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Diploma & Master Coach

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 Master Coach and Diploma Coach
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How to Run an Online Coach Certification
 Business From Your iPad or PC..

World-Recognized, Accredited, Coach Training Courses

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“A safe, highly profitable, low cost
 business model.. especially
 for would-be or new coaches!”

 life coaching, executive coaching

“Open, Self-Study, Professional Development Courses
no student tuition or assessment!
Accredited Certification is sent upon completion of course!
It's the perfect, hands-free business model!"



  Question: What does Sony,  GE,  McKinsey & Co,  Citibank, Howard Hughes Medical Institute,  Hong Kong University of Science & Technology,  BP Shell Global,  Toyota,  US Department of Defence,  Saudia Aramco, World Vision,  University Hospital Birmingham, University of Washington Foster School of Business, Petroleo Brasileiro,  Woolworths,  IBM,  Ras Gas Qatar,  Rio Tinto,  Microsoft,  Modern Gulf Institute (Oman) have in common?

They are just a few of the many companies and institutions around the world that have enrolled their people in the Institute's Certified Master Coach course sold by our Licensed Territorial Partners!


Here are some other facts!!



  Full (License) Investment: USD$9,980.
• Payment Plan: In Full (10% Discount) -or- for those requiring assistance : $4,990 upon license being issued and $4,990 following 12 months.
Learn how one Licensee made USD$83,000 in just her first 5 months!.
Obtain a respected global brand, accredited (internationally recognized) self-study/online courses (campus format optional) and proven business templates to build a highly profitable business in your own protected territory!
.No student tuition is necessary as the self-study courses contain full instructional notes. The Licensee processes online orders, payment and providing
the e-course to clients to study on their computer.

  *Closed ! NEW round of License Territories to be released next semester! Request your name to be placed on the Interview Call Wait List Now!  




The Global E-Learning Market Is Set To Reach A Staggering $385 billion by 2026 according to a recent study conducted by the research firm Research and Markets. To put that into perspective, the e-learning market will be worth over four times the $90.6 billion higher education market - leaving traditional educators and institutions behind in its wake.

R&M project that the recession proof, e-learning industry will experience a compound annual growth rate of approximately 7.2 per cent over the next eight years. No other business sector has this continuing, sustainable growth pattern.

The Business Of Business, Executive and Life Coaching Is Booming

We are currently living in a challenging entrepreneurial environment. Yet, the demand for exceptional coaching services is presently outstripping supply.

Coaching is certainly going to become much bigger over the next few years. The reason for this is that more and more people are looking for proven ways to excel and improve their position in life.

-FORBES, 2024

The Growing need for Certified Coaches.
Today, more than ever, leaders / executives from corporations, government agencies, not-for-profits, educational institutions or those who may have their own businesses are dealing with multiple transformations in their organizations. Meantime, the world has seen the growing need for a diverse range of coaches in 100's of specialist areas where people are looking for growth, change and success.

Bottom Line:
Credentialed Coaches help people, at all levels, from aged 7 to 70, navigate increasingly complex and unexpected events and succeed in the personal and professional challenges facing them.

In an increasingly challenging and ever changing world, people need to learn how to locate and draw on their real strength, to be on their best-game and think smart to provide themselves the best chance to succeed.



The Behavioral Coaching Institute's Graduate School of Master Coaches was the world’s first professional coach training school (established 1994).

We are currently experiencing unprecedented growth due to the fast growing worldwide market. Fact is, we cannot possibly service such a huge, rapidly expanding, diverse marketplace so we have established a Global Regional Partner Program to help train new coaches.

For over 20 years, we have provided world recognized courses, certification and shown students how to build and grow a highly successful coaching business or work as an in-house coach.

To continue the successful migration of our courses around the world our preference now is to establish an ongoing, strong business relationship with a few select highly qualified and well-positioned 'Strategic Partners' per region.

We are presently prioritizing our next phase of expansion. Some commercial Partner Licenses are available in regions, such as: North America, Europe, Latin America and the Caribbean, Asia, Middle East, Africa and Oceania.


"The most prestigious distinction in professional coaching today"
-HR Review




Do you need to build a business model that is scalable and attracts clients?

  Dr. Perry Zeus (Founder of BCI and the discipline of modern-day professional coaching, author of multiple best selling, coaching text books published in 12 languages, developer of courses and behavioral change methodology used by many of the world's top 100 companies.)

Some 30 years ago Perry Zeus established his coach training school business from scratch and within 2 years built it up to be the world's premier coaching institution.

Today Perry
is cited as a primary "originator and influencer"* in the development of the modern coaching discipline. Perry now provides his globally recognized business brand name, proven products and a repeatable business framework to qualified individuals helping them roll out new highly profitable businesses. 

You will acquire the exact same courses and framework Perry himself, and now scores of our licensees around the world are using to success.

Note: There are no hidden add-on financial costs or royalties to pay! -Just a very affordable license fee. This is not a franchise!
*'Grounded Theory of the Roots and Emergence of Coaching' by Dr. V Brock 2009. International University of Professional Studies.



Over 6,000 graduates from over 60 countries


Here’s What our Strategic Partners get!

