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Get proven, evidence-based, scientific mental skills training programs and tools for all your gamers.   Train your brain-mind-body union for peak performance and unlock your true  potential with the latest behavioral science methodology.



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  Over the last few years, there has been an explosive growth of scientific research in E-Sports mental skills development. This unique, comprehensive course provides an easy-to-follow, 3 STEP PERFORMANCE ENHANCEMENT PROGRAM incorporates the latest, proven, scientific methodology that is customized to meet a gamer's specific Performance Goal Needs.  


with the latest Neuro-Behavioral approach
  The Psychological Demands of Electronic Sports

In today’s highly competitive and lucrative esports events what separates out the good cyber athlete from the top and the top from the best is more often the psychological component.

The fact is, a growing number of elite cyber athletes worldwide have hired a private mental skills coach to give them an edge over their competition and to continue pushing their performance envelope even further. So why aren’t they talking about it to everyone? The reasons are obvious. First of all, professional esports is so highly competitive that even a slight advantage can make all the difference to crossing the finishing line first. The Institute's unique, personalized, tools and techniques are worth millions of dollars to elite performers, not to mention massive recognition and prestige. If you had that advantage, would share it with your competition?

Gamers Needs for Competitive Success..

The importance and nature of mental skills varies markedly across different sports. A number of recent research studies have confirmed that many of today’s esports players are really struggling to develop specific mental skills to place them in the winners circle.

Most gamers are well aware of level one (foundation) mental skills (positive attitude, concentration, self-motivation, goal setting etc). Unfortunately gamers are not readily able to receive personalized training in the critical Psychosomatic Skills (level 2) and Cognitive Skills (level 3) relative to Esports and their mental profile.





Esports also has its own unique demands, such as dealing with performing in a virtual environment, more frequent competitions, and a challenging online culture, to name a few.

The need for speed and getting into the zone.
ESports stars tend to have high rates of burnout with extremely short career spans, typically retiring in their early twenties.

Neuroscience research has confirmed that elite level gaming requires some extreme mental abilities such as; attention, sensorimotor skills, visuospatial skills and faster than normal brain processing speeds. The research also found that a gamers reaction times typically start to decline from just 24 years old.

Every Gamer needs to acquire the high-level mental skills necessary to reach their highest potential.

Mental skills and psychological performance is all about empowering gamers to improve their performances while also enriching their lives. Gamers need to pay attention and train their mental skills as they would train their in-game technical and tactical abilities.

Whether you are a professional player or someone who just wants to be better, consistency means to always perform at an optimal level.

Traditional sports and e-sports differ in performance task demands but share some psychological demands.

Competitive esports athletes cope with stressors similarly to high-performing sports athletes.

Recent studies have confirmed that high performing esports professionals require the same mental stamina it takes to be a top Olympian.

Competitive esports athletes have been found to cope with stressors similarly to high-performing sports athletes. One recent study (QUT research), published in Frontiers in Psychology, indicated an overlap between the mental toughness and stress-coping processes in traditional sports and competitive e-sports athletes.

Esports players with higher ranks tend to have higher levels of mental toughness. It follows that high levels of self-awareness, mindset management, mental toughness / resilience, emotional control, focus /staying in the moment, stress management and acceptance coping are just some of the many primary mental skills acknowledged as the key psychological factors that determine success in e-sports.

Today’s mental game challenge -when e-sports is turned into a profession instead of a fun activity.

  E-Sports has become a serious business and taken over the lives of many of today’s youth.

  E-Sports is no longer fun for many gamers and it can become a negative effect in their personal lives. For many gamers it has simply become too mentally challenging as they don’t possess the mental skills to deal with the pressures.

  Studies have confirmed that high amounts of stress place gamers at a greater risk of mental health conditions and physical health problems. Many gamers become burnt out before they can fulfil their potential.

The pressures on today’s gamers.

A gamers ability to have confidence in their game is tied to their need to perform at a high level. And yes - it is difficult for a gamer to know what they require to meet their own mental skill development needs. It follows that most gamers urgently require assistance to learn how to help self-coach themselves or work with a qualified, e-sports coach to fulfil their potential, goals and dreams.

The Bottom Line:
Mental Strength – Creating the mental capacity to transform your potential into a process of being.

The need for all gamers to: identify how their mental strengths and weaknesses impact their performance and well-being; obtain new mental capabilities and, learn how to boost their strengths and strengthen their weaknesses.

As the world of E-Sports continues to quicken its pace, a gamer (no matter how naturally talented) will be left behind if they're not continually developing their mental capacity to succeed.





Gamers Self-Coaching or Working with a Mental Skills Development Coach.

Gamers can learn how to self-coach themselves or work with an e-sports coach to develop key mental skills enabling them to reach new levels of performance. The various, high-level mental skills required for esports have also been shown to transfer and facilitate development in other areas of life. This skill transfer is more effective when a gamer has developed a greater sense of self-awareness of who they are and learnt what their personal mental skills development needs are.

