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Discover how to use consciousness to expand and renew energy
 across the wellsprings of the brain, mind, emotions and psyche..











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Quantum Energy Life Coaching for Everyone -including Families!


Energy Psychology Coaching


  All of us desire freedom from that nagging sense that we should be more than who we are.



Some Questions:

What if our life in essence is just our potential in experiences that arise and disappear? And, what if we transcend any particular experience or Self because we are that potential?

What if we can easily learn how to use transforming quantum consciousness processes that result in the emergence of our potential and an experience of inner peace, happiness and clarity?

What if this quantum transformation that is available to us all – is really just a natural progression to the journey of life?


In our ever-evolving world, the pace of technological advancement has reached unprecedented heights, ushering in a new era of possibilities in the personal development / coaching field. Quantum technologies, rooted in the profound principles of quantum mechanics, has emerged as a beacon of innovation, illuminating the path toward a future where fast-tracked goal achievement and rapid personal growth is more accessible than ever before. As we stand at the intersection of our quantum atomic world and our physical world, we find ourselves on the precipice of transformative change.

Most people are simply not conscious enough of their quantum capability. 
When a person learns how to manage their potential using the steps and tools of Quantum Psychology, they are able to reach unrealized personal development highs by achieving previous unattainable goals.
The path to understanding the limits of Quantum Psychology starts with the guidance of a Quantum Coach. The client is shown how to follow quantum steps and use their levels of consciousness to see the 'possibilities' ahead of them. Once they experience crystal-clear clarity and awareness of what can be in their life, they understand that their present life has now changed and that nothing will overcome what they now know in their heart and mind what they can actualize.
To what extent can a person met their goals and direct their life journey using their life force and Quantum Psychology methodology? - It’s simply up to the individual if they are willing to explore and challenge themself.


Connecting to limitless Potential -a Higher State of Being and functioning by accessing the Quantum Field

Q: What is the Quantum Energy field (of possibilities)?

A: The quantum energy space we occupy that is in multiple states at the same time until it is observed.

According to the accepted formulation of quantum mechanics, pre-material quantum energy states of multip
possible future reality outcomes exist. A particular state is brought into singular material reality through observing it. In simple terms, the science of quantum physics has shown how a person's observation (ie; consciousness) causes quantum energy particles to move from multiple quantum states into one visioned material / reality state.

Additional Key Points:
Material reality is actualized by our perception.
The quantum energy space is the place where your desires are revealed.
A space characterized by peace, calmness - a relaxed state.
A space that provides heightened awareness where one can see the material reality as well as the energy behind that reality.

What can be found in the Quantum Field?
A space where quantum energy can become the source of your 'potential' and be used to design your future. A safe place to transform into who you wish to be. 
A flow-state, of being “in the zone”
A wellspring of creativity and wellbeing
Infinite source of knowledge, wisdom and inspiration. 

Note: Some of the research findings we see in quantum physics are arguably not new but many thousands of years old, stemming from eastern philosophy. What is new and revolutionary are today's quantum mechanics and neuropsychological tools that provide us a proven, easy-to-learn process how to use our superconsciousness to access and work with the Quantum Energy Field of possibilities.

Easy-to-use, powerful Energy Psychology Toolkit.
Learn how to
use rapid, transformational life change methodology using the latest quantum science research and evidence-based psychology.

These unique courses are your gateway to a new, exciting frontier in life change technology.

"The cosmos is also within us, We're made of star stuff. We are a way for the cosmos to know itself." – Carl Sagan


  The Revolution is Quantum...

Learn how to empower people to rapidly achieve personal and professional success in an unlimited range of areas in their lives

Our internationally recognized, accredited courses are aimed at those who wish to expand their existing com
plementary practice to incorporate energy psychology coaching, or for those that wish to learn the techniques for themselves, or who wish to establish a world-best standard level practice as an Energy Psychology Coach. 


Sandstone Block carved by C.J.Jung representing four dimensional space.







