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                      - the Behavioral Coaching Institute's
International Coaching Panel

  • ICP is the world's most experienced leadership coaching network.
  • The ICP Network of coaches reaches across 50 countries and
    has been providing elite coaching services for over a decade.
  • Our clients include some of the world's greatest organizations.


BCI’s Executive Coaching is designed to enhance your senior leaders’ and executives’ capabilities and professional positional and group performance linked to your business results.

Whether your coaching program is new or well-established, BCI has the resources to a design a coaching solution that meets your needs.

Our global network of coaches provides access to over 200 skilled, independent executive coaches, and it’s growing every year. Our list of clients include many of the world's top organizations who are able to select seasoned coaches with the specific regional/cultural experience and expertise that best meet their needs.

BCI clients today are using Executive Coaching engagements to:

  • Provide individualized development linked to business impact
  • Connect development to critical leadership skills or strategic skill gaps
  • Prepare leaders to adapt to changes in business strategy, direction or challenges
  • Translate feedback from managers, peers and direct reports into action
  • Reinforce leader alignment with organizational priorities
  • Facilitate challenging and cost-efficient on-the-job learning
  • Foster an organizational coaching culture from the top down
BCI's expert panel of global coaches also provide:

- Group and Team Coaching,
- Coaching for new executives “Onboarding” into the organization,
- Coaching for transitioning from manager to leader,
- Targeted Coaching to help individuals focus on key behavior change to address specific, well-defined issues,
- 360 Debrief Coaching to help executives and managers translate the assessment data into action.

With over 15 years of executive coaching and change management experience, BCI is a world leader in the design and implementation of management / executive coaching programs, coach management training and support and methods for measuring coaching effectiveness.

- BCI's International Coaching Panel -is a worldwide network of independent, specialist
       coaches/people developers.

Our International Coaching Panel is a regionally based network of professional people developers that provide specialist coaching services to organizations. Our network operates in partnership with local organizations who require the best available service and results to achieve their individual and group people development goals.

The key to ICP (BCI's International Coaching Panel) success is simple: its global representation with member individuals and firms ranked amongst the world's top coaching practitioners. This positioning means that we are uniquely able to provide the best quality service to our clients who have world-best standard needs.

For over a decade, one of BCI's greatest strengths has been the ability of it's experienced graduates to coach at the highest level internationally. BCI boasts a proud tradition of only inviting select highly qualified individuals into it's world-recognized Certified Master Coach Course.    

ICP (BCI's International Coaching Panel) members must be graduates of the Graduate School of Master Coaches (BCI's educational arm) Certified Master Coach Course and also be a member of the International Coaching Council. Members also obtain the latest cutting-edge knowledge in their field of practice and the ability to exchange ideas regularly via the Institute's annual, invitational Coach Mastery Series (for select CMC graduates only). BCI attaches great importance to the ongoing development of all members of its Coaching Panel.

Our clients expect very high standards from any contracted professional coaching practitioner. BCI endorses the quality of its Coaching Panel members by conducting regular Quality Control Reviews and by acting as a Supervisor of the Provider and your assignment.

As a client of one BCI's Coaching Panel members, you will receive the results and expert guidance you require at a price you can afford.

Members of our ICP Network™:
 - are experienced change and learning facilitators.
 - maintain a high level of knowledge in the field and remain current on the latest theory and practice, models, tools and methods.
 - specialize in the area of high yield personal development of key personnel
 - are able to maximize the intelligence, talent and skills of your people.
 - construct highly personalized developmental plans for your people to acquire lasting skills and competencies necessary to raise
   their performance levels to new heights and to better
manage their careers and lives. 
 - if necessary, have strategies for supporting and referring their clients to more appropriate resources.

What is the ICP Network™?

The International Coaching Panel/Network is a group of specialist, professional people developers that want to see your people development initiatives succeed and flourish at world best-standard levels.
How do I find the right practitioner/coach?

Your Geographic Location:
To find a suitable practitioner in your area you first need to create a "development plan account" with one of the Institute's Senior Learning Partners (SLP's). By setting up a development plan account with the Institute you are able to access the specialists (including access to our SLP's) in your area/s of need.

By Business Category:

Our SLP's have organized their practitioners by categories to make it simple for them and you to find the right provider. The applicable, regional SLP will be able to provide you information on each specialist practitioner in their local Network.

By General Business (General Business Development Practitioners):
General business practitioners (both for small and large businesses) are also available to you. This type of highly experienced provider can provide both strategic business advice/consulting and coaching services.
How do I know if I have the right provider?
Once you have received the bio details from your SLP you simply arrange (via the SLP) for an initial no-cost telephone and/or personal interview. Post-interview -if you are not quite happy with your first selection you can ask your SLP for another suitable provider to interview.
What is the Fee Schedule?
Fees are set by each individual provider based on the nature of the coaching assignment and the time involved. ALL fees are payable directly to our SLP (who acts as the Supervisor of the Provider and your assignment).


Each accredited member coach of the International Coaching Panel (ICP)™ has unique professional and personal skill sets and has undertaken specialist coach training, 1-to-1 practice mentoring and advanced, regular refresher courses. The skills, experience and training these Executive and Business Coaches bring to your workplace environment will insure that your executives and managers will be able to meet their personal and professional objectives. 
To help your executives reach the next level, email us today to discuss your situation.
  Note: For Consulting/Advisory Services to organizations see: Other Services

  Coaching Request Form

-Yes!  I require the Institute's local Senior Learning Partner (SLP) to call me (at no obligation)
            to discuss a possible coaching assignment:

-I am an existing Client
-I am a potential new client.
-I have had some of my personnel trained by your Institute
-I am a CMC graduate with your Institute



Full Name :


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Tel. #'s :


Email Addresses:

-Your Position :    
  - and/or Title :    Owner         President/CEO   Vice President
   Director      Manager            Advisor 
  -Decision Making
   Process :
   I am the final decision maker.
   I have influence in the decision making process.
   I may make a recommendation for a purchase.
    - The Name of the Final Decision Maker is: 

Type and Details of Coaching Assignment  : 



Please Note: The Institute's local SLP will contact you within 48 hours of you sending this Form!


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Contents: coaching referral services, coach, coach referral, business coach, executive coach, coaching network, ICP, International Coaching Panel, people development programs, coaching referral service, coaching panel, executive coaching, coaching referral services, coaching referral service, coaching panel, coach referral, executive coaching, coaching network, ICP, International Coaching Panel, coach, business coach, executive coach, people development programs,