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Becoming a Quantum Energy Practitioner!






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SHAPING OUR REALITY / LIFE by learning how to Master Energy in and around us!     

A new paradigm for self-organization and emergence.
- How to help clients actualize their potential, what they need, what they desire..

This speci
al course uniquely provides the tools how to help clients use their super consciousness to actualize an event/outcome that exists as a "possibility" in the quantum sea of unlimited possibilities.


THE QUANTUM SCIENCE -Energy is all about possibilities

In quantum physics, energy is all about possibility or probability – that is, energy is not a defined something but rather is a probability than a precise number, measurement, set outcome. The technical science explanation comes down to the concepts of wave function -the form of the energy.

From a spatial perspective it can be described where different possibilities (or events or questions) are represented as subspaces, of varying dimensionality, in a multidimensional space.
We participate in the multi-dimensional universe in the form of our physical Avatar.

Collapse of the wave function
At the atomic level it can be best explained when we try to observe an electron, which acts in multiple states at the same time eg; both 'here' and 'there' simultaneously. It's only once we look at where it is that it will settle down into one or the other. This makes quantum physics all about probabilities. We can only say which future state an object is most likely to be in once we observe it in action. In other words, the very act of our looking determines the action/result. This has profound ramifications !!



Quantum physics is the psychology of the universe and shows us that we only exist because an underlying invisible field of energy defines our potential.

  Our inner potential makes us who we are. 
  Everyone's life is guided by an inner potential. 
  Our deep need to actualize it are what makes us human. 




STEP 1. Learning how to use our electromagnetic energy field (our bodies energy field).
Students acquire the methodology how to help clients align their behaviors with intentions and rapidly build required levels of Self awareness, emotional balance, and a clear, open mind to realize a desired future by harnessing their quantum field of energy.

  Quantum physics instructs us that emotions are derived from our perceptions of reality.
Note: Students also learn how to guide a client to use their electromagnetic energy field (our bodies energy field) to enhance performance, well-being, health and manage fear, anxiety, stress, depression and anger. In fact, the course's revolutionary life change methodology has an unlimited range of applications.

STEP 2. Working in the Quantum Energy Field.
The Language of Quantum Energy Metaprogramming -empowering our life code to rewrite itself.
What is the Quantum Energy Field and Superposition?
Superposition is a fundamental attribute of the quantum energy field that allows for the possibility of quantum parallelism -the condition in which an object can exist in multiple states / subspaces or configurations simultaneously.

The Quantum Field is a sub-atomic world full of endless potential states; multiple dimensional subspaces spinning in synchronicity that hold an infinite number of possible representations of alternate, reality actions / events / results including powerful, seemingly better versions of ourselves in desired future outcomes.

In the timeless Quantum Space all possible, alternate future space capsules / moments of a person's life exist. Each of us has the power through our super consciousness and associated actions to actualize a desired, probable future.

This process of endless potential states creates a quantum multiverse.

There are an infinite number of parallel universes containing every possible alternative choice you could have made or will make in your entire life (remember in quantum space time does not exist -there is no past, present and future). In fact, you are being constantly split at this very moment, fragmenting and splitting into subspaces containing an infinite amount of copies of you with every choice, every movement, and every action.

Why? Because essentially every interaction is at some level a quantum interaction ie; our conscious decisions leads to splits.

Note: It takes time for the brain to integrate all sensory inputs into a conscious experience of the world. Hence the need for most people to acquire a trained guide (quantum energy coach) to coach them how to:

  1. understand the quantum process of unlimited potential,
  2. learn how to use quantum methodology / tools and,
  3. provide support as they learn how to engage in their quantum life change process.


1. At any point in earth time, an object exists in an unlimited number of multiple, parallel quantum states / subspaces.

2. We cannot interpret reality and the quantum field without looking through the lens of consciousness.

3. The universe processes information about itself, and this self-processing gives rise to the structure and dynamics of reality (beyond the physical world) which we are a part of connected by our consciousness.

4. Our conscious experience arises from quantum phenomena in the brain. Our consciousness is not biochemical but quantum consciousness.