Behavioral Sciences Board
Approved Credentialing Courses




  Diploma in Energy Psychology Life-Work Coaching  
Diploma in Energy Psychology Coaching Graduates receive a Diploma and are entitled to use the post-nominal letters "Dip EPC." The Course takes a Quantum Energy Coaching and evidence-based psychological approach. (Approx. 38 hours study time)





Master Certified Life-Work Coach Course in Quantum Coaching
      Master Certified Quantum Coach Graduates receive Certification and are entitled to use the post-nominal letters "MCC QC" (Approx. 32 hours study time)

  Fast-tracked, E-Learning with Full Certification
for busy, qualified professionals..
  No Assessment or required ADD-ON coaching hours!!
  No Set Start or Completion time!

    Strictly Limited!- Scholarship Rates % 25 OFF
 -See below page ..




Graduates of the Diploma in Energy Psychology Coaching can apply for regional licensing rights to deliver the Master Quantum Coach Certification Course in their region/market.


  Quantum Energy Coaching Course Content Modules >  



Life Transformation Tools




What is Energy Psychology Coaching (EPC)?

The operating principles of Quantum Energy Coaching have been developed over recent years primarily from the field of evidence based psychology, neuroscience and quantum science.

(Note: The Energy Psychology Coach Diploma Course includes some additional psychological insight and has an exclusive, private, 1to1, videoconference training component with Dr Zeus.)


We are standing on the brink of a scientific revolution – the emergence of new transforming science that dismisses everything we once believed about how our world and our bodies work.
 We have entered the domain of the Quantum Energy Field.
This dynamic energy field engulfs us completely, it is essentially a central operating engine that directs the growth and development of our being.


The energetic facts of life.

Quantum Science informs us that the quantum field is the underlying fabric of reality. We are not limited to flesh and bone but are multi-dimensional energetic beings. We are beings of light in constant reception of packets of energy that then feed the choices we make. Most people are simply living so much less than who they truly are by unknowing how to harness their energy and the energy surrounding them to build a bigger and brighter future.

Our experience forms our identity.
Quantum Science explains how we only exist through our experiences and if we do not interact with anything we do not exist.

Einstein once said: “. . the field is the only reality.”

Quantum Physics

The talented pioneers of quantum physics discoveries (including Albert Einstein) were extraordinary and transformational. They challenged the then revered, basic laws physics and biology. Through their scientific experiments they were able to show that indeed, the Quantum Energy Field is an essential life force that streams through us and the universe continuously. Their vision is life-enhancing for all of us.


We now know that we are not on the outside of the universe. Rather, we exist within this vast intelligent energy web as a vital, connected part of it. And this includes how our mind develops, our body undergoes healing and our future.  

Why the need for these unique Courses?
We are all members of the Quantum World where most of us have yet to learn how to unlock our quantum energy powers..
Imagine a realm where limits don't exist and your potential is infinite.
How to use a Quantum Shift to unlock the power of your Future Self and elevate your reality.. 
Here are some examples of the unlimited range of quantum leaps people aim for:
How to fulfil your potential.
How to become the person you wish to be.
How to harmonize your powers, emotions and energy for a revitalized life.
How to develop a limitless mindset.
How to cultivate a vision that transcends the ordinary.
How to spark creative energy every day.
How to unleash trapped energy/strength within.
How to harness empathetic power to lead, relate and connect more deeply.
How to use the transformative power of your own energy to heal yourself and others.
How to find balance and prioritize self-care -nurture your well-being.
How to unleash your creative expression and let your unique voice be heard.

Ultimately the goal for all of us is to live our best life—physically, mentally and spiritually.

In today's troubled world, there is a growing collective need by people to learn how to empower themselves to a purposeful, fulfilled existence -Now! -not towards the end of their journey when they may or may not see "the way"..

Accessing the right, higher level, developmental knowledge and tools to best equip us on our personal journey can be a daunting experience. Hence the need for this unique, empowering course and our graduates who are qualified to use the latest quantum breakthrough tools to guide people to build bigger and brighter lives.






