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     CourseWare designed to be delivered by graduates of the
Institute's Master Certified Coach Course (MCC).

       License Application Form below page..

                  Certified Professional Coach (CPC) ©
                    Certified Manager / Leader as Coach - (MLC) ©  

          - Used by a select number of the world's top organizations and learning institutions. From
         the Bank of New York, Toyota, Sony, GE, Vodafone and the Defence Department..

ICC Accredited Courses ®

The Behavioral Coaching Institute is proud of our reputation as the world's leading developer and supplier of workplace coaching
methodology and best practices. For over a decade we've built this reputation by insisting on the best: the highest qualification
standards to enter our coach training school's courses, the most rigorous evidence-based coach training programs and the most
sought after elite, international professional coaching credentials.

Save valuable time and resources by acquiring BCI's elite CourseWare and at the same time obtain the highest level of professional
accreditation via licensure.

  Note: "ICC Accredited" -is the only internationally recognized accreditation stamp of approval provided exclusively for
workplace coach trainers with an industry focus. This highly valued confirmation of industry best practices and quality can
only be conferred by an internationally recognized coaching body such as the ICC.
See: What is ICC Accreditation.

  First STEP:  
  The prospective license holder is first required to become a 'subject-matter expert' in the coaching subject and materials they desire to present. This initial requirement is achieved by the prospective licensee either :
completing the 1-to-1 Chartered Behavioral Master Coach Course if they wish to be trained to present the Institute's flagship Master Coach Course in their region or
completing the Certified Master Coach Course (E-Learning Format) to qualify as a License Holder, in protected regions, for the 'Manager/Leader as Coach' and/or 'Certified Professional Coach' Courses

Next STEP 2 CourseWare Licensing Options:

    -'Senior Learning Partner' and ' Regional Learning Partner' Licensing Program
         - licensing rights to the Institute's advanced
Master Coach Course plus the first-level 'Manager /
          Leader as Coach' & 'Certified Professional Coach' Courses in protected regions
read next page

     - 'Accredited Trainer' -Course Licensing of our first-level Courses
           - such as: 
-the Certified Manager/Leader as Coach (CMLC) Course and/or
 -the Certified Professional Coach (CPC) ICC Accredited Course
see below page
Suitable for: 
Business / People Development Businesses (consulting groups, educational providers etc) that have an established successful position in their territory/region) looking to train their clients in mid-level and advanced coaching practice or/and train and certify local external practitioners/coaches.

- Organizations who wish to conduct our courses in-house for their own people or to the public and provide an accountable, world-best standard coaching platform containing the latest cutting-edge coaching methodologies and processes. Note these valuable courses can also provide an excellent educational platform prior to the introduction of formalized coaching programs



The Behavioral Coaching Institute is internationally recognized as the world's leading developer and educator of advanced workplace coaching methodology:

Business Opportunity: -The rapidly expanding global coaching market urgently needs qualified providers to market and deliver the highest quality coach certification programs available. However, the Institute's Faculty only has so much quality time they are able to personally devote to their students and graduates worldwide.

No other coaching educator has the depth of international experience and broad industry recognition:
The Institute's unique global Facilitator Licensing Program is the only coaching licensing system that provides coaching courses that are industry accepted and have a proven international track record of success.

-Quality Tested: 
For over twenty years, the Behavioral Coaching Institute (our parent organization) has worked with many of the world’s leading organizations engaged in coaching to realize outstanding business outcomes through successful, validated initiatives. 

Our expert Faculty have personally facilitated customized coach training programs for hundreds of senior executives in major corporations and government agencies. They have worked with CEOs, HR, L & D leaders, Senior Management and their management teams in such companies as; Lloyds Bank, Ernst and Young, Vodafone, Saatchi and Saatchi (New York), Sony Corporation, Pfizer, Daimler Chrysler, Maritime Life Assurance Co and The Bank of New York. The Institute's clients also include executives in not-for-profits (such as the Red Cross, and government agencies e.g. the Education Department and the Air Force). The Institute's sought after courses and our Faculty team's highly valued facilitation is well documented in many journal and magazine articles and case studies published in our best selling coaching text books (sold in multiple languages around the world).

