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Unlocking a child’s potential.

“All young people are in a state of becoming something more than what they presently are -but the potential extent of what they can achieve, who they can be, is beyond their realization unless we help them learn how to transform themselves and their world.

This unique child / youth development program is open for change-makers who aspire to or are already working at the forefront of personal development/growth.

 The certification program provides powerful tools for navigating where a child, youth or young adult is at compared to who they want to be -helping them move through a growth process of self-discovery and self-management with greater ease, efficiency and rapid alignment (balance/awareness)."
- Dr Perry Zeus



Child / Youth Behavior Coach Training

Accredited Credentialing Courses


Recommended by World leading Authorities in Child Development, Professionals, Parents & Caregivers alike...




Ensuring young people have the support and tools to cope with depression, anxiety, stress, and the very bad days, when it feels like the weight of the world is on their shoulders...

Last year, nearly 24% of female high school students and nearly 12% of male students in the U.S. reported making a suicide plan, according to the latest results of the Youth Risk Behavior Survey, 2023 by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

U.S. Surgeon General Dr. Vivek Murthy said this year in an interview with "GMA." "Today, nearly half of high school students are telling us that they feel persistently sad or hopeless."

Global Outlook

"The polycrisis in which children in today's world find themselves in... As the world is forced to confront the interconnectivity of risks, trends and events, will we finally prioritize holistic solutions to improve prospects for children? " UNICEF 2024

Decades of research and our 25 years of experience with 1,000's of people developers around the world show that only a small number of child development professionals have knowledge or access to today’s advance behavioral sciences, its key concepts and findings.y

Applied Behavioral Science defines behavior as “what we say or do”. We still see many child developers unable to define specific drivers of behavior, let alone
how to permanently and rapidly exchange maladaptive drivers with more beneficial drivers that have previously worked well for the child/young adult.
Next Generation Behavior Change Tools and Skills.

Today's new behavioral science provides us powerful, easy-to-learn, behavioral change models that empowers all children (with the guidance of a child developer/caregiver acting as a "coach") effect positive behavior self-change / growth.


Dr Perry Zeus
(BCI Founder & Faculty Head)


I’ve power boosted my practice and client results!!
Your Courses Behavior Exchange Models and Advanced Practice Tools change negative behavioral drivers 6 times faster than traditional methodology!

Dr Summers. Family Medicine Specialist




Helping ALL young people be their best Self!


  Why What We and You Do Matters..

We believe every child deserves the opportunity to reach for their best, attainable future. We know you believe it, too.

Without our helping hand, all children’s lives and futures will be forever limited by the level of behavior focused development and support they receive right now. And if we don’t help them -we will not only have failed children we care for and love, but we will have lost the opportunity to protect mankind's future.







Power Boost your existing behavior change tools and skills to the next level!

Today’s latest, proven, child behavioral change technologies provide the keys to transform young lives, positively, rapidly and permanently!!








Making positive, transformative life change..




Child Behavior Coaching


Future Building












  Contemplating becoming a specialist Child Behavior Coach, or are you a professional looking to upskill your child behavior coaching toolkit?
- guiding big kids, teens and emerging adults (aged 6 to 25*)
  Huge Market Demand for Specialist Child Behavior Coaching!!
In today's stressful, challenging times, parents are seeking more effective behavioral development outcomes for their children.

You can help meet the need within your community, across the country and globe, for specialist child behavior change coaching to guide children and their families build bigger, brighter futures.

Advances in Child Development Research.
Through today’s exciting, child development focused behavioral research, we are able to learn about the latest breakthrough behavioral change techniques and tools available. However, most child development professionals and educators, even those with many years of experience and advanced education, have had little or no professional development or formal education on how to select or use next generation coaching models and proven behavioral change tools.

Institute's pre-eminent Child Behavior Coach Course.
- Upgrading existing services or how to build a practice

As a certified child behavior coach you will be equipped with the latest behavioral change toolkit and knowledge to expand your own services or become a new, sought after member of a highly valued discipline.











Level 1: Master Certified Child Coach
Level 2: Advanced DIPLOMA in Child / Youth Behavior and Parent Coaching
Level 3: Dual Certificate Course for Professionals (above 2 Courses). Graduates automatically become members of the International Coaching Council (ICC).
Course Designer > Dr Perry Zeus, the acknowledged developer of today’s modern coaching discipline and world leading authority, subject matter expert on achieving rapid and permanent behavioral change using the latest science-based methodology.


