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Coach Mastery Series (CMS)
  - for invited Diploma and Master Coach Graduates
  Conducted as a part of the Behavioral Coaching Institute's Continuing Professional Development Program for MASTER COACH (MCC) Graduates only.  

- A challenging Course to transform experienced coaches into exceptional executive coaches.
 - A unique opportunity for in-depth development for individuals seeking to be at the top of their field.

Every year the Behavioral Coaching Institute conducts a special, advanced professional development course. The Coach Mastery Series is a 3-day course conducted in two key learning hubs (USA and Asia) where coaches gather to deepen their coaching practice, building and further developing the knowledge and skills gained through the Master Coach programme and their post-course experiences of working with clients and internal colleagues.

In the last year we received an unprecedented demand for entry into this elite program. Given the large amount of requests for entry already received, we have decided to open the course for enrolment by invitation (via the below Pre-Course Registration Form) for a limited time only

The widespread call for such a program reflects the growing maturity of the professional workplace coaching discipline, including the reality in the marketplace that corporations are looking for coaches who are not just good but are outstanding and possess advanced behavioral change knowledge, skills and toolkit that separates them others..
For over twenty years the Behavioral Coaching Institute has been at the forefront of niche, elite coach training with a focus on achieving sustainable, measurable behavioral change. The Coach Mastery Series is another element that differentiates the Institute from other providers and gives graduates a clear market edge.

NOTE: Spaces are strictly limited in this special Coach Mastery Series.

As part of our commitment to support the ongoing professional development of our graduates, the Coach Mastery series will also enhance the invitee's career by also providing an environment for networking, benchmarking and dialogue with other successful peers/recent graduates.

The Behavioral Coaching Institute's Annual, Elite Master Class for select graduates/individuals:  

The latest behavioral change knowledge, skills development and the understanding of current professional practice issues are all key aspects of training to be an elite coaching practitioner.

Special Note:
Master Classes are also used by our Institute to identify the 'best-of-the-best' to join our
International Coaching Panel -comprising specialist graduates to work with some of our global corporate clients on the various local and international contracts on offer.

The Coach Mastery Series (CMS)
is a specialist hands-on workshop designed to allow the graduate obtain the latest scientific coaching methodology and achieve mastery of specific elite practitioner skills and techniques. The workshops are built around role-plays and exercises focusing on the use of set coaching sessional skill sets and scenarios. The workshops are also a means for graduates to keep up-to-date with cutting-edge coaching techniques, trends and issues and benchmark their own continuing development with a group of like-minded, experienced professionals..

-Selection Process and Payment: 
1. Submission of the below Registration Form by a graduate.
2. A BCI regional Course Facilitator can recommend a nominated person to the Institute's Board for approval to join the Masterclass.

Upon approval each selected person is contacted and is required to make full payment of the course fee to secure a limited place. In fairness to all applicants, if a selected person is unable to make payment within 7 days that place is then offered to the next qualified applicant in the queue.

-Location/Venue: Conducted at BCI's two regional hubs - Singapore and New York 

-Facilitation: Provided by the Institute's Regional Course Facilitation Team. 

-Cost: $us3,495.00

  (Note: Subject to change without notice)

Course Content: 

During the Coach Mastery Series (CMS) we examine three coaching themes most asked for by our graduates in the previous year. For each theme, we focus on:
-  the underlying theory and empirical support on the latest advanced coaching methodology 
-  learning how to use advanced knowledge and skills via deep immersion practical exercises eg:. participants will break into dyads or triads to obtain in depth 'hands-on' experience  of the theories/concepts and themes introduced. 
-  debating and having dialogue about questions which are often not asked by coaches working solo or in small groups.

The 3-day intensive workshop covers three primary themes.

The Three Themes for the 2021 Coach Mastery Series will be:

Coaching and Neuroscience:

Today, advanced 21st Century Coaching (learning/change) works in two fundamental ways:

A. Behaviorally -
The software/our skill sets
--focuses on the how to use the latest, cutting-edge, validated, neuro-behavioral methodology and tools people.