- Mental Reality and Physical Reality (Parallel Realities).
- Awareness and aligning Intention and Attention
-the bridge between stimuli and consciousness.

The task of the quantum energy coach is to guide their clients how to self-coach themselves using consciousness (defined as awareness) to build a bridge to their next level of existence. This very special course shows you how to customize easy-to-use, quantum-neuro experiential exercises to facilitate each clients connection with the quantum (cosmos) field (the matrix of all possibilities).

'Self-directed neuroplasticity’.

Energy itself is just a modified expression of our consciousness. As we are consciousness, to best manage ourselves and our destiny, we need to manage energy at its source and synchronize our intentions and actions with the best suited energy fields available to us.

The Quantum Energy Coach empowers the client to self-coach themselves and reach their desired outcome/goal by using the course's 3P Quantum Formula and their customized QCode neuro-exercise (designed with their coach) anytime they have just six free minutes in a day eg; at work, before sleep, at school etc. Significant, lasting, measurable results occur within just 2 weeks.

Consciousness is also a dimension.
Observing the 'Self' from multiple perspectives provides us the doorway to using Quantum energy forces to create our desired reality.


Working in the Electromagnetic Energy zone.
First vital step is to clear our current state of mind of maladaptive emotions, fear. anxiety and insecurity. If we don't embody a positive, clear state of mind we simply cannot connect to our superconsciousness / Higher Self and access the Quantum Energy Field.


Conscious experience
Causality, past-future relations, learning, memory, cognitive processing, and goal-directed actions all evolve from conscious experience. Conscious experience is modelled by Einstein’s special theory of relativity.


STEP 1. WORKING with our ELECTROMAGNETIC FIELD (EM) using a psychological approach -as detailed in the Master Quantum Energy Coach Course.

Einstein's E= mc2 formula provides us the first step to the Quantum Energy Coaching Process.  Quantum Coaching defines the formula as:


E = Energy (Emotional and Mental Energy), 

m indicates Motivation  

c signifies Cognition. Motivation gives impetus to cognition and together they are responsible for the consequent energy level. 
signifies that there is an empowering increase in energy that is released via motives and follow-on cognition to be effective in the faculty of real change / achieving a new, desired reality.

Energy -our driving force.
(Actions and Thoughts are driven by Emotions with attached Beliefs and Attitudes that carry positive or negative energy fields. As we use positive or negative emotional energy / adaptive or maladaptive emotions a
t any given time -energy acts as our direction force. Emotional Energy and Mental Energy (your ability to participate in cognitive work/thinking) is the conduit to the brain-mind-body connection and also acts as a symptom of our state of mind -our problems, concerns, issues, well-being, mental and physical health etc.)   


Motivation. Motivation is defined as the energizing of behavior in pursuit of a goal.


Cognition involves
mental energy powering perception (viewing a situation from different points) attached to memory with follow-on processes like self-awareness, decision-making and problem-solving. In addition, cognition
also takes into consideration the situational environment / context and other people's behavior.



STEP 2. WORKING with the QUANTUM FIELD (QF) -our Quantum Self using neuroscience and a neuro-psychological approach  -as detailed in the Diploma in Quantum Energy Coaching and Energy Psychology Courses.


Connecting to a Higher level of Consciousness to draw 'aware' energy from the Quantum Cosmos Field.


Becoming one with the unified Energy Field (where everything is connected as per Einstein’s Unified Field Theory).
- Using the course's powerful, proprietary
Q Energy Codes the coach guides the client to move beyond their conscious and subconscious minds to their superconscious state and influence the fabric of reality. As the client raises their energy levels, they open the door to to becoming one with the unified field. This powerful 'aware' energy, in turn, attracts more of the same energy.


'Knowing' versus rational knowing with direct knowing. -The discovery of presence.

When you experience the mind as pure consciousness you experience 'knowingness', the very element of knowing. It’s as if space collapses -it is limitless. Only when you access this deeper level of consciousness can you separate from your physical self.


The Quantum Field doesn't just give you access to ideas, it gives you access to answers to deep questions. There is a teacher within and about us, waiting to be asked.