5. Consciousness arises when gravitational instabilities in the fundamental structure of space-time collapse quantum wave functions. Hence, our ability to use the gravitational weight / energy of our consciousness to collapse / unfold a desired future event from probable parallel realities in the quantum field.

6. The laws of physics can actually be seen as an expression of our minds.
Quantum physics provides the key to how consciousness works!
At any given moment, there’s a cloud of quantum activity associated with consciousness.
When we move to a heightened state of consciousness we are dealing with quantum-level consciousness that is across all time levels. This means our consciousness is connecting or entangling with the universe's quantum energy field outside our brain.
  The quantum infinite energy potential formula uses visualization, perceptual awareness and metacognition during movement through conscious levels to enable an ultra-rapid energy fluctuation that orchestrates brain binding with the quantum energy field and the creation of a new reality.  

Quantum Physics demonstrates that without a conscious observer quantum states remain uncertain and that consciousness plays a vital role in collapsing this uncertainty into reality.

It's about perspectives.

Humans share the same perspective, the same view on reality, how we see the world.  So, how would we know other perspectives / alternate realities exist unless we’re able to flick between different realities.


Note: Consciousness can be viewed as the white blank movie screen on which images, thoughts, feelings, sounds are played.


"Actualizing a subspace of a future outcome / result from the Quantum Field into reality is like going to the cinema where you can choose the ending of the movie while watching it or watching your life as a movie, where you can select how each scene plays out."  -Dr Perry Zeus


Our perspective or point of view subsequently changes as we learn to unfold a desired subspace into our physical world.

The singular, perspective frame by frame rate of the human mind is so low in speed compared to the manifold frame rate contained in the infinite Quantum Space where all possible equations reside in the quanta/atomic invisible world. The universe is operating at like 100 million billion frames — while we watch our life movie at say; 100 frames per second. Note: We can never see the true frame of reference in the universe because of the speed of light (299,792,458 metres per second).

Our infinite potential energy.
In simple, practical terms, we are all able to access
the Quantum Field's energy potentiality that we are part of and acting in us. By using our levels of consciousness we can construct a desired quantum self-image and quantum future-image. Essentially we are creating our 'selves'. Of course, spiritual teachers of all times have told us that God is in you. That said, quantum physics discovery of the science for the invisible Quantum world alongside the development of new neuropsychological change methodology redefines the playing field.

Coaching Bottom Line:

  Our basic physical reality is in fact an illusion.
Through Quantum Physics we are able to see behind the curtain of the physical world, our reality.

Space and time are a singular construct. It’s space x time. Quantum space time is a superposition: a quantum superposition of an infinite number of space times, all happening at the same time.

In the quantum realm space and time just doesn't operate the same way as in the visible, physical world.

Quantum energy coaching capitalizes on today's revolutionary quantum science and tools enabling us to process reality changes in rapid, novel ways..


 Quantum Energy Psychology Coaching Course Content Modules >>





 Energy is potential and the vehicle for Consciousness!
A higher state of quantum consciousness provides us a window into different ways of seeing, understanding and knowing how to become our desired Future Self fulfilling our purpose and potential. It is also the means to create a more desired Future today.

  Connecting to the Quantum Energy Field of possibilities where energy is potential that you can use to design your future!
Creating a changed reality (from the today's science-based perspective taken in this course) is about how to work with Energy (in and around us) to: a) achieve Self transformation and, b) rapidly achieve our goals using perceptual awareness and our levels of consciousness.

The solution how to best understand Consciousness and it's connection to the Quantum Energy Field requires a “psychophysical" approach to the relationship between mental/mind and physical/matter processes. To this end our course includes relevant new research findings from the fields of quantum physics, neuroscience and neuropsychology.



Our Particular Way of Being.


For centuries great artists, writers, musicians, sages, scientists, philosophers have all acknowledged accessing a higher presence, a source of knowledge and inspiration that transcends their everyday physical life.

