." ...the Institute's Coach Referral Network is unquestionably the leading
  resource for sourcing qualified business and executive coaches." 
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."The Coaching Institute's exclusive Coach Training School has produced
    some of the nation's leading executive coaches"
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Global Corporate Coaching Services:

-A corporate solution for organizations engaged in people development and talent management!

- You want to be sure that any corporate coaching support employees receive is delivered by experts.
- You want on-demand management resources to provide employees with a wide range of comprehensive coaching
  interventions provided by specialist organizational coaches and at the same time, effectively manage your company's
  L & D budget.
- You want to be assured that the most appropriate type of developmental corporate coaching for your people is being provided..

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Graduates - Directory of Certified Master Coaches

Partnering Opportunities 

  Corporate Coaching Today:
The global corporate coaching business is: a) a rapidly growing billion dollar industry and, b) a large, disparate group of tens of thousands of service providers with many different specialties and professional backgrounds. The corporate coaching profession of today is a vastly different business service sector than its predecessor of 5 years ago. Client performance requirements including advanced coaching education, proven methodologies, tools and techniques will be even greater over the next few years.


 Corporate Coaching Referral Services: 1 to 1 Coaching Network  

Our mission is your success: 
 - we provide a FREE SEARCH to find the best qualified, specialist executive / business
  coach to meet your needs.

The search for the 'right coach' for your learning, development and/or change needs can be time consuming, frustrating and costly - especially if the wrong coach is matched with your personnel. We can speed up the MATCHING PROCESS at NO COST to you. Our online free referral service is the world's leading business coaching search facility.

All coaches on our global register are professionally trained, mentored, Certified Master Coaches. The Network provides businesses access to corporate coaching support, services and resources via an "on-demand" International Panel of external, specialist, qualified Master Coaches.

All member coaches are professional certified coaches possess advanced corporate coaching skills and techniques that ensure measurable results.

The Coaching Network can put your key people on the success track that will build the bridge between where you are as an organization today, and where you want to be tomorrow.

It used to be that organizations would have external executive coaches only work with troubled, derailing executives. Today, however, executive coaching is a mainstream practice that helps even the most productive, well-adjusted executives articulate their vision, meet new challenges, and influence the organization’s direction. The Network can help your executives develop the skills, knowledge, and attitudes that your organization requires to thrive and succeed.

Members of our Corporate Coaching Network:
 - are experienced change and learning facilitators.
 - maintain a high level of knowledge in the field and remain current on theory and practice, models, tools and methods.
 - specialize in the area of high yield personal development of key personnel
 - maximize the intelligence, talent and skills of your people.
 - construct highly personalized developmental plans for people to acquire lasting skills and competencies necessary
   to raise their performance levels to new heights and to better
manage their careers and lives. 
 - have strategies for supporting and referring their clients to more appropriate resources.

   2004 to 2008 Graduates - Directory of Certified Master Coaches
     -Click here to view the list of new member coaches -some of whom may be available for prospective contract work.

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All training and coaching is developed and conducted in house.
We employ certified facilitators and train in house.
We send our employees off site for training.



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