We all have the opportunity to shape our brains in ways that would enable us to live happier and healthier lives. However we need to learn how to take responsibility for our own minds.

By training our brain, we can create lasting neural pathways to enhance our wellbeing, especially when we are faced with adversity. Happiness and wellbeing are skills we need to learn how to keep practicing.

So, that's it for this month.

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Perry Zeus








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