This proven, science-based, easy-to-learn coaching methodology helps people create a fast-tracked gateway to unlocking their full potential and experiencing a profound transformation.


Bottom Line: Course students can benefit for themself and by working with clients!


NOTE: Limited Course Places. Enrol today to help all people (from 7 to 70+) transform their life by building a bigger, brighter better future.,




"Everything is energy and everything is because of energy” is the key to understanding all of life and how to change it.


  See: Quantum Energy Coaching Course Content Modules >  
    Outstanding! Dr Zeus's comprehensive course is full of case studies and presented in a practical, easy way to understand. It's everything I need, plus more! Thanks for the invitation!
- J. Leigh (Diploma Graduate)
    Quantum Energy Coach Training Courses

Fast-tracked E-Learning for individual practitioners with Full Certification.



Have instant access to the world's most valuable, comprehensive
 Coaching Practice Manuals!
 (Over 700 pages)

MCC Course: Distance Learning. Estimated 32 hours of course content and work -depending on the student’s available time frame and learning style.

Diploma Course: Distance Learning -Estimated 38 hours of course content and work -depending on the student’s available time frame and learning style. Similar course structure as MCC Program -but greater depth.

The world recognized, fully Accredited, Credentialing Courses include:
  Comprehensive E-Course Manuals
Modules containing exercises (and answers). With Optional Video Support
Coach’s Tool Kit (Forms, Sample Client Contracts, Marketing templates, Checklists etc)
Regional Group To Interact With Other Coaches
Optional Practice Role Play Sessions
Certified Quantum Coach Logo, ICC membership logo & Gold Seal Services Badge
Optional One Full Year Support and More
80 Dynamic Lessons
24 Coaching Inventories, Checklists, and Assessments.
22 Coach Checklists
152 Coaching Tips
Coach Starter Information
24 Client Inventories and Checklists
20 Case Studies
Countless useful industry and scientific resources and readings to draw from.
Back-Up Support and Access to world’s leading coaching experts
These sessions support your knowledge of both theory and coaching techniques, enriching your coaching practice and cohort discussions.



  Some Course Outcomes:


How will I and my clients benefit by my enrolment in this course and what is the market opportunity for Quantum Energy Psychology Coaching?

Quantum Energy Coaching is scientifically proven as today's most powerful, TRANSFORMATIVE coaching methodology.

Identifying life's obstacles and opportunities, paving the way for personal growth. 

Quantum energy coaching is suited for professionals who want to use evidence-based strategies to help others flourish and reach their goals.

You will be provided the science and art of how to unlock Quantum Energy -the force field of our life.

You will acquire an easy-to-follow personal development roadmap and tools that provides unlimited benefits for individuals who are seeking to realize their potential, pursue peak performance and live a full life on purpose.

Quantum coaching allows you to explore the critical impact of energy on motivation and willpower. Inefficient thinking and action helps cause stress and lowers energy levels.

You will learn how to coach clients using easy-to-use, practical, self-empowering neuropsychological techniques that boosts targeted energy levels, associated neural patterns and better aligns their brain-mind-body mechanisms.

Clients report, after just a few minutes of regular use, decreased impulsivity and anxiety, better mental clarity, more restful sleep, improved mood, and a host of other health, performance and well-being benefits.

Obtain advanced, easy-to-use Quantum brain-mind-body coaching tools that have been consistently reported in the latest research to be most effective available for generating lasting, powerful life change.

Rapid transformational change within 14 days.

When your clients unlock their Positive Energy Powers, even in the most challenging day, their experience of the world immediately becomes profoundly more vivid, exciting and fulfilling in every way.  

And from that moment forward, they will be able to experience: greater self awareness, control of their future, perspective, accomplish more in less time, improved emotion regulation, enhanced physical and mental health and be able to tap into deeper sources of energy and experience a profound sense of wellbeing..

This unique, leading-edge coach training course will enable you to help clients, quickly and easily, establish their true self and unlock their potential and the required energy levels to sustain them through the challenges of life and accomplish more with new peak energy levels.