  Certified Master Child Coach    
Graduates receive a Certificate, badge and are entitled to use the post-nominal letters "M.C.C."    

  Diploma in Child Behavior Coaching
Graduates receive a Diploma, badge and are entitled to use the post-nominal letters "Dip. Behavior"

  Dual Certificate Course in Child Behavior and Parent Coaching
Graduates receive above 2 Certificates & associated badges, plus 3 attached badges and are entitled to use the post-nominal letters "Dip. Behavior" and "M.C.C.''






  - The Courses unique Future Building Program includes 4 primary types of Youth / Child Behavior Coaching:

Next level enhancement vs Potential fulfilment vs Challenges vs Crisis

Next Level Child Coaching is working with well-functioning children (some are already high-achievers) reach new goals and advance to next level performance.

Coaching for Potential fulfilment is about helping children open their minds and reach their fullest potential in what they are doing. It's about helping them get from where they are, to where they could be and now want to be, and feeling more fulfilled in their lives.

Coaching for Kids Challenges is about overcoming personal development / scholastic road-blocks. It is about building confidence and self-esteem, acquiring new skills, creating more balance and happiness in their lives.

Crisis child coaching is designed to help those with more serious issues lead a more normal, productive life or to get back on track. These types of issues might include:
level 1 Crisis such as; anxiety, depression, OCDs and,
level 2 Crisis such as: moving past neglect/abuse, going through a high stressful home situation (such as an illness or divorce) or a grown child or teen refusing to adapt to life’s challenges.

Note: Some child behavior coaches prefer to specialize in providing just one or two of the above types of coaching services whilst others work with a broad range of coaching interventions.

* AGE DEVELOPMENT STAGES (each child's development growth varies)
(Note: A Child Behavior Coach may specialize in one life stage group or more)..

6-12. Middle Childhood
13-18. Adolescents or teens. Two stages: early adolescence, ages 11 to 14; Middle adolescence, ages 15 to 17.
18-25. Emerging adulthood is a development phase for late teens through to the mid-twenties. Two stages: late adolescence, ages 18 to 21; adult children 22 to 25. These "older children" / emerging adults have not yet entered the enduring responsibilities in adulthood and are exploring a variety of possible life directions in love, work, and world-views. Emerging adulthood is a time period when many life directions ahead remain possible and independent exploration of life's possibilities is greater than it will ever be in the course of one’s life.

The Bottom line: Child behavior coaching is about helping ALL children to be successful in who they can be and what they can do through self-awareness, behavioral  change (including mindset) and the development of mental fitness/strength/skills.








Fast-tracked E-Learning for select Professionals




Who is this special child behavior coach training program for:

* You want to launch your OWN profitable and incredibly rewarding child behavior coaching business.

* You want to add advanced, child behavior coaching skills to your current role, whether as a teacher, a coach, a counsellor, medical professional, a TA, or something else.

* You're a parent / caregiver and want to learn scientifically proven youth / child behavior coaching techniques.

* You want to separate yourself from others by gaining only the best science-based, child coach certification.


Apply for your invitation for a course place today!
Places Strictly Limited!







Professional Coach training
- How to become a Certified
Child Behavior Coach Specialist

-working also with Youth & Parents 







The Behavioral Coaching Institute is the acknowledged global, educational leader in child behavior coach training!  
  • Our children today live in unprecedented, challenging times with an uncertain future ahead.

  • With parents asking for more effective and sustainable behavioral development outcomes for their children it follows that child behavior coaching has become the fastest, growing coaching speciality.


The Institute's unique, advanced courses marry the latest evidence-based, behavior-focused methodology with next-generation neurocoaching as a user-friendly, easy-to-follow service delivery model to form a grounded approach with unparalleled potency for supporting child development.

The need for every child to have their own behavioral roadmap.
To master today’s new, challenging world, all young people should be provided a personalized, behavioral roadmap and set of behavior building blocks to enhance their strengths and overcome weaknesses, limitations. Adolescents and emerging adults especially need a detailed, customized, behavior growth plan to help them move to their next level of development and overcome any self-doubt, fears and blockages impeding their future success as an adult.