The good news is today's gamers (no matter their ranking) and e-sports coaches alike, can receive the latest, scientifically proven, coaching methodology on how to build POWER BOOSTING TARGETED MENTAL SKILLS.  


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Next-Generation, Mental Skills Techniques
Research has confirmed that increased use of advanced, neuro-behavioral mental skill techniques generate significantly enhanced performance. Survey based research has also indicated that increased use of these advanced, next-generation, mental skills techniques is associated with successful competitive performances at either higher or lower competitive levels e.g., professional or social.

NOTE: "Mental Skills programs must be tailored to the specific needs of players relative to the sport they are engaged in". Generic, computer-based cognitive-training software are simply low level brain games that provide little proven benefit. The promise is that if you adhere to a prescribed regimen of the one-size-fits-all, cognitive exercises, you will fundamentally improve your mind and brain. A recent study by Stanford University objects to the exaggerated and misleading claims about the benefits of brain games.


  The Institute’s Graduate School of Psychology Coaching is the only sport and performance psychology learning institution in the world that offers an internationally recognized, accredited Master Coach or Diploma Certification Course for E-Sports Coaches and Gamers.  



  For: 1. Busy Gamers who do not have time to waste and, 2. E-Sports Coaches (aspiring, new or established) who work with individuals or teams and wish to establish a successful private practice.
Fast-tracked E-Learning with Full Certification!
No required ADD-ON coaching, supervision or mentoring training!
No set Starting or Completion time
(50-60 casual hours)!







Very few esports coaches today have had the benefit of mental skills training when they were a gamer. The great majority of trainers/coaches will readily admit they have little or no understanding or special training how to implement a structured, customized, mental skills program specifically designed to fit the user's needs.

The "professionalization" of esport.
Game conditioning and technique have performance ceilings, so it is natural before those limits are reached to leverage all that mental skills coaching can provide. Mental skills coaching now stands as equal partners with technical skills training as gamers strive to take advantage of every opportunity to achieve their goals.

Esports competitors may not possess the same elite athletic/physical abilities as the athletes in traditional sports, but they require even more elite mental skills. High-level gamers are tasked with executing hundreds of actions per minute for long periods of time, which requires incredible mental stamina. To accomplish this unique set of mental challenges, building mental fitness has become today’s top priority for players to perform better in games.

Career Opportunities for existing Esports Coaches to provide Advance Level Mental Skills Coaching and for specialist Esports Mental Skills Coaches.
Coaching structures within esports teams vary considerably. There are several coaching roles which include head coach, draft coach, strategic coach and mentals skills development coach. It is also common for one coach to perform multiple roles within a team. Some coaches are also expected to assist a team manager or owner in the recruitment of players, helping with venues, monitoring the health of players and more. As in traditional sports coaching an esport "coach" primarily provides a training / hard skills development role.

Today, there is a huge, ever growing, global demand from professional and social gamers to boost their "soft skills" / mental or personal skills and gain that edge to enter the winner's circle. Another key factor in the popularization of mental skills coaching is that the skills learnt can also be successfully applied to other areas of life (scholastically, social and career).

Stumbling Block
ESports Mental Skills training is generally seen as something only successful gamers or the rich can afford. The end result is that many gamers source outdated, simplistic information or questionable, solutions for mental skills development from the internet.

The Solution = the Institute's unique, accredited Course
Gamers and ESports Coaches alike are now able to source cutting-edge, knowledge, skill sets and tools from today’s evidence-based, neuroscientific technologies and methodologies from Applied Cognitive Neuroscience.

ESports Mental Skills Development Coaches
The specialist field of Advance Level, Mental Skills Coaching is a user-friendly service delivery model that presents a ‘once-in-a-lifetime’ career opportunity to establish a highly rewarding, part-time or full-time private practice / career (1-to-1 or teams via telecoaching and in-person).

Mental Skill ESports Coaches:
- take a teaching, 'directive coaching' approach versus a counseling style.
- focus on the now and future time space (and not the past) in helping a person achieve their Performance Needs Goals.
- employ today’s advanced, science-based, proven mental skills techniques.
- use accelerated learning (typically 2 or 3 brief sessions only) to empower a person to easily self-coach themselves and practice selected, customized mental exercises to fit specific Performance Needs.
- also refer any person with psychological problems to a licensed psychologist.