Quantum coaching needs to be administered by a qualified coach who not only understands the underlying basic science to design effective interventions but also to explain to their clients why the intervention will work for them.

More than ever, there is a critical need for coaches today to update their toolkit, knowledge and skills sets and take a contemporary, science-based approach  – e.g. awareness of the whole person including the brain-mind-body connection, energy continuum, all levels of consciousness and unconsciousness, and the ability to engage with the past, present and future (as now used by Harvard and Stanford Universities) versus employing outdated context for coaching.


  Since 1994 Dr Perry Zeus has helped tens of thousands of our graduates around the world achieve success by applying the scientific principles and methods of the applied behavior sciences to the development of instructional content and tools.  
More specifically, we use leading-edge, learning and development exercises, goals and specific measurable objectives to teach the discriminations necessary to ensure that the learning objectives are achieved.
Making a difference!!

You too, can obtain the latest evidence-based, best-practice development strategies and tools and internationally recognized certification to place yourself ahead of your peers.

"Are you ready to help clients tap into the limitless possibilities of the quantum field and also create a profound transformation in yourself?

Apply for a strictly limited place in our invitational courses today! Some regional scholarships still available.


 Course Course Content Modules
    Course Registration Form (below page)


Global E-Learning Division..


Clients include:





      Admission Process

RESERVE your place now!

Note: - The ICC* restricts the number of Accredited Quantum Coach Certifications available via this Accelerated Credentialing Program Format.

Why should you get certified and accredited as a Quantum Energy Coach?

Increase your confidence and achieve better results working with a wide range of interventions with clients from all positions, of all ages. A Diploma in Quantum Coaching equips you to use advanced change tools with the competence required to even work with complex issues.

Upgrade your expertise
Enjoy the confidence that comes from knowing how to provide cutting-edge, world-class services, and from having obtained proven, evidence-based change tools and techniques to help your clients.

Amplify your professional credibility
Quantum Energy coaching is now acknowledged as the leading, science-based coaching model by today's neuropsychological profession. With increased visibility and use, also comes increased scrutiny. When you get certified, it tells your clients and referral sources that you've achieved a level of knowledge and mastery. And it will be easier to get business.

Note: Strictly Limited Number of Course Places Available per Semester per region.

International Student Selection Criteria
Limited Student Quota per semester

The Institute’s advanced, internationally recognized coach training courses are invitational and not an open program to all. For over 25 years the Institute has maintained an exceptionally high level of student post-course success due to the high quality of our courses and control over our student enrolment profile by enforcing high entrance standards.

Student entry standards and quotas are imposed to ensure graduates: (a) are able to represent the Institute’s name (via our professional coach certification) at the highest level and, (b) possess a high degree of professionalism, competency and commitment to helping all people build a bigger, brighter future.

  Admissions selection is administered by the Institute’s International Student Selection Panel.

Note: To reduce the application processing time for our hugely popular Quantum Energy Coaching Course (we receive dozens of applications and inquires from around the world each day) a small number of select international applicants are now able to bypass the telephone interview process and have their application directly submitted to the Institute's Section Panel for consideration. The Panel may request additional references or support material from an applicant to assist them in confirming the person's suitability.

* ICC -The internationally recognized International Coaching Council is the world’s premier professional accreditation body for professional coaches (established 1998). A Quantum Master Coach graduate automatically gains prestigious membership of the ICC.




Call Request Option


- Below Application Form for Course Invitation -

  **Special Semester
25% Off Scholarship Rate



   Step 1.-Select applicable Course Rate (FULL Certification -no exam or post-course supervision required)     
Step 2. - Next, complete the Personal Details Section of the Form below page...then Submit. 


               Self-Paced, E-Learning          

Master Certified Coach Course - "MCC QC."

Diploma in Energy Psychology Coaching -"Dip EPC."

  Learn to use proprietary, proven Quantum Energy Psychology Models of Change (employing the latest: evidence-based change technology from the fields of Quantum Physics, Neuroscience and Neuropsychology).
: The Change Models and Tools provided are only available through this course.