The Child Behavior Coaches Expansive Behavior Toolkit.
Today, all children’s short and long-term behavioral need goals can be rapidly achieved by selecting the “best-fit”, easy-to-use, science-based, behavioral change model.

There's compelling science behind the psychology of change -as it draws on important discoveries from the behavioral sciences, the exciting field of neuroscience and the neurocoaching service delivery model.

Learn how to apply recent discoveries in polyvagal theory and brain neuroplasticity to help children create lasting self-transformations.
To be effective as a child coach requires new insights and skills that up-end conventional thinking about human potential and the process of change. Neuropsychology and recent advances in neuroscience hold some of the missing keys to accomplishing this goal.


 ...Helping all children become the best version of themselves...







  For over 30 years the Behavioral Coaching Institute (BCI) has established a worldwide reputation for training the world's top Behavior Coaches. In fact, the Institute was the world’s first professional coach training school.

Develop an unshakeable confidence in your skill as a coach.
BCI's  comprehensive, child behavior coaching courses are internationally recognized as the world's premier child coach certification programs.

The behavioral science-based, child behavior courses focus on achieving rapid, sustainable behavior change, unlike lengthy, traditional coaching practices and are not to be confused with generalist, children life coaching courses that focus on life skills.

The Institute's advanced, child behavior coach certification courses equips our graduates with: a world-best-practice, child behavior change toolkit; evidence-based methodology and; knowledge as referenced from the latest behavioral sciences studies (including neuropsychology and neuroscience with neurocoaching as the service delivery format).

Learn how to help young people thrive in these complex and challenging times.
Course participant's learn, in an age-appropriate way, how to empower a child by teaching them easy-to-learn, powerful behavior change exercises to meet their goals. Some learning and development goals include:
- Overcoming learning blockages
- Boosting mental skills
- Personality development
- Exchanging negative emotions, attitude and beliefs with positive ones
- Imparting solutions and strategies for action, goal achievement
- Strengthening motivation, resilience and decision making
- Developing self-awareness and new perspectives

Note: Numerous studies confirm that the academic goals of all children are far easier to achieve when the behavioral growth needs of the child are addressed.




 ...Unleashing a child's greatness...

















Learn how to help children become the best that they can be..


  Child Behavior Coaching
Future Building

Behavior Drives the Future and behavior is fluid and changeable.

Children mistakenly think that who they are right now is the “real” and “finished” version of themselves, and their future self will be basically the same as who they are today.

Course participants in the Institute's unique, behavior focused coaching courses learn how to fast-track changes in a child's behavior that will drive a bigger, brighter future.

Every child has unique gifts and challenges.
Optimal functioning
providing the behavioral building blocks for a child’s / young person's future.

  Optimal functioning is about an individual maximizing his/her functioning, whether it is mental, cognitive, emotional, or social...In other words, helping children to become the best functioning person they can, to fulfil their potential and show the world what they are truly capable of.
Building a bigger, brighter tomorrow..
Our course participants are shown how to guide a child to use their primary, signature emotional strengths (not to be confused with "emotional intelligence") versus the deficit model of learning and development that focuses on a child’s weaknesses.

Every child has a unique behavior profile identified by its characteristic signature of primary emotions attached to feelings, attitudes, mindset, thoughts and memories that drive behaviors. These profiles are identified as an emotional signature.

Behavior Building Blocks that build a Better Future..
Child coaches who have been taught how to identify and work with a child’s unique emotional signature and its positive strengths, are able to generate significant and lasting positive behavioral change by relating appropriately and effectively with each child as well as developing a personalized, development coaching program.


..rapidly building sustainable, positive behavior changes..






An explanation provided by Dr Perry Zeus (Founder of BCI and Faculty Head)


Dr Perry Zeus's ground-breaking, best-selling text-books helped define the modern coaching discipline and provide a structure for the academic development of coaches. His now-classic book, Behavioral Coaching (first published 15 years ago) gave shape to the behavioral coaching discipline that we know today.





  Difference between whole child behavior coaching and generic mental skills or cognitive coaching.  
It is important to note that whole child, science-based, behavior coaching is a blanket term incorporating whole brain, mind, body approach. Whereas mental / cognitive coaching focuses on the mind only and first level coaching focuses on the body.

