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"Unlike traditional business coach training institutions that embrace a singular and often, outdated view of professional development, BCI's Graduate School's coaching courses offer a full range of psychological and behavioral based personal/professional development that incorporates the leading "best-in-class" practices in the world. With their research and development in the fields of the behavioral sciences, coaching tool development, cross cultural training they are able to offer a depth and breadth of learning that typically requires enrolment with several separate educational providers. 

The Institute's international certified business coaching course employs a customized, hands-on, learning solution approach using total emersion case studies and role-plays that are uniquely designed to meet the specific coaching needs and business objectives of each course participant."
- OD Journal 2016



Additional Services:

  •  Master Coach Certification Courses -short Course Format (Accelerated Learning). For professional people developers
  • Business Opportunities -For Course Graduates  

    1) CourseWare Licensing Program - this program is suitable for persons/businesses who wish to provide coaching educational services within their organization or supplied by their external practice. Graduates of the Institute's Master Coach Course can apply to license various
    Workshop Training / Course Manuals (such as: the 'Manager/Leader as Coach' Course). Licensed users are able to re-brand these industry-proven courses (containing over 30 extensive modules) with their own name and re-format the material to create short seminars or workshops or longer certificate courses etc.

    2) Accredited Regional Business Partners -Qualified graduates are able to organize and sponsor 'Master Coach' courses in their region.

    Other Coaching Services:
  • Coaching -Business and Advisory Services
  • Coach Referral Service -International Coaching Panel of Expert Coaches
  • Latest case studies/examples of various types of our customized, Small Group, In-House Certified Master Coach Course -delivered to the offices/locale of our Business, Corporate, Non-Profit and Government Clients

  • Corporate Support for organizations requiring a 'tailor-fitted' approach to courses delivered in-house to their staff and follow-on technical/program back-up.



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