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  " Thanks for the invitation Dr Zeus! Your course was more than I could ever expect!  Post course, the life changing results for my clients and practice are just so incredibly rich and transforming -and just keep on coming!"
Marion Jones (Graduate, 2024).

"I have frequently seen people become neurotic when they content themselves with inadequate or wrong answers to the questions of life. They seek position, marriage, reputation, outward success of money, and remain unhappy and neurotic even when they have attained what they were seeking. Their life has not sufficient content, sufficient meaning. " C. Jung






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 Course Notes on Quantum Medicine, Health & Healing 
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Quantum Energy Coaching marks a groundbreaking fusion of quantum mechanics and the behavioral sciences. This exciting field exploits the latest quantum science research and applied behavioral sciences tools in revolutionary ways. Pioneering techniques like Q Energy Code tools showcase the potential to achieve faster and far more efficient life change.

Today, Quantum Energy Coaching is pushing the boundaries of what’s achievable.

"This very special course book is about how to gain control of your life and health. It explains how we communicate with the atoms of our body and the universe we are a part of. Everything is made up of atoms, so if you would like to be given tools to help yourself and others recreate who they are through the atoms of our body, then this course is for you."
-ICC Coaching Report 2024

Quantum Energy Coaching Course Content Modules >


emotion focused coaching course,  emotion coaching, emotion course, emotion coaching, emotion, emotion coaching course
  COACH TRAINING COURSES in QUANTUM ENERGY COACHING with an evidence based psychological approach..

Quantum Medicine, Health & Healing 




" What the universe is and what you can be requires a quantum answer."


  Our inner potential makes us who we are.

  Everyone's life is guided by an inner potential. 
  Our deep need to actualize it are what makes us human. 
Quantum physics is the psychology of the universe and shows us that we only exist because an underlying invisible field of energy defines our potential.

Our infinite potential energy.
In simple, practical terms, we are all able to access
the Quantum Field's energy potentiality that we are part of and acting in us. Through using our levels of consciousness we can construct a desired quantum self-image and quantum future-image. Essentially we are creating our 'selves'. Of course, spiritual teachers of all times have told us that God is in you. But to discover today's science’s description of the invisible Quantum world redefines the playing field.

Emerging research shows that quantum mechanical processes take place in our cells.
This new world is the missing link that you’re searching for, whether you’re a health practitioner, or someone trying to optimize your own health and your family’s.

Coaching Bottom Line: Quantum energy coaching capitalizes on today's revolutionary quantum science and tools enabling us to process physical/reality changes in rapid, novel ways..





  The solution how to best understand Consciousness and it's connection to the Quantum Energy Field requires a “psychophysical" approach to the relationship between mental/mind and physical/matter processes. To this end our course includes relevant new research findings from the fields of quantum physics, neuroscience and neuropsychology.




In order to help people move to who they wish to be, what SELF they wish to occupy and their desired future, we must help them to become observers and designers of their particular ways of being.


1. Quantum Physics.
What scientists discovered is nothing less than astonishing! At the very core of our human bodies, we are NOT essentially a group of chemical reactions, but a being of coordinated electromagnetic charges within a Quantum Energy Field.

2. The Present and our Future
Today's rapidly changing world is pu
tting unprecedented demands on us. Increasingly, people are simply not reacting very well to the quantum overload of life today.

The modern world is in the grip of a crisis of self-identification and meaning. More and more people (of all ages and positions) are becoming emotionally drained, stressed, tense, anxious, overwhelmed, lost in over thinking, worried, depressed, alienated and becoming run-down through low resilience levels etc. These are all signs that the brain-mind-body connection is being weakened by loss of energy and disrupted circadian rhythms.

Today's revolution in understanding the way our consciousness works and the nature of consciousness. The mysterious nature of consciousness has profound importance, with human development, productivity, creativity and existential, medical and spiritual implications.

Consciousness is not generated by the brain nor is it a by-product of the brain. However, our conscious experience first begins in the brain.
More and more consciousness researchers, brain scientists, psychologists, and psychiatrists uphold the concept that Consciousness exists beyond the brain.
The brain is a macroscopic quantum system that is connected to the universal consciousness / quantum field., yet most people have only been taught how to use it exclusively as a biochemical system.

There’s a fundamental part of reality that is not just mind (e.g. thoughts) nor just matter (e.g. physical things).

Energy is Life!
- And, the energy source we use directly affects the quality of our existence!!

Our conscious thoughts and emotions directly affect our physical world while our higher levels of consciousness and intentions actively interact with and shape the Quantum Field. Our superconsciousness (our 'Higher Self') has the potential to influence the fabric of reality in ways we're only beginning to grasp.


Through this unique course you will learn the underlying science to Quantum Energy Coaching (in basic language) and be provided with easy-to-use change models and tools to empower clients how to direct Energy Fields, in and around themselves. Some of the unlimited number of client benefits include:

  Creating a new, desired reality. Self Knowledge. Potential fulfilment. Sustainable High Performance. Reduced Stress, Anxiety. Better Health, Well-being. Self-Healing. Becoming the best person you can be.




"There is no limit to the range of client needs that Quantum Energy Coaching is effective for, from healing ourselves to creating the life we would prefer."
- R. Johansson (Graduate)


Quantum Energy Coaching Course Content Modules >


Background -THE SCIENCE.

Our Brain has two Energy Networks - the
Electromagnetic Field (EM) and Quantum (Cosmos) Field (QF).

Working in the Electromagnetic Energy Field to clear our current state of mind of any maladaptive emotions, fear. anxiety and insecurity.

We are all least insightful when we are held down by negative emotions, feelings, beliefs, attitude. To connect to our superconsciousness / Higher Self and access the Quantum Field of possibilities and knowledge we first need to have a positive, clear state of mind.

Background Notes:
The Human Body produces a limited (4-5 feet/1.5m)
Electromagnetic field

Our “bodies” are actually made up of four distinct energy parts— emotional, mental, spiritual and of course physical.
It's the electromagnetic vibrational phenomena that moves our muscles and powers our heart and brain.

Electromagnetic energy in the brain enables brain matter to create our consciousness and our ability to be aware and think. When feel emotions, think or do any action which is connected with our mind, our mind and heart gives off EM waves. The bio-magnetic fields of the body, though extremely tiny, can be measured. The study of the body's biofield is an active area of research with potential applications in fields such as biofeedback.

Emotions and follow on thoughts carry energetic frequencies / vibrations. 
houghts and Emotions have waves and produce electromagnetic effects. Emotions are energy. Thoughts are energy. Energy has weight and movement. Emotions and thoughts have weight and movement.


Using positive emotions helps the brain release chemicals that support healing and well-being.
By increasing awareness of what we are “feeding” the command center, we can be intentional about what we allow in, what we give permission to spread to the rest of the body,


To upgrade our potential and get different results, we must change the emotional drivers for our thoughts and our view of ourselves. To ask ourself  - ‘What Energy Field is driving my thinking and actions? "

The human body is also made entirely of quantum (cosmos) fields, just as everything else is made entirely of quantum fields. Humans are made of “quanta” (highly unified energy bundles) with the EM field  holding things together.

Quantum (Cosmos) Field.

Background Notes:
The Quantum Field (QF) is
the underlying fabric of reality.
the heart of quantum physics lies the concept of the Quantum Field. This is not merely a theoretical construct but a foundational aspect of our universe. Recent research suggests there are 24 or more fundamental quantum fields (depending how they are grouped).

The world is fundamentally governed by quantum rules. Such as;
Reality is an infinite field of possibilities, potentialities and probabilities.
Quantum biology explains how the mind affects matter,
Our bodies and minds are governed by a confluence of classic and quantum laws of physics. 
Consciousness originates at the quantum level inside neurons, rather than the conventional view that it is a product of connections between neurons.

In this new science / methodology, our consciousness enables a “transcendent function” through which a person can connect with both physical and metaphysical realities.

The brain-mind-body relationship between conscious thoughts and physical actions.
The evolved physical brain, according to neurophysiologists, is not a deterministic machine. The science of the mind-brain system informs us that choices can be made on analyzing alternate paths. The brain becomes a mixture of different developing possibilities until the super consciousness awareness state is reached where, clarity and new information is obtained by our conscious mind which then jumps to new forms/understanding and a choice occurs of action and outcome.