Why we take an integrative holistic approach..
The course's proven, brain-mind-body intervention models incorporate the latest, evidence-based methodologies and best practices from Applied Cognitive Neuroscience and Neuropsychology. This scientific, holistic approach is all about producing rapid, sustainable, measurable, behavior change results.

Helping young people express their whole self and tap into their unique, inner resources, creativity, and genius..

Brain, mind, body & heart wholeness is simply a state of unity and integration of mind, body and spirit.

  • When a child’s thoughts, intentions and actions seamlessly align. It not only has powerful effects on their mental and emotional health, stability and resilience, but also on their physical health, immune system, sleep quality and overall energy levels.
  • When a child is in a state of ‘wholeness’, they are honest with themself, accept the facts and their feelings, and take aligned powerful action.

Here are 12 major benefits of guiding a child to live in a state of wholeness from mental, emotional and physical perspectives.

1. Feeling Whole
Feeling Unity with themself and the World
Deep Inner Peace
Decreased Stress
Increased Energy & Vitality
Enhanced Creativity
Emotional Intelligence & Mastery
Greater Resilience
Solid Mental Health
Improved Physical Health
Deeper Emotional Connection with themself and Others
Improved Quality of Life Overall

All the factors described above impact every area of a child’s life. Life becomes lighter, richer, deeper, more joyful and meaningful. And the more of this richness a child has, the more they want, naturally creating more joy, energy and vitality. It’s who the child is -with our help.

Dr Perry Zeus










- Science-based Child Coaching Model

 How to coach all children towards a life of achievement, success and happiness..

Today's Advances in Child Behavior Development Coaching

Neuroscientific advances demonstrate that all children have a critical window for both learning and teaching, which must involve the development of emotional competence and the growth of self-regulation as a foundation for long-term academic, personal and social success, promoting mental health and well-being.

Child / Youth Behavior Change - recovery, relapse, and recurrence and the need to take a measured, science-based, whole person approach.
A number of recent children's mental health surveillance reports have found that with non-science-based, child wellness coaching interventions most children experience a recurrence of behavioral symptoms within a year.

Fava and Ruini (Well-being therapy: conceptual and technical issues) further state that practitioners tend to misperceive response to treatment with recovery.

The Science of Children Wellbeing Coaching -with supportive empirical evidence.
- In today's new world providing proven, scientific validated neuro-behavioral and mindset support models to raise a child's well-being levels consistently and permanently is absolutely critical to any intervention's success.

Achieving Optimal Functioning.
- Neuroscience, Neuropsychology and Well-Being

Previously, achieving meaningful, sustainable behavior change remained extraordinarily challenging for child development practitioners. Today, the ability to effect a child's behavioral change – and more specifically neuroplasticity  – is essential for families to thrive. It follows, there is an insatiable and ever growing demand for parental assistance in this exciting field.

Achieving neuroplasticity in order to change
Neuroplasticity is the capacity of our nervous system to learn new things – to change. Achieving neuroplasticity is a critical step to optimizing our brain to effect behavioral change.

The latest findings of neuroscience coupled with the art and practice of neuropsychology now offers us a remarkable array of specific, actionable, easy-to-learn tools to effect meaningful and enduring enhanced personal growth, wellness and health.

The behavioral approach of these special courses is at the forefront of mainstream neuropsychological cognitive therapies. The Neuropsychological Cognitive Change Tools also integrate components of: Behavioral change therapy, Emotional realignment therapy, Neural shaping, Gestalt therapy, The Psychology of Selves and, Positive Memory Reconstitution.

The objective of the targeted, short interventions, taught in this special Program, is to have the child achieve accelerated, perceptual self-awareness and learn powerful, easier-to-use, self-empowering, brain-mind change techniques to meet their Behavioral Need Goals within just a few coaching sessions.

Professional practitioners realize that if they want to meet the behavioral needs of children in today’s challenging environment, they require more than yesterday's outdated, coaching / training models to ensure sustainable, positive behavioral change.

Enhancing a chi
ld's mental skills, or helping them change a behavioral pattern or their level of wellness requires a holistic, brain-mind-body approach using the latest, neuro-behavioral development models.

