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Workplace Biohacking: boosting the capabilities,
 well-being and performance of individuals
 and groups in the workplace.


* 1,200 + Leading Enterprises Use Our Scientifically
 Proven, BIOHACKING Neuro-Behavioral Program

        As independently verified by ZOOMINFO (#1 Online Company search database used by Google, Amazon and Microsoft) - the Behavioral Coaching Institute is a long established, successful business with revenue of $us7 mill + and employs over 35 people worldwide.    







Masters level training and globally recognized certification for all persons involved in professional people development..



The Modern Workplace is changing gears!



  In today's highly competitive, new, economic landscape the key to an organization's ability to survive and thrive is dependent upon their ability to build a high performance, wellness development program for all persons. Many businesses are now outsourcing the function of program implementation and management to an external, accredited, professionally trained Performance Coach.

This unique Course uses a Biohacking and Quantum Energy Coaching approach.
Biohacking and Quantum Energy Coaching is a revolutionary coaching methodology to achieve optimum performance outcomes by implementing the proven principles and tools of the advanced science Applied Quantum Physics in all sectors of life.

This unique course combines the latest scientific research of behavioral sciences and quantum energy laws with easy-to-learn and use powerful, practical techniques that RAPIDLY generates sustainable transformation. Students learn how to empower their clients with the knowledge and tools to overcome any obstacle and achieve maximum, lasting enhanced performance.


The Pioneer of Workplace Biohacking + Behavioral Coaching + Performance Coaching

Workplace Coaching, Leadership Development and Transformation

Dr Zeus's Behavioral Coaching Institute pioneered behavioral coaching and performance coaching at work over 30 years ago and today the Institute is still the world’s leading developer and supplier of cutting edge business / leadership / executive coaching and professional / personal development methodology / tools.

  The Institute's Mind-Body-Brain coaching approach is about empowering people to become the best version of themselves.

 - Helping all people move from where they are now to who they are capable of being, so they can consistently express the best version of themself each day, perform under pressure, enhance their well-being levels and become resistant to stress, sabotaging negative emotions and limiting mindsets.

Students in this specialist course learn how to teach their clients to use highly effective and proven neuro-behavioral techniques to build sustainable, optimal performance outcomes and a richer, more happier and healthier life (mentally and physically).




-Learn how to empower people to be healthier, happier, more creative and productive.
"High Performance Behavioral Coaches connection to people has never been more essential"
   -National Institute of Health and Care  
It has become very be clear that those organizations who progress rapidly in adopting performance behavioral development programs reap huge benefits. As productivity and outcomes improve, so does their position in the market and shareholder value.

In this changed new world, the strategic agenda for moving to a high-value/high-return, in-house, high-performance program is a cost that all organizations cannot now afford to pass on.


  Diploma in High Performance Behavioral Coaching
Diploma in Behavioral Health graduates receive the Diploma and are entitled to use the post-nominal letters "Dip HPBC"
Fast-tracked E-Learning (50-60 hours)
with Full Certification (see below page).



  Note: As this is an invitational course -there is:
No required Add-on coach training or mentoring hours
No assessment
No set Starting or Completion time...self-paced learning
High Performance Behavioral Coaching is an applied specialty that draws from neuro-behavioral coaching, neuroscience, neuropsychology, medicine, and other health and scientific fields.

Practitioners can be:
 - be managers/leaders/people developers who work inside organizations and,
 - individuals who have their own existing private practice, be part of a group practice, plan to start-up a practice etc.

The special coach training course's unique knowledge sets and coaching toolkit can also used to complement many vocations.


Thanks Dr Zeus and BCI! Our performance metrics have gone through the roof! Our high performance behavioral coaches trained by you are like having our own in-house, behavioral scientists who understand and meet the developmental and support needs of our people at levels that far exceeds the results of the many external coaches we have hired in the past."
- B Murphy Group HR Director


                     Course Modules
                    Course Registration Form (below page)
  Course Licensing Note: if your business is interested in becoming a ICC registered coach training center and/or deliver this course qualification, please register such on the below Course Registration Form.


  For over two decades Perry has proven to be an extraordinary educator and coach with the ability to apply his deep understanding of the practice of coaching and the behavioral sciences to build the world’s leading coach training courses. If you are looking for the best available source of coaching knowledge, tools and certification then his Institute’s international recognized, accredited courses are for you….Thanks again for inviting me into the course Perry!  