   Dr Perry Zeus
( BCI Founder, Faculty Head and Course Designer )


  Publications: “12 works in 56 publications in 4 languages and 721 library holdings”
-World Library Catalog

"Dr Perry Zeus established the world's first professional coach training institution in 1994"
Training Industry

"Perry, considered the 'Father of Behavioral Coaching', first published his
now-classic book, 'Behavioral Coaching' 15 years ago which transformed the psychology of coaching."
-Psych News

“…For over two decades Perry has proven to be an extraordinary educator and coach with the ability to apply his deep understanding of the practice of coaching and the behavioral sciences to build the world’s leading coach training courses..."
-Srini Pillay, M.D.
Psychiatrist and Assistant Professor, Harvard Medical School
Author of ‘Total Brain Makeover’, ‘The Neuroscience of Great Leaders’, ‘Life Unlocked’.



Off-the-shelf, brain / mind training games / programs focus on one-size-fits-all cognitive training and completely ignore the brain-mind-body union. This generic approach is not individualized, only provides a modest boost to routine mental activities, cannot affect physiology and does not provide knowledge about yourself nor how to self-coach yourself to higher levels of mental performance and well-being.

 Our physiology can be re shaped not only by the environment, diet and physical fitness, but also by our thoughts and mental / emotional fitness.

3. A number of recent studies have confirmed for time-restricted players to succeed in today's ever challenging esports arena they require easy-to-follow, personalized, self-empowering steps that can change and redirect specific neural patterns to activate targeted, innate, brain-mind-body performance mechanisms.

4. Applying neuroscience, neuropsychology and working with the brain-mind-body continuum legitimizes the work of mental skills development for gamers.

      Bottom Line: Learn the Key 3, powerful, neuro-practice steps that produce significant, lasting, performance gains in just 2 to 3 weeks.    







Diploma Course: Distance Learning -Estimated 50-60 hours of course content and work -depending on the student’s available time frame and learning style. Similar course structure as MCC Program -but greater depth.

Master Coach Course: Distance Learning. Estimated 30-40 hours of course content and work -depending on the student’s available time frame and learning style. Generally requires 1-2 hours of work for each module.       



Have instant access to the world's most valuable, comprehensive
 ESports Coaching Practice Manuals!
 (Over 700 pages)

The world recognized, fully Accredited, Credentialing Courses include:

Comprehensive E-Course Manuals (See below page)
Modules containing exercises (and answers). With Optional Video Support
A Coaching Tool Kit (Forms, Sample Client Contracts, Marketing templates, Checklists ETC)
Regional Group To Interact
Optional Practice Role Play Sessions
Certified Coach Logo, ICC membership logo & Gold Seal Services Badge
Optional One Full Year Support and More
  Dynamic Lessons
Coaching Inventories, Checklists, and Assessments.
Coach Checklists .
Coaching Tips.
Coach Starter Information.
Player Inventories and Checklists.
Case Studies.
Countless useful industry and scientific resources and readings to draw from.
Back-Up Support and Access to world’s leading coaching experts..
These sessions support your knowledge of both theory and esports coaching techniques, enriching your coaching and cohort discussions.
  See below Course Content ..


  Pro Gamer 3 STEP Course Methodology
Cognitive neuroscience is a relatively new field which bridges the gap between the study of behaviors (psychology) and the study of neural processes (neurosciences).
  One specialist area of study by Cognitive Neuroscientists, which is a focus of our course, is understanding how deep perception (accessing the subconscious mind's theta brainwaves) through experiential, perceptual meta-self-awareness exercises can stimulate neural re-growth that generates bottom-line, sustainable, measurable performance gain.

The cutting-edge, approach of the course is at the forefront of e-sports psychological development methodology.

Note: The course's proprietary, evidence-based techniques also helps boost endorphin levels that stimulate and balance the Immune system and promotes the repair of cells and tissues to build a healthier and stronger version of the brain and body.

Latest studies also confirm benefits such as : decreased impulsivity and anxiety, better mental clarity, more restful sleep, improved mood, and a host of other side benefits.

The courses 3 Easy Steps contain cutting edge, evidence-based, neuro-behavioral change models that generate significant, positive, lasting performance results that can be measured.

Students learn easy-to-use, deep level (subconscious) Metacognition skill building steps that incorporate subconscious Metacognition Role-playing using Direct  Visualization, Self-Dialogue, Positive Memory Reconstitution and Mindfulness.

Harnessing the power of the Brain, Mind and Body union to effect sustainable changes in performance and well-being.
→ The process of developing deep, self-awareness and learning from one’s past, present, and future.
→ The ability to self-assess and self-change.

In short, this advanced neuro-behavioral toolkit (in easy to follow steps) helps gamers (no matter their current performance level) transform their gaming and personal life to a bigger, brighter future.