Happier and Healthier Children and Families.
The Institute's unique courses provide students scientifically proven, Next-Generation, Science-based Children's Coaching Models that generate well-being levels, creativity, intuition, IQ, EQ, smart decision making and output levels well beyond yesterday's, outdated counselling, training and generic coaching approach.





- Building Blocks of Child Behavior Change
Behavior is context-dependent and while certain general principles may apply, there are no “one-size-fits-all” approaches to effective child behavior change programs.
  The Whole Child Future Program uses a multicomponent strategy.
We view child behavior change programming as a scientific, multimodal process involving a series of best-fit to the child and their needs, complementary behavior building blocks which sequentially flow from program inception to evaluation. By attending to each building block in detail and applying a scientific approach throughout the process, results are rapid and program success is amplified, thus maximizing positive, lasting, behavior change.

The multicomponent strategy employs elements of a number of next generation, behavioral change models that are each supported by substantial evidence. The documented strength of multicomponent, behavioral change methods for children and parents cannot be over emphasized.

Course participants learn how to integrate the latest, behavior science-based, building blocks affecting rapid positive change in just a few sessions compared to lengthy interventions using outdated practice.





     The Psychological imperative..
      -understanding patterns of child behavior
  When children are hurled into a state of unknowing, insecurity and anxiety they need psychological anchoring. This unique program provides professionals and parents an advanced, easy-to-learn, evidence-based Coaching Toolkit that produces a psychological safe road for children to become the best functioning person they can and build a bigger, brighter future.
  Is being aware of all recent findings from the behavioral sciences another demand for professional child coaches? No! -However, knowing the essential facts about the brain and the latest psychology of change provides critical knowledge for child coaches how to best design their coaching programs and select the right behavioral tools to facilitate the task of change rather than add to its burden.  
Harnessing Today's Applied Behavioral Science.
Today, all child developers can learn easy-to-use, short but very powerful, past-present-future behavior exchange exercises which replace maladaptive behavioral drivers for better suited drivers that meet the child's learning/behavior change goals.

" The pandemic was a game changer for coaching children
 and Cognitive Behavioral Coaching Programs has become the next-generation well-being strategy.








  As a certified child behavior coach and advocate for the child, you will be able to help the child's parents by providing the Institute's Parents Training Support Program as a Certified Parent Educator.

Why Caregiver / Parent Coach Behavior Training also Matters

What is Parent Coaching ?
The coach works with the parents to define the parenting challenges, clearly articulate behavioral change goals and develop strategies and a plan of action.

While the work of a certified child / youth behavior coach can significantly help improve the life of children, in many engagements it’s extremely beneficial that this progress continue beyond regular sessions with the coach. Not doing so, in some cases, could compromise or delay the development process and make it harder to reach behavioral goals. Studies also indicate that having parent-as-coach training as part of an overall family coaching strategy makes it easier for the child to retain positive behaviors.

The coaching partnering process can also improve parents’ communication with their children, which can help them build a closer bond and cultivate a better sense of well-being and mental health, lessening the worry or concern they may have about their children engaging in negative behaviors in various environments. The independence that a child may develop can also help shorten the behavior coaching program.


Child Behavior Course Graduates can now apply to use the Institute's Parent Training Support Program.

Institute's Parent Coach Training Package

In parent coaching training, the certified child behavior coach teaches the parents how to become a coach and exclusively provide child coaching or continue re-enforcing the coaching process provided by the child behavior coach in t-to-1 or family coaching sessions at home or the community. These later tactics maintain the same strategic coaching structure, allowing the child to retain a sense of familiarity with the process. This familiarity, in turn, facilitates the child’s engagement in the same positive behaviors outside the sessions with the families behavior coach.

This form of parents as coach training isn’t exclusive to parents as the principles apply to all caregivers, such as grandparents, siblings, or teachers. That said, rather than enter into a shared coaching arrangement with a coach, some parents decide to undertake the child behavior coach training course and undertake the role of the coach themselves, whilst still other families prefer to hire a certified child behavior coach to exclusively provide coaching.








- On completion of the course, you will be able to:

Identify and anticipate recommend a systematic approach for a child's assessment and management.

Utilize knowledge from specialized, proven disciplines in the application of effective behavior development programs.

Demonstrate effective consultation and communication processes.

Implement customized, individual or group growth-oriented, self-development programs.

Provide case support to children in emotional need and deliver 'anti-stress' programs for all.

Implement education and information family programs to promote a more productive, healthy and happier environment.

You will have an opportunity to complete authentic learning tasks via case study examination, practical exercises and support when required (during or post-course).

You will be able to deliver bottom line, beneficial results to the child including;
- Children power boosting their mindset and exchanging negative, maladaptive emotional drivers affecting behavior with sustainable, lasting positive change.
- Children’s anxiety, stress levels and emotional well-being will improve.
- Children’s EQ, IQ, confidence, resilience, intuition and self-esteem will be enhanced.
- Children's school, sports and personal PERFORMANCE levels will improve.

Bottom line beneficial results for parents include;
- Parents emotional well-being will improve.
- Family pride and happiness levels boosted
- Parents obtaining positive parenting / coaching strategies and enhanced parenting skills (see below).

Note for professionals: You will also have the opportunity to gain crucial lifelong learning and transferable generic skill and knowledge sets and be able to apply them to a range of employment opportunities and life situations to complement your disciplinary base.





"Living up to the Behavioral Coaching Institute's elite educational global reputation.."




" The Behavioral Coaching Institute’s large, institutional global clients have aligned with them for over 25 years because they continue to be the world’s leading source of the best resourced and ethical behavioral coaches. The Institute's invitational, behavior coach training courses for select individuals have consistently been rated the world’s top behavior coach credentialing programs.

The Institute's premium brand child behavior coach course offerings share four primary characteristics: 1) they offer proprietary knowledge and child behavior change tools you cannot obtain in other child coach training programs; 2) the course methodology produces unsurpassed, proven lasting results; 3) they represent world-best standard and are used by high profile learning institutions, government agencies and health agencies to train in-house child development professionals; and 4) they provide a strategic means for students to brand themselves the best equipped at what they do.

Today's revolution in on-site and virtual Child Behavior Health Coaching Services.

We cannot expect children to thrive when they are struggling personally.

Resources and attitudes about children's behavior health has changed significantly in the last few years. Even before today, children's behavioral health problems were widespread, constituting a leading cause of diminished well-being. In today's challenging new world environment there is now a global movement by parents and caregivers to seek out and engage behavior coaches with trusted credentials, training and toolkit in advanced, behavior science-based, child coaching."





The Behavioral Coaching Institute's vital child behavior training course is also available to organizations, and businesses as well as for learning institutions / schools to host internally.

Organizations (government and business) use the Dr Zeus designed child behavior program either to; a) support, retain and progress their working parents or, b) train staff who work with children.

Semester Special: If your organization is interested in hosting this training as an ongoing program see: Campus Course Format in Registration Form for training your nominated, in-house course facilitator to deliver the courses.



Behavioral Coaching Institute
has delivered behavioral change coach training programs to:

University Hospital Birmingham, University of Washington, Mount Royal UniversityPfizer, Red Cross, Sing Health Polyclinics, World Vision, Howard Hughes Medical Institute, Hong Kong University of Science & Technology, Siemens Medical and many other leading institutions and government agencies around the world (see list below page).. 















  We value transformation, therefore we provide courses and tools to facilitate transformations in the lives of children, improving their quality of life and success.   We value innovation, therefore we seek out new ways to add value to the lives of our graduates and their clients.   We value holistic care, therefore we tailor our intervention models for the whole person, taking brain, mind, body and heart into consideration.   We value excellence, therefore we provide our students with gold-standard courses and strive towards continual improvement.  





Learn how to empower children to be healthier,
 happier, more creative and productive!





A.24-4, 2024:
Using a TELE-COACHING and/or IN-PERSON client service delivery model.

Level 1: Master Certified Child Coach
Level 2: Advanced DIPLOMA in Child Behavior Coaching and Parent Coaching
Level 3: Dual Certificate Course for professionals (above 2 Courses)

Empowering ALL children to be healthier, happier, more creative and productive!

The Institute's unique, easy to follow, Behavioral Coaching Models provides you the scientifically proven, intervention methodology and tools that enhances individual and group health, resilience, well-being, productivity, IQ, EQ, creativity and intuition.


The course's proven, brain-mind-body intervention models incorporate the latest, evidence-based technologies and methodologies from Applied Cognitive Neuroscience and Neuropsychology.

Today, the exciting field of neuro-behavioral coaching provides us powerful, safe and easy-to-learn tools to generate positive, life-enhancing change in the brain-mind-body continuum that produces real, sustainable, measurable behavior changes.

Children’s Behavior flexibility and Performance.
A major barrier to improving a child’s behavior and/or performance is rigid thinking or habitual responses they have formed from previous experience. Parents, teachers and professionals working with children need to recognize when a child is persisting with a rigid behavioral pattern and how to help them to adopt a different approach.

The Science.
Cognitive and behavior flexibility is a core adaptive function of the executive control system in the human brain. An excessively rigid adherence to a predetermined behavioral pattern prevents a child from appropriately responding to changing environmental situation.

Performance / task impairments.
Children who have behavioral inflexibility present a limited range of self-generated behaviors (reactions, feelings and actions) that frequently leads to a breakdown in task functioning, and in many cases -stress and acceptance of lower levels of accomplishment or failure.

This special, ICC Accredited program takes a whole child (brain-mind-body) approach to address positive developmental needs whereas a generic, trained practitioner must stay away from the mental and physical domains and the psychological change models they were not trained in.

The Whole Child Future program teaches a customized, behavioral developmental program for all children.

The program also complements qualifications / experience in:
Education / Psychology / Sport Science / Counselling / Physiotherapy / Exercise Science / Health / Medicine / Nutrition or Injury Prevention and Safety. 

Suitable for:
- Persons wishing to establish a child coaching practice, or already in a coaching practice.
- Professionals working with children and families including :
Psychologists, Health Care professionals, Educators, Child Care Staff, Child & Youth Care Workers, Counsellors, Social Workers, Home-based Workers etc..
- Parents or caregivers who wish to become an agent of change in a child's life.










Program Format Options:





Master Certified Child Coach Certification
(10-15 hours)


Diploma in Child Behavior Coaching


Dual Certificate
- MCC & Diploma Courses

(30-40 hours)


(40-50 hours)











 Dr Perry Zeus
- Behavioral Coaching Institute Founder and Faculty Head.
Dr Perry Zeus has published more than 2,000 pages, advancing and defining the modern understanding of the coaching discipline. His now-classic book, Behavioral Coaching (first published 15 years ago) help transform the coaching profession into how we know it today.

Dr Zeus has developed neuro-behavioral interventions and tools that are used in over 60 countries; taught coaching psychology to psychologists, clinicians, physicians, educators and to people in business; worked with CEO’s of major companies; helped his clinical clients manage the triumphs and lows of life; served as an advisor to senior management in major hospitals, learning institutions and government departments; and, facilitated courses to more than 5,000 people across North America, Europe, Asia and Australia.

  NOTE: Establishing fidelity processes is an important step in the continuing development of child behavior interventions.

Accurate referencing, naming of interventions, theories, methods, outcome measurement and terminology underpinning the coaching interventions is required to gain the support and confidence of the family.

Ensuring fidelity in the delivery of advanced behavioral interventions is also essential to gain confidence in the interpretation of program results. Hence why it is important for practitioners working in this specialist behavioral sciences field to be taught not only how to use the latest intervention models, tools and techniques etc but also to understand the underlying science so they can clearly and simply articulate to children and parents why and how their interventions work so effectively.



New Graduate Referral Service to begin next semester:
All new, Level 3, Dual Certificate graduates will now have the option to be exclusively listed on a special Dual Certificate Child Coach Public Referral Service to be provided on our global website.

Because of the Institute's Coach Training Schools world-renowned, reputation in producing the world's top behavior coaches, we are frequently asked by prospective clients to recommend graduates. This has always put our Faculty Staff in the difficult position of recommending one graduate deemed to be the “right fit” above others. In fact, this last year's increased demand for referrals has just got too big a distraction for our Faculty. Henceforth we have decided that all new Dual Certificate holders will have the option to have their name and contact details featured on our global .com website that receives 500,000+ visitors a year. A listing on the Institute's educational website can publicly confirm a graduate's training/credentials and also serve as an invaluable marketing tool.

For a nominal listing fee, a graduate will be able to have their picture (with an optional link to their website), email address, location and, any age speciality in coaching children placed on a high-profile International Child Coach Referral webpage.








 " With faculty members from respected universities,
such as Harvard and Oxford
anyone who doesn’t
 have this certification is not providing the best
 available coaching to their client
Dr. Greg Roper (Graduate)

For over two decades Perry has proven to be an extraordinary educator and coach with the ability to apply his deep understanding of the practice of coaching and the behavioral sciences to build the world’s leading behavior coach training courses. If you are looking for the best available source of coaching knowledge, tools and certification then his Institute’s international recognized, accredited courses are for you….Thanks again for inviting me into the Program Perry!

Srini Pillay, M.D.
Psychiatrist and Assistant Professor, Harvard Medical School
Author of ‘Total Brain Makeover’, ‘Life Unlocked’.


  All my clients have significantly improved their quality of life from participating in my coaching sessions using the tools and best practices from your invaluable program!
- H. Jenson (Graduate Practitioner)


The Institute’s 'whole child future program' provided our family team a powerful framework to build an open, trusting, caring relationship with our clients that provided deep foundations for their wellness, psychological safety and a brighter more secure future.
- Pat Evans, ICM Coaching Group


  This invaluable credentialing and toolkit behavior program throws open the doors to the latest, scientifically proven ways of working with families. The course takes an integrative approach providing an overarching umbrella of intervention possibilities. For those already working with families, this program is rich with new tools and methodology. For those about to establish a career in child and parent coaching it will become the bedrock of your practice.
-  J. Peters. Health Services

"Thanks for letting our corporation deliver your vital program as an ongoing, in-house course for our working parents around the globe. The hugely popular course is consistently rated, by both management and staff, the most valuable training program they attend."
Chee. Global Head HR








  Recommended by course graduates  

Recommended by organizations who trained their staff to be child behavior coaches and/or parent educators..

  * Each of the below coaching levels provides a specific style of coaching support and depth of practice knowledge and tools.

1st Generation Coaching:
- Borrowing from sports coaching, this first generation of coaching focuses on solving problems and achieving performance goals.
- This narrow approach creates significant challenges for coaches as their knowledge gap and toolkit is very limited.
- This first level coaching approach typically uses the Grow Basic Skills Change Model.
- Coaching is typically on-the-spot and short.
- Results are inconsistent. Typically a short-term boost -dependent upon the skill level worked on.

2nd Generation Coaching:
- The second generation of coaching focuses on a cognitive approach (how we think) and being present in the moment.
- The flow of a child’s self-experience and perception is used as a means to deepen self-awareness.
- Children can learn how to navigate challenging life situations.
- This second level of coaching uses Prochaska's transtheoretical (psychological) model of change and evidence-based psychology tools.
- Interventions are typically over a number of months.
- Results can be measurable and lasting -depending upon the depth of the issues worked on.

Next (3rd) Generation coaching:
- Next generation child coaches help young people express their whole self and tap into their unique, inner resources, creativity, and genius.
- Brain, mind, body & heart wholeness is a state of unity and integration when a child’s thoughts, intentions and actions seamlessly align. This has very powerful effects on a child’s mental and emotional health, stability and resilience, but also on their physical health, immune system, sleep quality and overall energy levels.

- When a child is in a state of ‘wholeness’, they are honest with themself, accept the facts and their feelings, and take aligned powerful action. Life becomes lighter, richer, deeper, more joyful and meaningful. It’s who the child -with help from their coach..

- Complementary Behavior Building Blocks. This advanced, multimodal coaching approach employs elements of a number of next generation, behavioral change models (based on the behavioral sciences such as neuropsychology and neuroscience) with neurocoaching as the service delivery platform.
- Structured, coach-led interventions (across a wide behavior range of applications) are typically short eg; just a few weeks. Children are empowered to self-coach themselves, on a need-to-basis, with very short, but powerful, imagery anchoring exercises.
- Typical outcome change results: rapid, lasting, measurable, high level of success across a wide range of behavior applications.







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Disclaimer: This children coaching certificate is an educational program - not a licensing program. Successful completion is based on completion of required course material and exercises. Those who successfully complete the program will receive a certificate confirming such. Successful completion does imply the meeting any country or state licensing or regulatory requirements and does not entail any special status, rights, duties, or privileges.


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