Srini Pillay, M.D.
Psychiatrist and Assistant Professor, Harvard Medical School
Author of ‘Total Brain Makeover’, ‘Your Brain and Business: The Neuroscience of Great Leaders’, ‘Life Unlocked’.




The Institute’s course provided our management team a powerful framework to build an open, trusting, caring relationship with our people that provided deep foundations for their psychological safety, the companies ongoing performance and future.”
- Pat Evans, Leadership Development, APO


  "Thank you so much. It has been a life changing journey (professionally and personally)."
 -H. Egberg (HR Director) 


  Some Biohacking Notes on Psychological Safety:

Today, more than ever, professional people developers have to get to know their clients beyond the limits of what they have been taught. Was the dialogue revealing? Was the communication open and about doubts, fears, self-limiting behavior?

Lost opportunity. What do most "coaches" miss?
The great majority simply miss the opportunity to provide psychological safety – a safe space where all people can freely reveal any negative emotional drivers that are affecting their behavior/performance.
When people are fearful, stressed and/or worried they give you their hands, some of their head, and certainly none of their hearts.

Behavioral Coaching Institute

has delivered neuro-behavioral

change coach training courses to:


Sony  GE   McKinsey & Co  Citibank  Intel  Howard Hughes Medical Institute . Hong Kong University of Science & Technology Sing Health Polyclinics  Toyota  Department of Defense  Credit Suisse American Express   Red Cross   Oil India  Alcatel   Pfizer   Motorola   ANZ   Saatchi & Saatchi NY   BHP Billiton   Fed Ex Saudia Aramco Ras Gas Qatar  Wells Fargo  World Vision  BAE Systems  Nextel  University Hospital Birmingham  Rockwell Automation  Mount Royal University  Petroleo Brasileiro  Woolworths  Canada Customs  Motorola   Shell Global


Invitational Diploma Course: Distance Learning
- Estimated 50-60 hours of course content and work -depending on the student’s available time frame and learning style.

 Have instant access to the world's most valuable, comprehensive Coaching Practice Manuals! (Over 700 pages)



The world recognized, fully Accredited, Credentialing Course includes:

Comprehensive E-Course Manuals
Modules containing exercises (and answers). With Optional Video Support
Coach’s Tool Kit (Forms, Sample Client Contracts, Marketing templates, Checklists etc)
Regional Group To Interact With Other Coaches
Optional Practice Role Play Sessions
Certified Coach Logo, ICC membership logo & Gold Seal Services Badge
Optional One Full Year Support and More
  78 Dynamic Lessons
26 Coaching Inventories, Checklists, and Assessments.
22 Coach Checklists .
125 Coaching Tips.
Coach Starter Information.
24 Client Inventories and Checklists.
21 Case Studies.
Countless useful industry and scientific resources and readings to draw from.
Back-Up Support and Access to world’s leading coaching experts.
These sessions support any ongoing knowledge and practice needs...





The career and market opportunity in High Performance focused Coaching - the "New Competitive Advantage for organizations".

High Performance focused Behavioral Coaching in today's reshaped world landscape.
- New connections in organizational neuropsychology, medicine, cognitive-behavioral therapy, and well-being.

Today, we are witnessing a new direction in organizational coaching towards the integration of cutting-edge, neuro-behavioral intervention coaching models, tools and techniques. This exciting direction heralds a new era in the learning and development field where the role of the latest neuro-behavioral sciences and other human services fields is driving the development of high performance/wellbeing coaching practice to previously unreachable levels of sustainable success and widespread application.
  • The latest, cutting-edge, scientific research findings provides us deeper insights into the brain-mind-body continuum as it relates to individual and group performance / productivity and well-being.
  • Based on proven new, powerful methodology and the latest studies, course graduates are able to take a evidence-based, holistic approach to human development, care and performance.
  • The Institute is at the forefront of teaching our students scientifically proven, different treatment models and tools that can deliver unmatched intervention results for their clients.
  • The separation between personal and professional life in today's world no longer exists. To help people function at their best we need to support and help them develop as human beings.