A 100% Online Business You Can Run From Anywhere - allowing you to be anywhere in the world or/and work from home. 

  •  This is a tried and tested business model – There's no gamble here. We've done this every year for over 20 years and we provide the brand name, products and know-how you need to be a success. 
  •  Once you're up and running, your business basically runs on auto-pilot - That leaves plenty of time to build other businesses, travel or just spend time with loved ones.
  •  No specific business qualifications necessary - Except a passion for success and the energy to jump-start into an exciting new career, enjoy helping people grow -and the rewards will follow. 
  •  Becoming a successful entrepreneur - Be in control of your own destiny and an unlimited ceiling for success and financial return. 



Stand out from the rest with a proven global brand, internationally recognized certificate courses -and have the clients come to you!


If you are looking to invest in yourself and start your own online that is rewarding and helps others -then you can benefit from our proven Business model.​ 

Over the past few years we’ve seen a massive increase in the demand for coach certification courses and e-learning in general. 

For entrepreneurial types this is a once lifetime financial opportunity! 

This is how it works:​


* BCI basically acts as a Content Supplier to your coach training business (whether that's just a part of your business or all of it) and provide you any support you need.

* As mentioned, we do not use a franchise business model in assigning our brand name, business model and products (courses)! Rather, we provide a straight-forward licensing arrangement for the use of world-recognized, world-best standard educational products and branding. 

* You handle your own business sales and set your own local prices for the courses. You can even include your own course material.

* Best of all, you can do all your work online and have no client contact except via email or text messenging. However, if you choose, you can conduct some of the courses live -via a class/seminar format.

* This is a 100% location independent business opportunity. 

* Work from home, or anywhere overseas, while managing a rewarding and profitable business.

Becoming an Educational Provider is a Truly Life-Changing Decision!  

Life-changing opportunity
o add-on, franchise type fees or royalties and no overheads, except your time (which will typically amount to less than one hour per day processing online orders).

To arrange a no-obligation interview:


- Just complete the below online form (to request a telephone interview) and we will arrange a call for you with Dr Perry Zeus (Institute’s Founder).  

- This will not be a sales call. You will simply have the opportunity to speak personally with Perry to ask any questions and go over the program to make sure this is a both a good fit for you and us. 

- Perry will also inform you what your chances are of becoming a Partner and what the next steps are for moving forward. 


NOTE: Please note, we can only accept a LIMITED number of people into our Regional Partner program. Right now we are only looking at assigning just a few regional new licenses. Applications close shortly. 

Naturally we are selective about who represents our brand/name in the global marketplace.
In order to keep our name as the world’s best in what we naturally only award licenses to the best qualified people. 

This is a lucrative licensing opportunity in today's challenging business environment and maybe your chance to take control of your financial destiny and enjoy your retirement years early! There are only so many designated territories in the world to be assigned! If you think you qualify for a license -don't hesitate to contact us and book an interview. The market is there already -are you?


 Group event with Dr Zeus in Singapore



For the right person this e-Business offers a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.
Based upon our experiences we believe that as a potential educational provider you should meet most or all of the following personal profile:
  • You or your representative possess conversational English to communicate with us.
  •  Able to afford the License investment
  •  Self motivated and determined to succeed 
  •  Enthusiastic and personable 
  •  Committed to building a successful business 
  •  Have good people skills and a desire to help people succeed





 1 Hour a
day work


Start now

Online business operating 24 hours every day selling Self-Study or Campus Courses   Only client contact is by email and/or message. Have lots of free leisure hours   We are currently assigning a new batch of territorial Licenses!  

The E-Business Package Investment Required

  •  E-Business Total Investment: *USD$9,980 (or -For those requiring assistance -$4,990 upon license being issued and $4,990 following 12 months. No further costs!
  •  Number Of Licenses Available: Possibility of joining our Waiting List depending upon the region you intend on conducting business.


What Next?
  •  Complete the below interview request form.
  •  Book a 30-minute call with our Dr Perry Zeus. Only upon a mutually successful interview is an application for a license submitted to the Institute's Selection Panel. 
  •  We review all applications and award licenses to suitable candidates.

    Becoming a Strategic Regional Partner
  •  If awarded a License -you have 3-days to accept or the offer of partnership will be given to the next qualified person waiting in line.
      Next, you will need to make a down payment of $4,990 to secure the license in your name within 7 days or pay in full ($9,980 for a 10% discount). Note: Special financial assistance for those that need it.

    Naturally you are required to possess some working knowledge of the courseware you sell. For those applicants who have not completed the Master Coach Course this is achieved by simply completing the Certified Master Coach Course (E-Learning Format at the special Scholarship rate of $us895).

    The Master Coach Course (to study), your licensing Agreement Form plus the licensed CourseWare etc is then be forwarded to you. Upon completing the course (casual study -usual 3-4 weeks) you not only receive the Certified Master Coach designation but you are also awarded the ICC Accredited Coach Trainer designation (see below) which can be used as a valuable, qualifying marketing tool.

