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neuro self transformation, behavior change models, coaching methodology, behavioral change, neuro self transformation, coaching methodology, behavior change models,


 NEURO Master Certified Coach Course
Neuro Self Transformation (NST)




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neuro self transformation, neuro coach, behavior change models, coaching, neuro coach change,


brain change, change, master coach course, coaching, self transformation, methodology,


    neuro self transformation, coaching methodology, behavior change models, behavioral change,  
  "Neuro Self Transformation and the behavioral coaching model, pioneered over the last two decades by BCI's Zeus and Skiffington, integrates the most advanced research findings in the fields of neuroscience and brain-based learning into an elegantly simple and highly effective validated coaching process that is taught to the Institute's select students." 
-ICAA -Center for International Education Report.



Neuro Self Transformation (NST)
- 'Behavioral Exchange' Models

 Empowering people to reach peak personal / professional performance, well-being and an improved state of health.
Neuro Self Transformation
-The Self-Transforming Brain



Self-transforming brain
The self-transforming brain refers to the ability of the self to consciously change/modify the brain’s neural network (neuroplasticity) through structured mental activity in order to experience selected future events with a more positive outcome and a life with more happiness and fulfilment.  





The path for measurable, sustainable SELF TRANSFORMATION !

- Become the person you want to be!! Our very identity (the very essence of who we are) is enmeshed in our brain’s neural circuits.
 - When our mind changes, our brain changes, too. What flows through our mind sculpts our brain. Thus, we can use our mind to change our brain for the better--which will benefit our whole being, and every other person whose life we touch.

In this course you will learn how to use the Institute's proprietary Neuro Self Transformation methodology (Four Behavioral Change Models -see below page*) to activate these brain states, and rewire the brain --for greater performance, well-being, fulfillment and inner peace.

The Neuro Self Transformation methodology incorporates the principles of Neuro-Based Coaching -that involves helping people identify and manage their true self and their positive behavioral drivers that; a) produce the most effective results in either or both an organizational setting and their personal life and, b) enhance their well-being. As a result, clients become more knowledgeable about themselves and their world, as well as become more successful, healthy, vital, adaptive and happier. 

The five primary influences to Neurocoaching:

1) Neuropsychology / Neuroscience -the study of the relationship between behavior, emotion, and cognition on the one hand, and brain function the other.

2) Emotion Focused Approach how to become aware of and make productive use of emotions that control how we think and our actions.

3) Evolutionary Psychology - explains mental and psychological traits as the functional products of natural selection.
4) Cognitive-Behavioral Approach -how to enhance thinking skills, conceptual thinking and decision making e.g.; self-responsibility.

5) Solution-Focused Approach - focusing on solutions not problems e.g.; finding out what works and doing more of it and stopping doing what doesn't work and doing something else.

Neuro Self Transformation is an integrative solution-oriented approach to behavioral change primarily based on advances and research in the field of neuroscience.  Today, the fields of neuroscience and quantum science allow us to go well beyond just a cognitive approach (just changing how we think)! Traditionally change agents take a costly, time intensive cognitive approach (via training, coaching or therapy) that only provides limited results (50% to 60% success rate even when delivered by qualified psychologists). 

Brain plasticity
Todays behavioral science confirms that you can change your brain to become who you want to be
. The belief that we are the same one moment to the next, or one year to the next, is a delusion. Neuroscience shows us that the brain and body is constantly in flux and that there is no unchanging, fixed SELF. The ongoing breakthrough research in neuroscience provides us a blueprint how to teach people to easily access and exchange their primary behavioral drivers to obtain more sustainable, favorable outcomes.  

Self-perspective –through Self-exploration and Self-discovery -leading to Self Integration.
Achieving Self-Awareness.
Some of the basic components in the Neuro Self Transformation (NST) Change Models that allow people to exchange behavior patterns / modify their actions to develop themselves are:
Multiple Selves, Reframing, Directed Visualization, Self-Dialogue, Advanced Role-Playing, Mindfulness and the use of key Emotions –with the following key psychological principles: Self-Concept, Self Esteem, Self Identity and Working in the Conscious, Unconscious and Super Consciousness Zone etc
. Recent research in neuroscience has provided insights into the cognitive basis of these components.

* Neuro Self Transformation has 4 primary, fluid Models of Change, that can be used separately or together.
The Models of Change are all about discovering our true potential. A potential we may never possibly achieve, if we were not able to communicate with ‘Selves’ -to discover the ‘You’ that we were always meant to be.

The below 4 Proprietary Models incorporate evidence-based methods that bring about changes in neurological networks responsible for emotional self-regulation and adaptation. These proven Behavioral Change Models (developed and copyrighted by Dr. Zeus and BCI) are used by our Corporate, Government, Institutional and individual clients around the world and have been generating measurable, quick results for over 15 years.
 (1)     Emotional Smartness (ES) Change Model
     Emotional Needs (EN) Change Model
     Multi-Selves (MS) Change Model
  Self Imaging (SI) Update Change Model

Some key aspects of the Behavioral Exchange Models:

The ‘secret of our life’ and purpose of being -In Search of our True Self.
The "True" Self is the final level of awareness, it is peaceful, harmonious, and averse of dominating emotion.

Emotional Reactivity to stressful life events
Emotional balance is achieved by the free flow of information within the mind-brain-body system. Maladaptive emotions with attached negative beliefs block the flow of information/self-awareness resulting in lower than desired levels of well-being and performance. This then becomes a habitual response to specific life events as the brain establishes neural networks that become increasingly automatic and intractable.

The way to remove the blockage is to help the individual access and replace maladaptive emotion
al drivers with positive, resourceful emotional states/drivers.  NST repatterning of neural pathways is executed by way of supportive feedback in a calm, relaxed physical and mental state.

Emotional Awareness.
By using NST the client is not only shown how to restore the function of the prefrontal cortex during the change process but also empowered to self-regulate emotions so they don’t elicit unhelpful actions or habits. If people are not aware of the emotions driving their impulses then they can’t subjectively or cognitively control the impulse to their action. Hence why a mindfulness component of the Models helps them identify their impulses.

We cannot locate the source of our self as our brain does not have a specific location associated with the self. It is simply the height of emotional sensitivity or state of mindfulness where one is aware of what is happening as opposed to letting things dwell in the semi-consciousness as emotions driving behavior. Gaining Emotional Awareness allows us to see our environment without the baggage of assumptions, heuristics, and other cognitive biases. We can see what is actually in front of us and make clear decisions without unbiased perception that brings us closer to fulfilling our potential and purpose of being.

Fulfilling our potential -through NOT changing ourselves -but rather, to achieve the best outcome required today, exchanging Default Behavioral Drivers with Misplaced Drivers that have worked well our in the past ..

Through achieving authenticity by aligning our behavior with our vision of a successful outcome/future, we can permanently change our existing relationship to ourselves and satisfy a host of deeper needs. We can recognize default behaviors and even reclaim rejected, repressed, abandoned or misplaced parts of ourselves and integrate them into our essence, which is so crucial to our sense of well-being. Through challenging ourselves we can obtain self-knowledge and self-acceptance. And, by honoring all of our ourselves, we do not diminish the difficulty of our self-development -rather, we instead accept ourselves in all our human complexity.

All behavior models involve processes, most of them unconscious. NST’s 4 Change Models also helps clients understand the unconscious processes that combine to form particular behaviors. Once you and your client know exactly how and why they behave or feel certain ways in certain situations you can help them exchange relevant behavioral drivers so they can feel and act in a more positive and controlled way to produce desired outcomes.




Zeus’s Experiental Focus Attention Steps
Steps to Changing our Brain.
-Process to direct our attention to awareness of SELF

       – Sight, Sound etc

      – Wandering Mind


    - Deep slow breaths. Becoming calm, relaxed

    - Clearing away extraneous thoughts



   – Visualization


   - Changing Past Results

   - Being Present


    – Thoughts

Body Sensations

     – Self Change / Growth

  Improved Levels of Consciousness
Journey from Potential to Fulfillment

         Zeus Experiental Focus Attention Steps Model. ©





'The Father of Behavioral Coaching' -HR Review

My first books, published over fifteen years ago now, focused on providing an introduction to Behavioral Coaching and establishing a professional educational standard for the emerging coaching profession...
..Today, my Institute's Coach Credentialing Courses, contain the latest coaching methodology developed in association with some of the world's leading brain and mind experts.

The invitational, internationally recognized  courses are recognized as the world's leading, learning platform to obtain the latest neuro-behavioral change tools and coaching best practices.
-Dr Perry Zeus (recognized as one of the pioneers of the coaching discipline.) at the recent The Brain and Coaching conference.


The Institute's Master Certified Coach Course: How you will Benefit:

  • Obtain the most valued, industry-recognized certification by the world's elite professional coach educational
     institution (Dr Zeus's Behavioral Coaching Institute -established 1994).
  • Learn the specialized competencies and frameworks for world best practice coaching.
  • Learn how to employ the latest: evidence-based change technology (personal, group and organizational).
  • Master the skills of behavioral diagnosis, assessment and developmental planning
  • Identify the critical steps for building a professional behavioral change coaching program.


The Coaching Bottom Line:

Four Facts that separate the Institute's Masters-Level Course from any other:
1. You will learn how to apply the most powerful, validated change models, tools and techniques you need to change behavior.
2. You will positively achieve real sustainable, measurable change outcomes with your clients.
3. You will be able to distinguish between the pedalled myths and proven strategies on how to start/build successful, world best-practice behavioral change programs.

4. You will receive the world's most recognized elite certification in the field of behavioral change.


A "Coach" is required to make critically informed decisions on people's personal and professional lives as part of his/her day to day work. Today's professional practitioner must be able to select the appropriate methodology and skills relevant for any one intervention and therefore draw upon a wide range of proven, validated scientific coaching models, tools, techniques, protocols, practices and sources of information etcThe quality and depth of the practitioner's skills training, practice toolkit and back-up support system directly affect positive outcomes.




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Contents: Neuro Self Transformation Methodology, Certified Master Coach Program, Certified Neurocoaching Coach Course, self transforming brain. Master Certified Coach Course, neurocoaching, self transformation methodology, neuro based coaching, neuroscience, coaching skills and knowledge, neuro self transformation models., neuro coach