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Small Group, Masters-Level Coach Certification Course: 


      "Your Faculty Staff's relaxed approach and engaging style certainly made the course enjoyable,
        and our group quickly picked up from her lead on the best techniques and models for succeeding
        in the role of a business coach"
 - M. Bensen, (Organizer for Center for Innovation, Business and Manufacturing. SA Government)


       "This excellent program not only immediately provided the world-class, professional tools and skills
        we needed to distance ourselves from our competition but allowed me to establish an invaluable
        network of my peers
"  M. Ellis.  (H.R. Manager, T.P.Group)


       "To understand the potential of coaching is one thing. To ensure it is done properly we need
        knowledge, skills and quality experience. Your Institute is the world leaders in delivering this
J. Rundle, 
(Manager ,Organization Development & Human Resources. Ferro Corporation)   


       What a breakthrough to see the power of coaching both in an organizational and an individual
        context. I have learned really valuable tools and techniques that will give me the confidence to
        make a real tangible difference within my organization
Alison Clarke (Director of HR.,  Whitbread -UK.)





This highly experiential group course is strictly limited to a very small number of qualified participants who: a) like to learn via small group interaction and group role-play; b) have similar training/professional development needs to the other students; c) wish to establish a network of fellow coaches who share a similar professional profile/background and, d) want to undertake follow-on mentoring with their Course Facilitator.

Two Small Group Formats:
Public , Very Small Peer Group -in New York, Los Angeles, London, Sydney, Singapore and Hong Kong etc
- The Regional Peer, Very Small Group (1 to 8 Participant Facilitator Ratio) is for qualified, individual' practitioners with a similar 'professional profile and intent in coaching' (from various localities) looking to participate in group training with their peers. Participants are responsible for their own travel and lodging costs and hotel arrangements. Course venue is provided. For latest, available regional course venue/locations and dates -
see: Registration of Interest Form
Existing Group -of in-house practitioners delivered (to your offices) around the world: 
- Internal
(organizational) or External (private group practice).
The host company can nominate: 1) the country, city where their office or a suitable venue is located (for the course to be delivered to them) and, 2) nominate a preferred course date (minimum 6, maximum 12 persons).
Course fee covers any travel and accommodation costs etc for the Institute's Facilitator. -Special Corporate Rate schedule for multiple bookings.
(see: Group Rates etc ). Note: Regional course dates are available upon our receipt of the Registration of Interest Form'.
Some Benefits -of this small, personalized learning event:
  • open discussion and consultation with peers
  • participate in frank and private learning dialogues
  • compare and benchmark own past and planned work to other real-world models
  • able to professionally, personally and privately interact (workshop, role-play) face-to-face with peers
  • able to individually work and learn through different interactions/experiences with fellow peers/professionals
  • able to establish own post-workshop network of fellow peers/professionals
  • able to co-refer and make alliances for delivery of large contracts, and 
  • to further grow their 'professionalism' beyond the course


The Course (Tailored-made, Masters-Level Certification Course  -see 'Course Content')

  The course:
      - style is experiential, "hands-on" with the student actively applying what they are learning to their specific workplace 
      - content, depth and focus is dictated by the learners' self-directed approaches to meeting each of their goals .
      - integrates non-traditional development techniques (peer-based, self-directed learning, systems thinking, 
        reflection and inquiry) and applies them to achieve the individual learner's set goals
      - integrates personalized role plays, case discussions, ongoing feedback, support, inquiry, reflection and supportive 

- One-to-One Co
urse - Participants will be able to work one-to-one with Course Facilitator and other course members

- Course Materials - Extensive course materials are handed out at the workshop and include a comprehensive Course Manual, Coaching Toolkit and Resources Manual containing the latest: assessment instruments, coaching tools and techniques, coaching practice forms, templates, study material, private coaching reports, case-studies, reference guides and resources - plus more.

- Post Course Support/Mentoring - personally provided 1-to-1 via telephone

- Tuition
-See: Registration of Interest Form

Note: as there are always more applications than places available, these limited courses are sold out well in advance. 
After: a) submitting a
Registration of Interest Form and, b) a follow-on telephone interview -qualified persons are invited to apply for a specific course date/place. Because course dates/places are strictly limited course payment is required in full.






 - Note: the above dates and course places are subject to change -to register interest and find out the latest available
            dates/places simply submit the 'Registration of Interest Form' and our Course Registrar will contact you-


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