Creating a Desired Future.
-Helping a Client receive guidance and self-knowledge from their Higher Self and the Quantum Field.
hrough guided role-play, using selected case scenarios, the Quantum Energy Coach directs the client through different layers of consciousness and time (from the present, past and future and back to the present). These experiences, via Visualization and Self-Dialogue, are so sensory that when a person comes out of it, they know what they next need to do and what will happen because they have already lived it/experienced it with all their senses.

Becoming one with the unified Energy Field (where everything is connected as per Einstein’s Unified Field Theory). Note: Energy is eternal and that nothing ever truly disappears — it just changes form.

As we raise our energy levels, we open the door to to becoming one with the unified field. This energy, in turn, attracts more of the same energy,

It’s important to remember that the power of the mind is just one piece of the puzzle. We also need to take follow-on action in the physical world to actuate our desires into fruition. By combining the power of our thoughts and emotions with purposeful action, we can create the life we truly want.








  Copyright: Dr Perry Zeus



Quantum Energy Coaching Course Content Modules >  


Take Yourself and your Clients to the Next Level and Beyond!!

Everything is energy and everything is because of energy” is the key to understanding all of life.


Simply put, Energy means that:

  1. Ultimately everything is interconnected – nothing is truly separate or isolated within the whole universe.
  2. Everything that happens does so because there is an energy making it happen – there is nothing random, by chance.
  3. We are energetic beings with energy passing through us 24/7 and we possess a sixth sense that is constantly feeling everything.
  4. Every choice has a consequence – our body's energy levels are affected by our behavior and vice versa.
  5. To realize our potential and find a higher path to our life requires being aware of the quality of energy we are choosing to live from – for it is this which gives us the quality of our thoughts, movements, behavioral patterns and choices.
Some popular practice specialities of our graduates include (in no particular order):
  1. Medicine, Health, Healing (see below example)
  2. Longevity
  3. Well-being, Anxiety, Stress, Fear
  4. Family, Children and Youth
  5. Leadership, Executive, Workplace
  6. Enhancing Performance, Productivity, Creativity
  7. Sports
  8. Personal development
  9. Life transition
  10. Spirituality

Consciousness Expansion
Accessing our Energy Fields by our superconscious state (our highest level of consciousness) connects us to a higher state of being and physical functioning
. For instance, when you find yourself in a flow-state or “in the zone” you are tapping into the superconscious potential. This is the space where rapid personal growth and physical health transformation occurs. It is a guide/roadmap to our desired Future Self.


This very special course shows you how to customize easy-to-use, quantum-neuro experiential exercises to facilitate each client's connection with the quantum (cosmos) field (the matrix of all possibilities).

As the client raises their energy levels, they open the door to becoming one with the unified electromagnetic and quantum energy fields. This powerful 'aware' energy, in turn, attracts more of the same energy.


How it Works in Practice!
Quantum-neuro decoding experiential coaching sessions.

Guided by the Practitioner / Quantum Energy Coach the client moves through different stages of consciousness enabling the brain and quantum information processing system to develop and anchor new neural internal connections empowering desired behavioral patterns / future outcomes.

Empowering the Client to Self-Coach
Upon conclusion of the experiential sessions the client is taught how to easily reinforce and practice the new Self/Behavior to actuate the desired Future.


In Quantum Medicine a change in consciousness can produce a profound healing of the body, such as spontaneous remissions (see below page). These extraordinary forms of healing are related to understandings of quantum physics and of consciousness.


    Quantum Medicine
  Quantum Medicine, Quantum Health, Quantum Healing.
 - How to transform the Human Body and shifting your viewpoint from the physical to the quantum.
 - A form of mind-body medicine - Tuning into your vital energy in order to heal your body.
How does it work?

In the name of progress, the medical scientific paradigm must constantly evolve. Medicine / Health sector is a transdisciplinary field that is constantly updated with the latest knowledge from other scientific fields.


Energy, the driving force behind good and ill health
"Lack of energy is a typical symptom for most major diseases, like heart disease, many types of cancer, autoimmune diseases.." -Harvard Medical School. It follows that a growing body of scientific research is beginning to confirm that “​all disease is lowering of one’s energy.” A low psycho-emotional state affected by negative emotions actually causes our life energy to shrink​.


Background Notes:
Quantum medicine is considered energy medicine. Our body is not only matter but also vital energy. If that vital energy is disturbed or blocked, it will not only cause mental and physical discomfort but it can also bring diseases into the body.