Many great writers, philosophers and also religions state we are here to learn how to consciously channel the creative energy in and about us into physical form. This is our personal challenge and a source of wonder as each of us evolve. Our life's journey is all about discovering and exploring who we can become and what we can achieve.

What people do (and the results they produce) flows directly from “how they are,” their particular way of being. When they change their way of being, entire new possibilities for action appear which can produce dramatic, highly beneficial results.



In order to help people move to who they wish to be, what SELF they wish to occupy and their desired future, we must help them to become observers and designers of their particular ways of being.


  The need for trained specialist coaches using the latest, science-based Quantum Energy Transformational Coaching Change Models and Tools.

1. Quantum Physics.
Today, Quantum physics is arguably the greatest intellectual triumph in the history of human civilization, but to most people it seems like it's too remote and abstract to matter. This is largely caused by the hacking of the word 'Quantum' by some members of the esoteric community to label various types of alternate therapy and on the part of many physicists and pop-science writers who emphasize difficult to understand technical phenomena.

2. The Present and our Future
Today's rapidly changing world is pu
tting unprecedented demands on us. Increasingly, people are simply not reacting very well to the quantum overload of life today.

The modern world is in the grip of a crisis of self-identification and meaning. More and more people (of all ages and positions) are becoming emotionally drained, stressed, tense, anxious, overwhelmed, lost in over thinking, worried, depressed, alienated and becoming run-down through low resilience levels etc. These are all signs that the brain-mind-body connection is being weakened by loss of energy and disrupted circadian rhythms.

Side Note on our Past: Recent quantum research seriously calls into question whether there is a “fixed past.” Indeed, quantum physicists have expressed the firm conviction that the past doesn’t arise until the relevant objects are being observed in the present. Stephen Hawking said, “the past, like the future, is indefinite and exists only as a spectrum of possibilities.”






  3. One World
Today's revolution in understanding the way our consciousness works and the nature of consciousness. The mysterious nature of consciousness has profound importance, with human development, productivity, creativity and existential, medical and spiritual implications.

Quantum physics has now shown:

1. Consciousness is not separate from the physical world, but rather is an integral part of it.

2. Consciousness arises from the fundamental structure of the universe itself.

3. Consciousness is not generated by the brain nor is it a by-product of the brain. However, our conscious experience first begins in the brain.

More and more consciousness researchers, brain scientists, psychologists, and psychiatrists uphold the concept that Consciousness exists beyond the brain.
The brain is a macroscopic quantum system that is connected to the universal consciousness / quantum field., yet most people have only been taught how to use it exclusively as a biochemical system.

There’s a fundamental part of reality that is not just mind (e.g. thoughts) nor just matter (e.g. physical things).

  For two decades Carl Jung (1875-1961) and Wolfgang Pauli combined their efforts into looking for a "unifying element" to mind and matter. In his last years, Jung came to the conclusion that the psyche is not a product of the brain and is not located within the skull; it is part of and in harmony with the one-universe (one world) "deeper, non-material reality". Carl Jung referred to this fundamental reality as the “unus mundus” or the “one world'. In 1945 Pauli received the Nobel Prize for his studies on a basic principle of quantum mechanics. He is recognized as one of the fathers of quantum physics.
Today, quantum physics informs us our brain' s quantum-system functions enables us to receive information not only from our eyes and ears, but directly from the wider world with which we are “entangled”—nonlocally connected deeper,

Note: Human consciousness is not static, fixed once and for all. It’s the product of a long evolutionary development, and is capable of further development.



 Quantum Energy Psychology Coaching Course Content Modules >>

Quantum Mind or Quantum Consciousness -―the ultimate reality!


  Accessing the Quantum Energy Field
When accessing the quantum field our mind is elevated to becoming a co-creator of an evolving psycho-physical reality / physical universe. The quantum field provides us with a rationally coherent understanding of ourselves not as a mechanical cogs in a clockwork universe, but as free agents that actively participate in the unfolding of our collective future experiences.
The Quantum Energy Field has two roles; on the one hand describing how things are, and on the other describing what we know about how things are and about how they might be.
Life is a game of chance. Consciousness is a significant aspect of reality that can direct physical dynamics by providing choices.