Note: Our Course Manuals are used by our elite corporate clientele around the world. It follows that that 'industry' approval is sought before any new edition is released to our partners.
Also note: -there are only be a limited number of licenses made available per region. 




The Benefits from Coaching are too Important to be left to Chance...
These comprehensive, proven courses have been designed in consultation with the world's leading industry users
    and influential figures in modern business.

  For coaching to realize its full potential it requires a well-defined formal process, a support structure, and valid tools to ensure
  reliability, sustainability, and broad-based successful impact. Today, coaching educational platforms are a vital requirement
  for the successful introduction of coaching into organizations.

                  "BCI's programs are by far, the most comprehensive coach skill building courses
                available. Each extensive manual contains over 30 modules integrated into one
                incredible learning system
  .Stretton. Executive Coach, NLB

              "Priceless! This course has become the major profit center in our practice."  
-B.Johannsen. Coaching Plus


  "Providing accountable coaching  skills and practices for Managers
     and Executives is now a major prerequisite in leadership
     development and a crucial process for the long-term success
     of any organization.
-HR Today 

ICC Accredited Courses

  Level One ('Off-the-Shelf') Course Manuals  -for individual and workforce development: 

Expertise and a worldwide reputation for 'excellence'!
Zeus and Skiffington and the Institute's names are universally associated with excellence in coaching education. The workplace coaching model has been pioneered over the past decade by Dr Perry Zeus and Dr S. Skiffington. Today, across the world, many universities use Zeus and Skiffington's coaching text books as course references in their coaching degree status courses. In the international business world Zeus and Skiffington's personal and organizational change methodologies and coaching best practices are used by organizations who are at the cutting edge of the application of the coaching model of change and learning..
  Certified Manager / Leader as Coach - MLC ©  
-"According to a recent survey, the majority of the 212 organizations surveyed at a recent human
                           resources conference do not track coaching meetings being held by managers or are aware
                           what coaching processes are being used
." -The Business Journal 2016

                           3 Course Manuals: 1) Trainer's Manual (containing extensive Course Presenter Notes), 2) Participant's
                           Manual and 3) a Resource Manual.

                           In a recent large industry-wide study it was found that most managers reported that they were
                           confident in their ability to coach. However, the study showed that the managers'/leaders' skills
                           levels as coaches were typically poor and that as a consequence they were not nearly as effective
                           in their coaching as they believe themselves to be. Often times, they believed that coaching
                           consisted of providing 1-to-1 instructional feedback to their staff members on what to do in a given
                           situation -but, that's not coaching, it's managing or counselling. A well-trained Manager/Leader as
                           Coach supports their staff by using validated developmental and learning tools and providing them
                           with personalized self-coaching strategies to achieve sustainable results

                           Purpose: -To train and certify Managers and/or Leaders and External Service Providers how to
                           employ industry-proven informal and formal coaching strategies and techniques. Course
                           participants are taught how to master valid, latest coaching practices designed to be used on an
                           'in-time' basis or part of their normal day-to-day duties.
: The Completion Certificate (and designation) for this off-the-shelf course is awarded by the provider.
for Course Content Description and Licensing Guidelines -see next page..

                  Certified Professional Coach (CPC) ©
 - over 300 course pages plus additional Resource and Toolkit Manual (over 250 pages)
                            - can be delivered as a 2 day course or smaller half-day programs
                            -  includes latest, proven coaching models, tools, techniques and processes
                            - Plus the licensee has the right to use the International Coaching Council's (ICC) and BCI's Educational
-see below logos

                           Purpose: -To train and certify people to become part-time of full-time coaches specializing in
                           Professional Skills or Life Skills development. Especially suitable for coaches working with SME's.
                           Course participants are taught how to use the latest coaching practices and tools.
for Course Content Description and Licensing Guidelines -see next page..


M.L.C & C.P.C
-Training, Support & ancillary Rights


The BCI Accredited Accredited Trainer ® brand is the elite mark of distinction for business coach training providers.
- For those qualified Training Providers who desire to train coaches.
Behavioral Coaching Institute (BCI) Accredited is a unique designation in the coaching field. In today's fragmented marketplace professional accreditation is the best available marketing tool to: best position yourself and advertise your excellence to potential clients and the wider business community.