High Performance Behavioral Coaching is for all people.
High Performance Behavioral Coaching can, at times, be remedial, but primarily it’s about working with all people, in all positions and helping them move to their next level of performance / personal and professional development, enhancing their brain-mind-body health status and creating a positive, caring environment for them to flourish in.


  Service delivery to individuals in remote locations via TeleCoaching / Videoconference and/or In-Person
High Performance Behavioral Coaching programs should establish and maintain high care standards, promote positive behavioral change and assure a level of safety for personal and professional care. Furthermore, a well administered Behavioral focused program can contribute to an organization’s successful attraction and retention of high quality staff and can ultimately add to the financial viability of the organization.

Today, more than ever as the world faces challenging and stressful times, it is essential that access to High Performance Behavioral Coaching support is provided to all persons.

The obligation to create and support a healthy working environment for people to flourish and grow falls on all organizations (public or private). That said, everyone has the right to function in a healthy (mind and body) environment.

Healthy environments for human activity improve productivity and reduce costs related to sickness, lost productivity, turnover, workers' compensation, and medical and disability claims. In fact, many illnesses can be avoided and psychological stress significantly reduced through the implementation of behavioral (brain-mind-body) programs. Latest studies also confirm that creativity, intuition, energy, EQ and IQ levels can also be enhanced through a brain-mind-body approach.

Course Modules




Note: Strictly Limited Number of Accelerated Program Places Available.

RESERVE your invitation now!

Why should you get certified in High Performance Behavioral Coaching?

" High Performance Behavioral Coaching is the number one, most in-demand coaching discipline in the challenging workplace environment we now live in. Today, more than ever, there is a critical need for this specialist service in both the good and not-so-good times."  - LA Times

Increase your confidence and achieve better results working with a wide range of interventions with clients from all positions, of all ages. A Diploma in High Performance Behavioral Coaching confirms that you have obtained the requisite scientifically advanced models and toolkit to work with even complex issues.

Upgrade your expertise
Enjoy the confidence that comes from knowing how to provide world-best-class services, and from having obtained proven, evidence-based intervention tools and techniques to help your clients.

Amplify your professional credibility
With increased market visibility also comes increased scrutiny. This unique, course certification tells your clients and referral sources that you've achieved a high level of knowledge and mastery.

Currently, our invitational, diploma trainings are only open to professionals who have had prior experience in people development.

Student Selection
Criteria for Student Quotas in Courses

The Institute’s advanced, internationally recognized courses are invitational and not open to all. For over 25 years the Institute has maintained an exceptionally high level of student post-course success due to the high quality of our courses and control over our student enrolment profile by enforcing minimum entry standards.

Student entry standards and quotas are imposed to: (a) ensure graduates represent the Institute’s name (via our professional certification) at the highest level in the global marketplace; (b) confirm that a student’s work experience and academic requirements meets professional industry standards; (c) ensure student mix considerations, including equity considerations (e.g. sub-quotas for under-represented groups); (d) guarantee all students have the option for post-course 1-to-1 support by world best-class educators and: (e) align with ICC Behavioral Board policies and constraints, including the limitations imposed on awarding Course Certification Accredited by the ICC.

Note: Admissions selection is administered by the Institute’s International Student Selection Panel.

NOTE: To reduce the application processing time a small number of select applicants are now able to bypass the telephone interview process and have their application directly submitted to the Institute's Selection Panel for consideration. The Panel may request additional references or support material from an applicant to confirm their suitability.

* ICC -The internationally recognized International Coaching Council is the world’s premier professional accreditation body for professional workplace coaches (established 1998). All students upon the completion of the course automatically gain prestigious membership of the ICC.





- Application Form for invitation
into Course

Last intake this year
Applications Close Soon!


   Step 1.-Select applicable Course Rate     
Step 2. Next, complete the Personal Details Section of the Form below page...then Submit. 




FAST-TRACKED, Distance Learning
Biohacking: Diploma in High Performance
Behavioral Coaching Course


  Other Coaching Diploma Courses
Learn to use proprietary, proven Cognitive-Behavioral Intervention Models (employing the latest: evidence-based methodology from neuroscience, neuropsychology and allied behavioral sciences fields). Note: The Change Models and tools are only available through this course.  