In this new science / methodology, our consciousness enables a “transcendent function” through which a person can connect with both physical and metaphysical realities.

The brain-mind-body relationship between conscious thoughts and physical actions.
The evolved physical brain, according to neurophysiologists, is not a deterministic machine. The science of the mind-brain system informs us that choices can be made on analyzing alternate paths. The brain becomes a mixture of different developing possibilities until the super consciousness awareness state is reached where, clarity and new information is obtained by our conscious mind which then jumps to new forms/understanding and a choice occurs of action and outcome.

Using new octaves of consciousness -Consciousness Expansion
Accessing the Quantum Field by our
superconscious state (our highest level of consciousness) connects us to a higher state of being and functioning. For instance, when you find yourself in a flow-state or “in the zone” you are tapping into the superconscious potential. This is the space where rapid personal growth/transformation occurs. It is a guide/roadmap to our evolution, an infinite source of wisdom, inspiration and a source of limitless potential.


  The Quantum-Higher level Self (Q Self -our personal Energy Signature):

All humans have quantum resonances. To achieve optimum success in our lives we need to have our consciousness field resonating in harmony with the quantum field we are a part of. To also maximize our health we need to build a more harmonious relation with our quantum self (not just our physical self) and the quantum cosmos field.



Aligning a clear energy signature to effect a different reality.
he Q Self is in contact with our superconscious section of the mind (an expanded state of consciousness), which is untouched by the conscious or the subconscious thoughts, away from memory and intellect, it observes our cognitive mind aware and conscious. The superconscious is directly connected to the quantum cosmos field to transmit and receive its aware energy.

The superconscious state is the ignored state of mind that is the source of all creativity and limitless, unique impulses of intelligence, instinct, and intuitive energy. It provides flashes of insights or those eureka moments which all scientists, composers, writers, and artists unthinkingly and spontaneously attain when they go beyond the capacity of their cognitive, intellectual minds. Superconscious energy gives the mind that extra energy boost to discover futuristic discoveries and innovations; people get ideas far beyond their intellect.

The Q Self's Motivations are aligned with a higher purpose, driven by authenticity, personal growth, and making a positive impact on the world.




Re-running old mental programming of the past will not facilitate change or create better circumstances. Living from the past by the aid of our memory and our five senses changes nothing, because they will continue to give us the same operating patterns and therefore keep on materializing the same reality.

Our reality only materializes when we observe it and feel it.

Moving through layers of consciousness to openly receive knowledge and foresight.
he Quantum Energy coach directs their client through role-play how to use powerful, short Experiential Q Exercises that empowers them to self-coach themselves and move through levels of consciousness to reveal awareness/clarity on who they are and what to do to maximize their life potential.

Using superconscious and conscious perceptual awareness we can project and see ourselves in the reality we desire, and feeling the emotions that come with that reality, we can create a field of energy around us that can materialize that reality.

Creating a Desired Future.
-Helping a Client receive guidance and self-knowledge from their Higher Self and the Quantum Field.
hrough guided role-play, using selected case scenarios, the Quantum Energy Coach directs the client through different layers of consciousness and time (from the present, past and future and back to the present). These experiences, via Visualization and Self-Dialogue, are so sensory that when a person comes out of it, they know what they next need to do and what will happen because they have already lived it/experienced it with all their senses.

Becoming one with the unified Energy Field (where everything is connected as per Einstein’s Unified Field Theory). Note: Energy is eternal and that nothing ever truly disappears — it just changes form.

As we raise our energy levels, we open the door to to becoming one with the unified field. This energy, in turn, attracts more of the same energy,

It’s important to remember that the power of the mind is just one piece of the puzzle. We also need to take follow-on action in the physical world to actuate our desires into fruition. By combining the power of our thoughts and emotions with purposeful action, we can create the life we truly want.

- Quantum Energy Coaching offers a revolutionary approach to living the life we choose.
We are the creators of our own destiny, and our choices influence not only our life but also the lives of those around us. When we acknowledge that concept and pair it with quantum thinking techniques, we can elevate our mindset and approach change with an open and empowered mind; this is the power of conscious choice.  