BCI Accredited is recognized internationally as the top designation in the world of coach training. It tells the world that your coach training is world class, is the best available and that you have been especially qualified to deliver the program.

Non-Exclusive License Holders Rights: 
The license grants the license holder the right to:
   1) - to deliver the CourseWare, as many times as you choose, in the selected license period. 
    2) - set your own training fees
- quote the Behavioral Coaching Institute and Zeus and Skiffington's names as the course developers 
4)  -the licensee also obtains the right to re-brand the licensed course with their name and re-format the course to
          create short seminars or workshops or longer certificate courses etc.

 2 Year Licensing Categories:

1) Solo Practitioner CourseWare License
2 Year License $us2,950. or 4 Year License: $us3,950.00
         --Note: Only one
Master Coach graduate (the license holder) has the rights to deliver the course.

2) Associates Practitioner CourseWare License
his special 'Associates" 2 Year License of Use of CourseWare varies in cost according to the number of associates who are licensed to use the same courseware program as co-licensee's eg;
               2 license holders = $US3,950, 3 license holders = $US4,950, 4 license holders = $US5,950.

Note: Course Graduates are provided Certification by the Licensee with ICC Accreditation.

3) Educational, Corporate or Business CourseWare License
This special 2 Year License of Use of the CourseWare is from $us5,950 (Price on Application --POA -depending size of client market). Graduates of the courses obtain Certification by BCI -provided by the license holder and, can have their names registered as a MLC graduate on a special 'Graduate Register' section on BCI's master-coaches.com website. This category license holder also receives the following special designation as an accredited Training Provider: BCI Accredited Training Provider      



  -Note: If you have not completed the Institute's Master Coach Course (the qualification to apply for a Courseware License) simply visit this website's 'Registration Page' to also register for the Master Coach course (E-Learning Format -Special Needs Scholarship Rate) and note your intent to also apply for a Courseware License..   


.License Application Form

        1.- Firstly, are you a Master Coach/graduate certified by our Institute?   -Yes    -No   
>  If Not > I understand to qualify to join the Licensing Program I also need to complete the Master
Coach Course (E-Learning Special Needs Scholarship available for intending Licensee).
                                    - Upon completing this Form go here
to enrol in the Master Coach Course.


2.      -  Currently I/we do not provide any professional development courses
         - I am an existing Educational Provider

 A)  First Level Course Licensing Program:
. - Yes! I am interested in licensing (for 2 years) the:-
Manager / Leader as Coach (MLC)
Certified Professional Coach (CPC)
 For:   -   -Solo -2 years (1 license holder) -- $us2,950 - -Solo - 4 Year License: $us3,950.00
       -   -2 'Associates' - $us3,950 -3 'Associates' - $us4,950  -4 'Associates' - $us5.950
Educational, Business or Corporate License -(P.O.A) -from $us5,950

             - Yes, I plan for some of my associates to also present the Course and understand that
                    they need to be a graduate of the Institute's Master Coach Course.
                                         -Associate Names, their location:

         - Nominated Country/State/Region/City/Business Industry/Sector etc looking to
                                            operate non-exclusively in:

B)  Regional Learning Partner Program:  
- Yes! -I am also interested in conducting Master Coach Courses exclusively in my region. 


Full Name :


Business Name:


Address/Zip :


State & Country :


Tel. #'s :

Home:   Biz:


Email  :

Biz: Personal:


Your Position :


- and/or Title :

Owner         President/CEO   Vice President
Director      Manager            Supervisor



Decision Making Process :

I am the final decision maker.
I have influence in the decision making process.
I may make a recommendation for a purchase.
- The Name of the Final Decision Maker is:  

How soon would you like to join our Program?  


Your Organization's Annual Revenue is approx' :  


<$250 thousand   <$500K  $500k -1 million  $1-5 million
$5-10 million    $10-25 million  $25-50 million $50> million

Number of employees :      Years in Business:  

Personal Professional Profile / Brief description of your business:
-for example: history, organizational structure, type of services/products provided, geography covered, marketing expertise and any other appropriate profile information etc .



What are your goals in providing coach educational courses?


Any further Information etc./Your 'People Development Experience' etc?:


Any Faculty Sponsor or other Referral Name:    






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