In Quantum Medicine a change in consciousness can produce a profound healing of the body, such as spontaneous remissions. These extraordinary forms of healing are related to understandings of quantum physics and of consciousness.

Quantum physics provides a scientific explanation for the manner in which deep transformations in consciousness produce extraordinary forms of healing in the body.

Traditional medicine is based on a biochemical exchange. In quantum medicine, it is the communication of electromagnetic information between the cells that can determine our health.

Today, Quantum Medicine is very real. Therapeutic actions of biophotons, redox molecules are part of effective medicine. A large part of modern medical treatments and imaging techniques are based on quantum physics eg; MRI and PET scans. Through the use of quantum dots, it is possible to detect intracellular events, track cell migration, map tissue and demarcation to name but a few of their capabilities. Thanks to the advent of nanotechnology, which is used to create the quantum dots, there are new ways to detect diseases and treat them.

The Quantum World is quickly becoming the "next big thing"!
The quantum supercomputer, which harnesses the power and complexity of the atomic realm will enter our lives over the next several years and be just as revolutionary as the transistor and microchip once were. It's unprecedented gains in computing power herald advancements that could change every aspect of our daily lives. There is not a single problem humanity faces that couldn’t be addressed by quantum computing.


Meanwhile, quantum science is bringing more and more other quantum elements to our lives. Thanks to quantum physics, we now have the use of products like iPhone, smart televisions, lasers, quantum energy generators, space navigation and many more.


There is a worldwide revolution taking place as more and more people learn how to tune into the quantum universe of infinite knowledge.

This unique course translates the latest science research in quantum energy into simple, actionable strategies for achieving individual fulfillment, peak performance, creativity, optimum mental health and enhanced wellbeing.

Quantum Energy Coaching is a third wave psychological approach (looking forward and not backward) to achieving sustainable, positive change in a short time frame.

The operating principles of Quantum Energy Coaching have been developed over recent years primarily from the field of evidence based psychology, neuroscience and quantum science.

For over 25 years, Dr Zeus's Institute has been internationally recognized as the leader in building the next generation of science-based, coaching change models and tools.

Quantum Energy Coaching Course Content Modules >


  CASE EXAMPLE: REMISSION and working with maladaptive emotions at play in a person's electromagnetic field and using the superconsciousness to actuate a desired future outcome..  

A complementary approach to existing medical treatment.
A growing number of people who are fighting cancer or a wide range of other health issues with a conventional medical treatment program are also using Quantum Energy healing as part of a holistic mind-body approach.

Understanding the molecular biology of cancer is already revolutionizing the way that cancer is treated and how people respond to treatment.

Some Background Notes:

All oncologists' report seeing spontaneous remissions and have a number of patients who have done very much better than expected.

There are many testimonies on the internet and in the media of people whose cancer went away by itself once they decided to change their mindset, diet and lifestyle.

Many medical practitioners regularly note that spontaneous remissions almost certainly result from the immune system's balance shifting toward less inhibition and more aggression with respect to the cancer. There's always inhibition against attacking one's own cells. There are also triggers for recognizing when cells have become cancerous, so that those cells can be destroyed. Sometimes something “wakes up” an immune system.

So how to bring about deliberate spontaneous remission of the cancer?

From the Quantum medicine perspective one of the most important things to do is address any and all life issues so that any emotional reactivity ceases. Other noted key factors can include; radically changing the diet, embracing social support and developing strong reasons for living.

The 2 key steps in taking control of our health is:

  1. Increasing positive emotions and exchanging or releasing maladaptive or suppressed negative emotions. 
  2. Observing the 'Self' from multiple perspectives and accessing the Quantum Energy Field to create a desired reality.


Another key to any successful transformation is for the person under treatment distances themselves from any people looking to adversely affect; removing offending persons from their life who have negative power / a toxic influence over them.

Note: A number of recent Studies have confirmed that persons with a categorized low in emotional acceptance, awareness, clarity, or strategies to manage emotion were less likely to be fully remitted. This underscores the importance of a person’s positive reactions to new viewpoints/ideas versus fixed perceptions. Further studies have also found that persons who have difficulty managing stress, fear, anxiety, depression, loneliness, sadness, anger will have a lower chance of remission. Hence the need for those persons to first engage in emotion regulation exercises ie; working in the electromagnetic energy field.