Flexing quantum muscles to realize 'Purpose and Potential'

This process of changing a mindset helps a person become more self-aware and understand who they really are and what they’re looking for out of life. 

Unlocking the power of Quantum Energy leads to a place of boundless possibility, where a person can be fully invested in themself, their life and their path forward.


  Note: The practice of observing Self. Self-observation is the first step of using Quantum energy forces to create our desired reality. If you do not engage in the exercise of observing your Self, you will have your Self observed for you, by people around you and your environment. You will be without a personal compass to guide you.  
Personal and Professional Development

Helping people achieve their dreams and reach for the stars..
- Unlimited areas of application for all persons
- For emotionally healthy, successful people wanting to move to their next level of success or require a power boost to their performance and life satisfaction levels.
- For people who wish to: re-balance their life; find their purpose / true self; live a more fulfilling life; require help in reaching their goals...

 Corporate -Professional Development.
Over the last decade, Dr Perry Zeus's coaching methodologies and tools have been considered best practices by universities, law enforcement agencies, armed forces, hundreds of the world's top companies and private practitioners alike.

 Dr Perry Zeus's 'How to create a Desired Future with New Results today' - Quantum Energy Organizational Coach Training Program (version of the Energy Psychology Course  -See: Course Registration Form).
- Designed for organizations who desire to be ahead in their field by using groundbreaking, proven science-based principles to enhance employee productivity / performance, creativity, innovation and well-being.



Take Yourself and your Clients to the Next Level and Beyond!!

Everything is energy and everything is because of energy” is the key to understanding all of life.

The energetic facts of life.

We are not limited to flesh and bone but are multi-dimensional energetic beings. We are beings of light in constant reception of packets of energy that then feed the choices we make. Most people are simply living so much less than who they truly are by unknowing how to harness their energy to build a bigger and brighter future..

The list of ways that life can be beneficially transformed by applying the energetic truth are endless.


Simply put, Energy means that:

  1. Ultimately everything is interconnected – nothing is truly separate or isolated within the whole universe.
  2. Everything that happens does so because there is an energy making it happen – there is nothing random, by chance.
  3. We are energetic beings with energy passing through us 24/7 and we possess a sixth sense that is constantly feeling everything.
  4. Every choice has a consequence – our body's energy levels are affected by our behavior and vice versa.
  5. To realize our potential and find a higher path to our life requires being aware of the quality of energy we are choosing to live from – for it is this which gives us the quality of our thoughts, movements, behavioral patterns and choices.

Some popular practice specialities of our graduates include (in no particular order):

  1. Medicine, Health, Healing (Read More)
  2. Longevity
  3. Well-being, Anxiety, Stress, Fear
  4. Family, Children and Youth
  5. Leadership, Executive, Workplace
  6. Enhancing Performance, Productivity, Creativity
  7. Sports
  8. Personal development
  9. Life transition
  10. Spirituality
  Quantum Healing, Quantum Medicine, Quantum Health.
A common misconception is the belief that matter emits a field of energy. However, quantum physics conversely shows us there is an invisible field of energy that creates matter. It follows that if you can change the energy field then you can change matter. This is a key principle underlying the use of quantum energy for healing and health improvement.

Consciousness, the intelligent principle of the universe, is life itself. Thus, in mind energy healing, what rebuilds the cell and the consequent restoration of the sick person’s health is the patient’s consciousness. When we are able to direct our higher level of conscious awareness (life force), positive mental energy and emotional energy we are able to promote healing.

Humans are more than our physical field of organs and tissues. We have the capacity to reconnect with our bodies vibrating electromagnetic field
and the quantum energy field, which constituents all matter and space (including us), so we can maintain homeostasis (equilibrium, stability of all body systems).

Traditional medicine is based on a biochemical exchange. In quantum medicine, it is the communication of electromagnetic energy and quantum energy information between the cells that can affect our health. more>


 Quantum Energy Psychology Coaching Course Content Modules >>











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