→ Diploma in ESports Psychology Coaching Graduates are entitled to
 use the post-nominal letters "Dip E-Sports Psych"


→ ESports Master Coach Graduates receive Certification and are entitled to
 use the post-nominal letters "
MCC E-Sports"



(Some Example Tools, Techniques and Knowledge content):

Module -1
→ 'Professional' E-Sports Coaching
→ Becoming a Performance Change Agent
→ Core Identities and Competencies of the Neuro-Behavioral focused Coach

Module -2
Foundational Coaching and Intervention Planning Process for Coaches
→ Planning and Implementing Programs
  - the individual, team and any organizational context
  - the ability to formulate and investigate problems, create solutions, innovate and improve your current practices
  - the ability to evaluate opinions, make decisions and to reflect critically on the justifications for decisions using an evidence-based approach
→ First Level Skills Coaching Model & Forms and Stages of Coaching
→ Coaching Structure/Program Map
→ Coaching CYCLE –Assessment
→ Goal Setting
→ Developing an Action Plan
→ Evaluation
→ Follow-up

Module -3
Elite Gaming -the underlying Science -Why it works!
- In-Depth, Up-to-Date, Knowledge of the Field of Study.

→ Motivation
→ Mind States
→Types of Mindsets
→ Neuroscience and Train the Brain
→ The High-Performance Mind
→ Self-Discovery
→ Neurogenesis
→ Behavioral Neuroscience
→ We are what we think
→ Emotions, Feelings
→ Body Awareness
→ Mind-Body relaxation and Mindset awareness
→ Whole System Brain-Mind-Body Approach
→ Neuropsychology and the Brain
→ Building the Neuropsychological Change Bridge
→ Managing Fear
→ Building towards SELF-Integration
→ The Study of Personality
→ Personality Development
→ Function of Behavior
→ The evolution of the Brain
→ The Brain's Limbic System
→ Establishing new cells in the Brain
→ High Performance Brain Training
→ How to train gamers to be in the zone of peak performance
→ How to replace negative, repressed Emotions
→ How to release entrapped Energy in the Body
→ Heart and Brain relationship
→ Managing Emotions and Feelings
→ The Team Coaching versus Individual Coaching
→ How to establish a Mental Fitness Program
→ Body and Brain connection
→ The Need to use the Observer-Self
→ Deliberative Thinking and Witnessing Awareness
→ Changing Brain through Meditation and Mindfulness
→ Mindfulness and Positive Psychology
→ How to use Neurofeedback Technology
→ Difficulty of Changing Beliefs
→ Cognitive Restructuring
→ How to Anchor States of Mind
→ Becoming a High Performance Sports 'Change Agent'.

Module -4
Applications include

→ The Brain-Mind-Body connection driving performance, well-being
How to become who you want to be
→ Harnessing the EGO
How to override Self-Limiting Beliefs
→ How to fulfil your Potential
How to be On Purpose
→ Quantum Physics the Key to Self-Change
→ Subjective Well-being
→ Mindset Compass
→ Enhancing State of Being
→ Self-Efficacy
→ Peak Performance Coaching -Building Resilience
→ Well-Being (the Mind-Body connection)
→ Mediation and Mindfulness, Gut-directed therapy
→ Transpersonal Discovery
→ Transcending the Ego
→ Controlling Self-Talk
→ How to exchange maladaptive Negative Emotions and attached Fear
→ How to use advanced Visualization techniques to build a desired future
→ How to enhance Intuition

    -the key intelligence factor for great success
How to overcome Stress, Anxiety
- the most destabilizing, negative force.
How to work with the Past Self & Present Self to build a better tomorrow
How to attain true self-realization
   - the secrets of being a successful, elite gamer

How to build Strong Neural Pathways
   - the key to increasing Critical Thinking Skills, Intelligence
affecting bottom-line performance
How to increase a range of mental / psychological skills
     - Case Studies and Exercises

Enhancing Well-being and Health
Physical Health, Mental Well-Being, Mental Health and Mental Illness
   - As a coach when to refer someone to other helping professionals

..PLUS LEARNING ACTIVITIES: Guide Notes, Case Studies, Course Exercises ..



  • proven esports coaching practice strategies
    - reference materials (important case studies, articles, papers,
    study materials and resource listings

  • Specialties and how to find yours

  • Developing a Coaching Identity and Philosophy

  • Why you don't need university degrees in psychology, counselling or medicine. 

  • How to use foundation team seminars and workshops

  • How to respond to the most common situations

  • How to establish commitment and trust
  • Drafting and Proposing any Contract of Services
  • Preparing efficient and effective results based sessions
  • How to design, implement and measure successful programs
  • How to prepare, design and conduct a coaching session
  • Starting the Session
  • Do’s and Don’ts
  • The structure of the 'client' conversation
  • How to develop your Practitioner Style
  • Producing Measurable Results and How to measure the results
  • How to establish, build and market a private practice


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Each of the comprehensive Course Modules contain
Exercises, Summaries and Case Studies plus Scores of Coaching Forms and Templates -and as a bonus (this month only), students also receive A Supplementary Professional Coach Practice Resources Library (over 300 pages) jammed packed with professional practice Tools, Assessments and Practice Templates and Forms
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