B. Biologically: The hardware/the brain
--focuses on the ways we can best physically change/re-wire the brain. Recent studies by behavioral neuroscientists now provide us a clear scientific explanation as to the process of change and how a person can train their brain through the use of neuro-cognitive mental exercises to enhance their performance levels.

How to increase higher level Mental Skills and even Intelligence!
This unique learning module shows how through guided coaching a person is now able to change their brain's physical structure, alter their mind's perceptual experiences and effect changes in behavior, expectations and choices etc. By engaging in targeted, structured coaching
exercises the coachee is now able to develop key cognitive skills to enhance their capacity to succeed.

This "hand-on" module guides you how to use valid and proven exercises designed to increase a person's cognitive functions -such as: processing information more quickly and effectively, improved decision-making processes -complete more decision cycles per fixed unit of time, increasing IQ, performing multiple tasks simultaneously (multi-tasking), retrieving and acting on information more quickly and efficiently, learning new information more easily, increasing the power of attention, concentration and awareness, reducing anxiety -being able to concentrate in the presence of distractions and developing faster physical reflexes and sharper visual discrimination.

These cutting-edge exercises can by used by all coaches with all clients (whatever the type of intervention they are engaged in -from remedial to developmental etc) to enhance their ability to succeed both in their professional and personal lives. These remarkable, new tools open a wider marketplace of practice for professional people developers.

2). Coaching High Achievers.  

For coaches who wish to work with high achievers, this theme will provide an accelerated insight into coaching elite professionals. For coaches who work with high achievers already, the theme will serve to increase your coaching impact and personal effectiveness in working with clients.

This theme will focus on coaching high achievers including CEOs, high potential individuals and clients who wish to accelerate their professional success in a short space of time as an explicit goal for coaching. The theme explores how to work with these types of clients and answers the question 'is the coaching relationship and dynamics with high achievers similar to that in existence with other clients?  Also to be included will be; discussions about critical program design features, case studies of coaching impact compared and contrasted and, strategies explored for best implementing the programs. The goal of 'Being of value to clients'  is explored. What does coaching 'value' signify for a high achiever? How is 'value' measured by high achievers who embark on coaching? How should this awareness influence how we work as coaches with groups of high potential individuals? 

Key support mechanisms and various success measures will also be explored and practical suggestions provided to help you design interventions for both maximum ‘payback’ and rapid ‘payforward’ which will grab the attention of key stakeholders and sponsors in a business. These and many other practices and questions will be explored, debated and answered through guided role plays, interactive discussions and modelled coaching sessions.

3). Transformational Coaching for Managers and Leaders.

Transformational coaching processes are vital for coaches looking to develop the capacity in leaders to create a healthy, positive and empowering workplace environment. The advanced, coaching processes are also necessary leadership tools to create a high-performance, feedback-rich culture. Creating coaching environments with powerful feedback infrastructures will be explored and designed.

Today's sophisticated coach (as the "advisor-coach") is required to instruct management/leadership in the use of coaching tools and processes to help them solve their day-to-day myriad people and business issues.

Transformational Coaching Techniques and models use the future as its context and allow the master coach to create an environment of discipline and structure by which the client can generate the actions necessary to realize that future. The techniques and practices discussed in this series will include behavioral exercises for the individual client as well as larger groups. Emphasis will be placed on the power of contextualization and using actionable processes to enhance client outcomes. Most important for the busy leader, these processes enable leaders to "walk the talk" and generate unprecedented results through and in others. These coaching skills will explored via experiential exercises, modelled coaching sessions and opportunities to experience first hand the process and power if transformational coaching.





-Yes!  I am a BCI graduate and I wish to to apply to have my name placed on the wait list for the next available regional Coach Mastery Series Course to be conducted in:

New York- $us3,495 (Sold Out)  Next year dates to be announced
Singapore- $us3,495 (Sold Out)  Next year dates to be announced



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Please Note: Your Name will be added to our Wait list. We will notify you with full logistical and payment details as soon as the next available course dates have been set. Only upon full payment can confirmation of your place be emailed to you.

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