Today, Quantum Medicine is very real.
Therapeutic actions of biophotons, redox molecules are part of effective medicine. A large part of modern medical treatments and imaging techniques are based on quantum physics eg; MRI. Thanks to the advent of nanotechnology, which is used to create quantum dots, there are new ways to detect diseases and treat them.

Meanwhile, science is bringing more and more quantum elements to our lives. Thanks to quantum physics there is a worldwide revolution taking place as more and more people learn how to tune into the quantum universe of infinite knowledge.

This unique coaching course translates the latest science research in quantum energy into simple, actionable strategies for achieving individual fulfilment, peak performance, creativity, optimum mental health and enhanced wellbeing.



  Quantum Energy Healing Course Content Modules >






Life Transformation Tools 

  "The highly attractive aspect of the tools presented in the course is that they are easy-to-learn, only require a very brief amount of time to practice daily by a client and can produce quick, transforming results" -D. Tyson (Dual Cert. Graduate)  
  Revolutionary Tools for Dramatic Mind-Body Change

Moving energy imbalances is the KEY to unlocking our BRAIN-MIND-BODY connection. When a client learns to access and move energy in an intentional way, through using the Q Energy Codes, they can create a real and lasting shift in their life into life mastery. Creating a new version of themselves.

Q Energy Codes are a set of proven principles and practices from Quantum Physics.

Energy Codes will help your clients build the new neurocircuitry to activate their higher brain centers, creative wavelengths and mind and body energy. 

Q Codes build the neurocircuitry to sustain this new Self through activating the key brain centers for generating higher level thinking and understanding.

In each course module, Dr Zeus provides easy-to-follow steps that equips you with a complete understanding of the practices, tools, and principles you need to help your clients activate their Energy Codes within just two transformational coaching sessions.

Course Objectives:

By gaining a limited place in this special course, you will learn:

  How to use proven, cutting-edge Quantum Energy Change Models and Transform the lives of people!

  Learn how to use evidence-based and research-tested behavior change models to: regulate and exchange behavior drivers, change unwanted behaviors, and stabilize positive behaviors that leads to greater life satisfaction.

 The Quantum Energy Coaching Course's experiential QCODE Tools and Exercises provides the structure to instantly establish a foundational platform to tune into the Quantum Field and receive its intelligence / knowledge..  

Course Methodology includes the below Q Energy Tools:

Q-Neuro Xperiential X-ercises:

Q Code proprietary
  Q-Neuro Xperiential X-ercises ™
- for the Brain an
d Mind.
Utilizing Q-Neuro Metacognition X-ercises ™
(Deep level / subconscious Metacognition Role-playing incorporating Direct Visualization, Self-Dialogue, Positive Memory Reconstitution and Mindfulness).

  NOTE: Carl Gustav Jung’s revolutionary views of the human mind are in perfect agreement with the discoveries of Quantum Physics, which, during the last century, also came as a shock, because they revealed the fundamental errors of Classical Physics and led to a radical change in the Western view of the world.
  Carl-Gustav Jung’s Analytical Psychology, embodied in the archetype structure, leads us to the view that there is a part of the world that we can’t see, a realm of reality that doesn’t consist of material things but of non-material forms. These forms are real even though they are invisible, because they have the potential to appear in our mind and act in it. This view of the world is identical with the ontology of Quantum Physics and is the foundational basis of Quantum Energy Coaching.

"Helping clients create a field of expanded possibility -accessing their highest potential and mode of living." -Dr P. Zeus

  Coaching Bottom Line: There is a “new alliance” between QUANTUM SCIENCE and coaching that is now taking place. We place our students at the forefront in the coaching world marketplace by providing them with world-best-class, cutting-edge, proven change models and tools that can help all people (no matter their age or position) transform their life by building a better future.  










Quantum Energy Life Coaching Course Content Modules >


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Key Principles to Quantum Consciousness >


Quantum (Cosmos) Field >




Some Course Notes:
→Some Takeaways from the Energy Psychology Course
→What is QEC - Quantum Energy Signature ?
What is the Conscious Mind, Higher Self, Super-Conscious and Quantum Knowing?
→What is Quantum Reality ?
→What is Quantum Transcendence ?
→What is Quantum Shifting ?














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