Accredited Full Certificate Courses: 

 *Note: Strictly Limited Number of Fast-Track E-Learning Places Available.
 - The ICC* restricts the number of Accredited Quantum Master Coach and Diploma
 Certifications available via this Accelerated Credentialing Program Format.




Corporate Training Options:

  1.    Request In-House Corporate Group Training Quote for below selected Certificate courses (Min 12, Max 24 persons).  
  2.   See below Energy Psychology Course: 'How to Create a Desired Future with New Results today' Course for persons working in Organizations.  



Individual Certificate E-Courses
-conducted by our International Distance Learning Division





  30th Anniversary International SCHOLARSHIP SPECIAL
- This Semester Only !!

Over 25% OFF (Same Course and Certification as USA).

*** Please note that Course Places at the Special Anniversary
 International Scholarship Rate will shortly close 'full'.



MCC. Master Certified Quantum Coach Course



MCC. Master Certified Quantum Coach*


  Coaching Fundamentals plus
- Coaching in the Electromagentic (EM) Field -Thinking, Emotions
Coaching in the Quantum Energy Field (QF) -Super consciousness

 Scholarship Rate


    * Receive a Certificate and the post-nominal letters:
"MCC. QC" - Master Coach,

Diploma Level - (includes above Master course modules -plus more)

Energy Psychology
  Diploma *

-1to1 with Dr Perry Zeus

* Exclusive to Diploma Level!
a 1-to-1, pre- or post-course mentoring session and a 1-to-1 practice support session (role-playing nominated case scenarios) with Dr Perry Zeus -via private, live videoconference.

-YES! I understand that the course is Strictly Limited: Enrolment Process includes an introductory telephone call with Dr Zeus to discuss your learning goals before your application can be considered.
 $us4850.00 Standard Rate. Also for Organizations.
 -In-House People Development
- 'How to create a Desired Future with New Results today' E.P. Diploma Course
  $us3650.00 Special 30th Anniversary Rate.
Private Practice
Course version -covers personal & professional client development. Includes above Master Coach Course Modules plus additional Quantum Consciousness Course Study Modules plus 1-to-1 course mentoring sessions with Dr Zeus.
BONUS 1: Yes!  I wish to receive FREE the Professional Coach Practice Toolkit and Resources Library (over 300 pages). Value $us1,295.00
BONUS 2:* Yes! I would like the option to apply, in the future, for a License to teach the Master Certified Quantum Coach Course in my region. License fee depends on the size of territory applied for.


* Receive a Certificate acknowledging your 1to1 training with Dr Zeus
and the post-nominal letters:

"Dip EPC" - Diploma Energy Psychology Coach

Note all Graduates automatically become lifetime ICC Members.
Our International Distance Learning School (Faculty Head: Dr Perry Zeus) oversees delivery of all E-Courses. The Division, now based in Australasia and Singapore, has provided advanced courses for over 30 years in 60 plus countries to over 7,000 graduates.

 - Your Short Statement/Reason why you have requested the
above Special Anniversary International
Scholarship 25% Off Rates



*Note: For your security, Course Fees are made by Bank Transfer/Wire.






1.Self Paced Study. No set starting or completion time. Students can begin and end their Self-Study (Reading and Exercises) at their time of choosing. Duration: typically 4-6 weeks part-time home study. Certificate is automatically forwarded to the student when they notify the Institute that they have completed their Self-Study.
2. No assessment or post-course supervision / additional training hours is required as this is an invitational (via submission of this Form), accelerated learning Program for busy people developers who are time constraint and have a track-record of people development..
. There is no renewal fee as the Certificate is perpetual (no expiry date).

  ** Certification. At the end of the program the Certificate/s are issued and the graduate's name is then listed on the global Master Coach Register administered by the International Coaching Council (ICC) -Plus the graduate automatically gains prestigious ICC membership..





    Yes! -Please submit my Quantum Energy Coaching Course
 Application to the Institute's Selection Panel

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- References (Biz or Personal):

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