    As soon as you inform our office that you have completed the Master Coach Course (no assessment required): your name is registered on the online, international Master Coach Registry; your Master Coach Certificate, Master Coach logo and ACT logo is forwarded plus you are registered as a member of the ICC.




-Limited Licenses



Open Your Own Coach Certification School with a proven global brand, internationally recognized certificate courses and have clients knocking on your online door!!!


The internationally recognized, prestigious ACT designation, allows you to certify your students as coaches in whatever niche you choose. Example; you can (according to your expertise and background training) conduct courses to become a Certified Relationship Coach, Certified Career Coach, Certified Weight Loss Coach, Certified Health and Wellness Coach, Certified Spiritual Coach etc...
BONUS: The Master Coach Course also teaches you how to market and build your own business.
  • Gain.credibility and respect in the coaching marketplace by providing recognized, world best standard courses that attract discerning, high-paying corporate and private clients.
  • .Become a respected educational supplier making a real difference in people’s lives is the ultimate path to personal growth and happiness.
Some Strategic Regional Partner Rights include:
  • Use of the Behavioral Coaching Institute 's prestigious, world recognized brand name and logo
  • ACT Certification and logo
  • 3 Year License
  • Rights of use of the internationally recognized level 1 'Manager Leader as Coach' and 'Certified Professional Coach' Courses
  • Rights of use of the world's elite and most valued coach training course -the Accredited, Master Coach Course
  • Support

applications ARE NOW BEING ACCEPTED for a second round of Territories JUST RELEASED FOR EXCLUSIVE LICENSING !!

There are some limited prime country regions still available.
Note: Each country has a number of defined regions depending on size and population.

See If Yours Is Available
Make a no obligation request for an interview on below Form.

Closed! Small number of released Territories in Pacific region Sold Out!
New round of International License Territories to be released next semester!

Request your name to be placed on Interview Call Wait List








  >>  Licensing Steps:

Step 1. Submission of your application to the Institute's Selection Panel for approval.
The Panel may request additional references or support material from an applicant to assist them in confirming the person's suitability.

Step 2. Immediately upon our receipt of the licensing payment by a su
ccessful applicant, the Master Coach Course Manuals (to read and complete), License and the Licensed Courses are forwarded.



1. - Firstly, have you completed BCI's Certified Master Coach Course?  

-Yes!   Details/Graduate Year
- Not yet, but if granted a License, I will also consider enrolling, and if I do, I will be eligible to receive the discounted E-Learning  Scholarship Course Fee ($us895 -Normal Standard Individual Rate is $us1,495. SAVE $us600)

2.    The territory I am interested in reserving is:

Define Your preferred Region (Small Country or City or State or Geographic region of larger Country etc):


3.            - I currently I do not provide any professional or personal development courses
               -  I am an existing Educational Provider
   A) Training Partner Only   - Yes! I wish to apply for a license to deliver (online or/and campus format) the:-
  Manager / Leader as Coach (MLC) -Live Class or Online/Self-Study
 Certified Professional Coach (CPC) -Live Class or Online/Self-Study
  Both Courses (15% discount off below standard rates for each course)

  Per Course: 
 - -Solo -2 years (1 license holder) -$us2,950  or  4 Year License: $us3,950
 Educational, Business or Corporate License -(P.O.A) -from $us5,950

      B)  Alliance Partner Only

  - Yes! I wish to apply for a license that provides me:-

  Course Content -of Certified Professional Coach to use in own course
- 2 years (1 license holder) -$us2,950  -4 Year License: $us3,950

   ICC Accreditation of own developed course (Price on Application -varies according
                       to type of course, market size, student fees etc)


   Strategic Territorial Partner  - Telephone Interview

- Yes!  If I have a successful interview, I wish to apply for a 5 Year License which exclusively provides me (within my designated territory) sole use of the BCI brand, logo and the below INTERNATIONALLY RECOGNIZED Courses.

USD$9,980 (less 10% payable in full by bank wire/transfer)..

Payment Plan: For those requiring assistance -$4,990 upon license being issued  and $4,990 following 6 months.
 - Course Licensing Rights include:
Certified Professional Coach (CPC) -Live Class or Online/Self-Study
   - Manager / Leader as Coach (MLC)  -Live Class or Online/Self-Study

   - The Certified Master Coach Course (Online/Self-Study Format Only)
- Depending upon my facilitation experience, I understand that I may require some training how to conduct live Master Coach Classes (Campus or videoconference format versus offering them Online/Self-Study)


Full Name:


Business Name:




State & Country:


Tel. #'s:

Home:   Biz:


Email :

Biz: Personal:

Website :

Profession /  Position :

    Your Professional / Educational Background / 'People Development Experience':


Your Business Annual Revenue
is approx' :  


<$250 thousand   <$500K  $500k -1 million  $1-5 million
$5-10 million    $10-25 million  $25-50 million $50> million

Number of employees :                 Years in Business:  

 Brief description of your business
-for example: history, organizational structure, type of services/products provided,
  geography covered, marketing expertise and any other appropriate profile information etc .



What are your business goals in providing coach training courses?


Any further Information etc?:



Any Faculty Sponsor or other Referral Names etc to support your application: