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Training PARTNER    

       CourseWare designed to be delivered by graduates of the
   Master Coach Course.

-  License Application Form below page..
2 Day Professional Training/Certification Courses:.
                          Certified Manager / Leader as Coach - (MLC) ©  
                      Certified Professional Coach (CPC) ©
                     - Used by a select number of the world's top organizations and learning institutions.
the Bank of New York, Toyota, Sony, GE, Vodafone and the Defense Department..


    Courses designed by Dr Perry Zeus (BCI Faculty Head), acknowledged as the World’s Leading Authority in Behavioral Coaching and one of the Founders of the coaching discipline.
Dr Zeus is also an author of best-selling personal and professional development textbooks and has written over 2,000 published pages on coaching, behavioral change and emotional regulation.

 "Through the ongoing extensive research and development program of our Center for Applied Behavioral Change, for over 20 years, we have been able to provide our students the most current, scientifically proven set of tools, techniques and best-practices available to change people's lives for the better."



All Training Certificate Courses are Accredited by the ICC ®

  The Behavioral Coaching Institute (BCI) is proud of our reputation as the world's leading developer and supplier of behavioral change methodology and best practices.

BCI's WORLD BEST-STANDARD, elite CourseWare carries the highest level of recognized accreditation by the International Coaching Council.
Note: "ICC Accredited" -is the only internationally recognized accreditation stamp of approval provided exclusively for professional coach trainers. This highly valued confirmation of industry best practices and quality can only be conferred by an internationally recognized coaching body such as the ICC. See: What is ICC Accreditation.

First STEP to becoming an Authorized Training Partner:
  . The prospective license holder is naturally required to become knowledgeable in the materials they will supply. This is achieved by the prospective Licensee completing the Certified Master Coach Course (E-Learning Format) to fully qualify as a License Holder/Training Partner. In turn they will be awarded the ICC Accredited Coach Trainer designation which they can use as a valuable and qualifying marketing tool.

To facilitate this required need (at the lowest possible entry cost), an intending Licensee can simply enrol in the Master Coach Course (in the below Application Form) to receive the E-Learning Format Scholarship Rate. The Master Coach Course and their licensing Agreement Form plus their licensed  CourseWare etc will then be forwarded altogether.

As soon as the new License Holder informs our office they have completed the Masters Course: their name is registered on the online, international Master Coach Registry; their Master Coach Certificate, Master Coach logo and ACT logo is sent to them plus they are registered as a member of the ICC.

The Contents of the below 2 Certificate Courses (CPC and MLC) can be licensed to include in your own course. See: Alliance Partner

Note: For those highly qualified individuals/businesses wishing to be trained to personally facilitate the Institute's flagship Master Coach Course (class format) in their region they must complete the 1-to-1 Chartered Behavioral Master Coach Course




  -BCI's Gold Medal Performance  
This powerful, proven course is  based on the latest research and new discoveries in the field of neurosciences and brain-based learning. The special course contains compelling training modules, techniques and methodologies, tools, and resources to help the student plan and achieve SUCCESS and PERSONAL FREEDOM.
   Discover your Real Self!
How to become Healthier, Happier and obtain Professional and Personal Success ©
This game-changing program will create breakthroughs for people to discover their real self that will propel them forward to greater success in their relationships, career and in every other area of their life.

This unique course provides scientifically-proven methods and techniques to help your students strengthen their mental and emotional abilities and skills to help them remove the obstacles preventing them reaching their fullest potential.

The course's proprietary career transforming technology helps individuals and even corporations go to the NEXT LEVEL and maximize their performance and results.

Participants are taught, step-by-step, how to Retrain the their Brain by utilizing the latest evidence based technologies and methodologies from Applied Cognitive Neuroscience and Psychology.

Students will also discover the natural laws that will make their life easier than ever before as they learn who their Real Self is and the way to act and achieve their personal and professional goals.

Students also learn:

  • How to quickly break free from any self-doubt, procrastination and lack of confidence that may be holding them back from achieving greater financial success and freedom.
  • How to break free from the self-imposed limits that are blocking them from realizing their professional and personal hopes and dreams.
  • Proven strategies to take locate a person's biggest fears and turn them into fuel for unstoppable professional success eg; like fear of failure and ones that are buried deep in their unconscious mind like fear of disappointing others or fear of success or of not being good enough.

The course's scientifically proven techniques are also used to train the brain to adopt a healthy lifestyle and happier life.

The benefits of this proven program are far-reaching.

 As reported in:     FORTUNE              

  Level One ('Off-the-Shelf') Course Manuals  -for individual and workforce development: 

Expertise and a worldwide reputation for 'excellence'!
The Behavioral Coaching Institute is internationally recognized as the world's leading developer and educator of advanced workplace coaching methodology:

Zeus and Skiffington and the Institute's names are universally associated with excellence in coaching education.

The workplace coaching model has been pioneered over the past decade by Dr Perry Zeus and Dr S. Skiffington.

Today, across the world, many universities use Zeus and Skiffington's coaching text books as course references in their coaching degree status courses. In the international business world Zeus and Skiffington's personal and organizational change methodologies and coaching best practices are used by organizations who are at the cutting edge of the application of the coaching model of change and learning..

   Certified Manager / Leader as Coach - MLC ©  
 3 Course Manuals: 1) Trainer's Manual (containing extensive Course Presenter Notes), 2) Participant's Manual and 3) a Resource Manual.

 Purpose: -To train and certify Managers and/or Leaders and External Service Providers how to employ industry-proven informal and formal coaching strategies and techniques. Course participants are taught how to master valid, latest coaching practices designed to be used on an 'in-time' basis or part of their normal day-to-day duties.

: The Completion Certificate (and designation) for this off-the-shelf course is awarded by the provider. 
  Certified Professional Coach (CPC) ©
- over 300 course pages plus additional Resource and Toolkit Manual (over 250 pages).
- can be delivered as a 2 day course or smaller half-day programs
-  includes latest, proven coaching models, tools, techniques and processes
- Plus the licensee has the right to use the International Coaching Council's (ICC) and BCI's Educational Partner Logos
-see below logos.

 Purpose: -To train and certify people to become part-time of full-time coaches specializing in Professional Skills or Life Skills development. Especially suitable for coaches working with SME's.

 Course participants are taught how to use the latest coaching practices and tools....
See: MCC Module 1
  and MCC Module 2  -which form the CPC Course

                           "BCI's programs are by far, the most comprehensive coach skill building courses
                            available. Each extensive manual contains over 30 modules integrated into one
                            incredible learning system
  .Stretton. Executive Coach, NLB

                       "Priceless! This course has become the major profit center in our practice."
-B.Johannsen. Coaching Plus 



Ancillary Rights  


Non-Exclusive License Holders Rights: 
The license grants the license holder the right to:
    1) - to deliver the CourseWare, as many times as you choose, in the selected license period. 
    2) - set your own training fees
    3) - no royalties or add-on fees
    4) - quote the Behavioral Coaching Institute as the developer and course accreditation by ICC . 
    5)  -the licensee also obtains the right to re-brand the licensed course with their name, add their
          own material into the course and re-format the course to create short seminars or workshops
          or longer certificate courses etc.



   MLC & CPC Licensing Categories and Fees:

  1) Solo Practitioner CourseWare License
2 Year License $us2,950.00 or 4 Year License: $us3,950.00
-Note: Only one
Master Coach graduate (the license holder) has the rights to deliver the course.

  2) Associates Practitioner CourseWare License
his special 'Associates" 2 Year License of Use of CourseWare varies in cost according to the number of associates who are licensed to use the same courseware program as co-licensee's eg;    2 license holders = $US3,950., 3 license holders = $US4,950., 4 license holders = $US5,950.

 Note: Course Graduates are provided Certification by the Licensee with ICC Accreditation.

  3) Educational, Corporate or Business CourseWare License
 This special 2 Year License of Use of the CourseWare is from $us5,950. (Price on Application --POA -depending size of client market). Graduates of the courses obtain Certification by BCI -provided by the license holder and, can have their names registered as a MLC graduate on a special 'Graduate Register' section on BCI's website. This category license holder also receives the following special designation as an  accredited Training Provider.

  SUCCESS COURSE Licensing Categories and Fees:
1 Course / 1 Year License - $us1,695.00
        1 Course, 3 Year License - $us2,850.00  Early Bird Special. SAVE $US2,135.00

  Can de delivered in E-Learning or Campus Format.
Limited number of Licences assigned per country -dependent upon market size of county.
Country / Exclusive Master Licences available. Provides License Holder sole use of Course
      and also ability to re-sell/licenses to other local providers. P.O.A.





-Note: If you have not already completed the Institute's Master Coach Course (the qualification to deliver and apply for a Courseware License) simply enroll in the Masters Course (in the below Application Form) to receive the E-Learning Format -Special Needs Scholarship Rate.

The Master Coach Course and the licensed Courseware will be forwarded together. As soon as the new License Holder informs our office they have completed the Masters Course their name is registered on the online, international Master Coach Registry, their Certificate and logos are sent to them plus they are registered as a member of the ICC.



Training Partner License Application Form

        1.- Firstly, are you a Master Coach/graduate certified by our Institute?  
-Yes!   Details/Graduate Year
            - No, but I wish to enrol and receive the discounted E-Learning Format Scholarship
                    Rate of $us895 (Normal Standard Individual Rate is $us1,495.
SAVE $us600.) 


2.      -  Currently I/we do not provide any professional or personal development courses
          -  I am an existing Educational Provider
 A) Personal Development SUCCESS Course ©
   .- Yes! I wish to license the Course:
I Year License - $us1,695.00 or
3 Year License- $us2,850.00  SAVE $US2,135.00

 B)  Professional Development CERTIFICATION Courses
- Yes! I wish to license the:-
  Manager / Leader as Coach (MLC)
  Certified Professional Coach (CPC)
 For:  -
-Solo -2 years (1 license holder) -$us2,950 
-Solo - 4 Year License: $us3,950.00
- -2 'Associates' - $us3,950
-3 'Associates' - $us4,950
  -4 'Associates' - $us5.950
 Educational, Business or Corporate License -(P.O.A) -from $us5,950

  C)  Regional Territorial Partner Program -Two Categories:  
- Yes!  I wish to apply for an Exclusive Licence which provides me sole use of nominated Course/s and also ability to re-sell/licenses to other local providers. P.O.A. -depending on country/region market size.
- Nominated Course's:
  Certified Professional Coach (CPC)
  Manager / Leader as Coach (MLC)

-OPTIONAL: As the next future step, I am also interested in attending the Chartered Behavioral Master Coach Course (one-on-one with Dr Zeus on the Gold Coast, Australia) to be taught how to personally conduct campus Master Coach Courses (class format) exclusively in my region. 


    - Yes, I plan for one or some of my associates to also present the Course and I understand that they also need to be a graduate of the Institute's Master Coach Course.
- Associate Names, their location.            
         - Nominated Country/State/Region/City and Business Industry/Sector etc looking to
                                            operate non-exclusively in:


Full Name:


Business Name:




State & Country:


Tel. #'s:

Home:   Biz:



Biz: Personal:


Profession / Position

    Your Professional / Educational Background / People Development Experience':


Your Annual Revenue is approx' :  


<$250 thousand   <$500K  $500k -1 million  $1-5 million
$5-10 million    $10-25 million  $25-50 million $50> million

Number of employees :                 Years in Business:  

 Brief description of your business
-for example: history, organizational structure, type of services/products provided,
  geography covered, marketing expertise and any other appropriate profile information etc .



What are your business goals in providing coach educational courses?


Any further Information etc?:


Any Faculty Sponsor or other References:    






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