The Art and Practice of BIOHACKING in the Workplace

Self-Study / E-Learning Format
*Note: Strictly Limited Number of Places Available.

  Diploma Certificate Course Only: $us2,350.00




 Special Board Accredited Dual Certificate Course:
Graduates receive a Diploma PLUS Master Certified Coach Certificate and are entitled to use the post-nominal letters "Dip. HPBC" and "MCC HPBC". Having a dual qualification stands you out in your field and opens more opportunities.

End of Semester Special Only: $us1850.00 per place.

 Save $us1700 compared to undertaking the two courses separately.

** Dual Certificates:
Diploma (Standard Rate: $2350) plus Master Coach Foundational Knowledge and Skills from the Master Coach in Workplace / Executive Coaching Course (Standard Rate: $1250). 




- Please forward business quote for:
2 - 4 places 5 + places 
- l am also interested in licensing this course to use:
- as an in-house training program in my organization.
        - deliver to my client's selected staff. 
Option: Telephone interview with a Senior Faculty Member. -Yes

    SEMESTER BONUS: Yes!  I also wish to receive, at no extra cost, the additional Professional Coach Practice Resources Library (over 300 pages). Value $us1,295.00  


* Yes, I wish to apply for the subsidized, Regional Scholarship Course Rate (Inclusive):
BCI Foundation awards a limited number of Regional
  Scholarships (maximum amount $us500) to qualified
 persons in need of financial assistance.

Dual Cert Course (MCC & Diploma) $̶u̶s̶2̶,̶245̶.̶0̶0̶   $us1,745.00
Diploma Course Only $̶u̶s̶1̶,̶6̶85̶.̶0̶0̶   $us1,185.00
- Maximum 2 Places per Country (including USA) per Semester.
- Your Reasons for Scholarship Rate


Note:- Invitational course places are required to be paid by Bank Transfer/Direct Deposit (EFT).
  Course Licensing: Yes! - My business is interested in becoming a ICC registered coach training center and/or deliver this course qualification.



    - OPTIONAL Post-Course Mentoring with Dr Zeus, Dr Garcia or Dr Tracy.
    -Yes, l would like to also book some private, 1to1 videoconference sessions focusing on my specific workplace / client needs. $u350 per session (typically 1 hour).
 # of sessions:
-1, -2, -3, -4, -5,



1.Each application is subject to a review criteria and judgment of merit by the Institute's Selection Panel. Selection results are final and no discussion will be entered into other than with a successful applicant.
2. Students can begin and end their Self Paced, Self-Study (Reading and Exercises) at their time of choosing. Duration: typically 6 - 8 weeks part-time home study. The Certificate is automatically forwarded to the student when they notify the Institute that they have completed their Self-Study.
. No assessment or post-course supervision / additional training hours is required as this is an invitational Program (via submission of this Form). Self-Study Course is for busy people developers who are time constraint, unable to attend a campus course for economic, distance or other reasons.
. There is no renewal fee as the Certificate is perpetual (no expiry date).




 Yes!   -Please submit my High Performance Behavioral Coaching
Course Application to the Institute's Selection Panel

      - Firstly, how did you hear about the Institute's Courses  
           Google Search ,  Reference, Dr Perry Zeus's Books, Other

      Your Contact Information



  Full Name :   

Mr.  Ms.  Dr  First Names:
                                  Last Name:

Company Name:   

 Address and Zip  
 /Postal Code :   

State and Country :   

Telephone #'s :   

 Home: Business:    

Email -Personal :   


  Email -Business:   

       Please re-enter Address :


Web Site :   


      Your Profile


Occupation :   


Business Name :   


Type/Size of Business:



 I am looking to use Coaching Delivery Intervention Models :


- Internally (inside my organization)
- Externally (in a practice)

Professional / Educational Background:

Your experience in People Development :

What are some of your primary Course Objectives?


Are you looking to specialize in a specific niche area?


  Applying for a Scholarship Rate / Financial Assistance?
- If so, please provide a statement as to the reason/s why..


     - 2 References Required (Biz or Personal)
- as this course is invitational for qualified persons only:



Yes, I understand that a course place is
 required to be paid by Bank Transfer / Wire.


     - Referral? eg; Course Graduate, BCI Faculty Member etc:   






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