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- Available for License by Graduates of the Institute's Master Coach Course
                                                      ICC Accredited®

Note: The licensee obtains the right to
re-brand the Certified Professional Coach
course with their own name, add any additional material and re-format the course to create short (2 to 4 hour) seminars or workshops (half-day) or longer certificate courses (2 Days or more) etc. 
   Certified Professional Coach (CPC)©  Course  #3.0
First-Level Coach Training:

This Certified Professional Coach training course is for any professional who wishes to gain empowering coaching skills and take on a part-time or full-time first-level coaching role.

Who Should Attend the Certified Professional Coach Course?
Professionals who have a commitment not only to their own personal and professional development but have a desire to empower, equip, encourage, and support others through coaching.

The Outcome
Professionals who complete the Certified Professional Coach program will acquire competency in core coaching skills to support others to develop their potential in all areas of life and to take action to accomplish that which matters most to them.

As a coach, they will be able to support people to:

  • Gain focus
  • Move from vision to action
  • Achieve goals faster
  • Make better decisions
  • Broaden perspectives for innovative solutions
  • Learn new skills to take the next step
  • Contextualize career and personal development efforts

A intending license-holder/facilitator should also aim to provide their course participants significant help and encouragement regarding their personal growth issues during the coaching course.

The Approach
By focusing on core coaching skills course participants reflect on their current coaching style to create a unique blend for greater effectiveness. Most participants typically go on to employ coaching in a part-time role. However, many also use this course as a stepping stone to becoming a full-time, elite coach (practicing at the top of their field) by enrolling in the advanced-level Certified Master Coach Course..

Certified Professional Coach Program
Through theory, examples, interaction, coaching, and lots of practice, participants learn the core skills of coaching which include:
-Listening, Inquiry, Feedback and Expanding, Facilitating Discovery, Designing Actions, Supporting Progress etc

Certified Professional Coach Course Structure:
     -Comprehensive Experiential Learning

    Over 30 Modules. Each module is complete in itself so that trainers can choose which modules they want to present.
    Each module contains:
     1) Clear Objectives established at the beginning of each module,
      2) Detailed Facilitator's Notes -a step-by-step guide to introduce the topic and a commentary to accompany each point
             on the material,
     3) Multiple Learning Activities for the participant to engage in, such as: role plays, case discussions, self-assessments
     4) Facilitator's Notes -to conduct and debrief the learning activity.

Certified Professional Coach CONTENT:                 -

  -Contains 150 instructional pages and notes

      Coaching and other related disciplines
      Types of Professional Coaching
      How to become a Behavioral Change Agent / Master Coach
      Core Identities/Competencies of a Master Coach
      How to develop your Coaching Style
       How to Construct a Coaching Session
      Dialogue Skills
      Questioning Skills
        Listening  Skills
        Establishing Trust and the ‘Holding Environment’
      Transference and Counter-transference within the coaching relationship
        Behavioral-Based Coaching Models & Forms and Stages of Coaching
     Coaching Structure/Program Steps/Map/BLUEPRINT
      Coaching CYCLE -Assessment
        -Goal Setting
        -Developing an Action Plan
        -Coaching Frameworks and Models
(r)        -Follow-up
       How to Deal with a Reluctant Coachee
      How to Deal with an Uncommitted Coachee
      The Differences in Coaching Generation X & Y


-Includes Templates and Forms for Executive and Leadership Coaching & Business & Life Coaching

     -Contains over 150 instructional pages and notes plus

(a) Some Research Data on Coaching in Organizations 
                     (b) Coaching the Executive
                     (c) Positional Fit Tool
                     (d) Blind Spots

                     (e) Observation Exercise
                     (f)  Sales Coaching
                     (g) Team Coaching
                     (h) Peer-to-Peer Coaching
                     (i)  Group Behavioral Change


(a)   Who is the Client?
      (b)   Barriers to Coaching
      (c)   A Coaching Culture: what it is and how to establish the benefits
      (d)   Creating a Coaching Culture
      (e)   The “People Factor” in Introducing Coaching within Organizations
      (f)    Sustaining Coaching Environments  
      (g)   A Checklist for the Coaching Sponsor and Coaching Manager

      (h)   Failures in Coaching and How to Prevent them
      (i)    A Coaching Program/Practice Checklist

(1)  Some Small Business Coaching Interventions
(2)  Some Business/Corporate Coaching Foci
(3)  Some Reasons Why Business Coaches Fail
(4)  Coaching Small Business – Some Areas
(5)  The Small Business Coaching Grid
(6)  The External Business Coach – a Profile
(7)  Small Business Development Coach

(1) Your Coaching Niche
(2) Developing Your Coaching Business
(3) Marketing your Coaching Services

 (1) Manager / Leader as Coach Training Course


 3.   Plus Resource and Toolkit Manual
                 -containing over 300 pages of COACHING FORMS

(1) Educational/Marketing
      (2) Data Collection

      (3) Proposal
      (4) Contract


Course/Facilitator Licensing Guidelines

Course -User Rights: 
Any person who conducts the course must be a registered licensed user. A license holder obtains the right to deliver the Manuals (according to the terms/length of their license). The license also grants the user the right to deliver the course to as many people as they wish (within a defined territory). Note: There are no Course Fee Royalties. The graduate is also assigned the right to re-format the course material.

The primary holder/acquirer of the License of Use is in the name of an organization or business entity. The secondary rights of the license (the right to deliver/teach the course) is only granted to nominated registered graduates of the Institute's Master Coach Course. All authorized instructors names are listed on a Licensed Facilitators Registry maintained and updated by the Behavioral Coaching Institute. 


License Checklist:
1. Attribution
The licensee must include attribution to Dr Zeus,and BCI as the source and owner of all copyrighted materials/program/trademarks.  Example: "Copyright (year) by Behavioral Coaching Institute. All rights reserved."

2. Modification
You may adapt and add supplementary materials to fit the needs of your market/users without permission.

3. Course Fees charged by License Holder
You may set your own fee structure depending on the needs and requirements of the market you intend to serve. 

4.  Individual License
-Certifying/Permitting Use by others
The license is issued to an individual and only that person has the license, not their company, business partners -you do not have the right to permit others to teach the material. Any user of the Course must be specifically trained and licensed by us.

5. Posting to a website
You may post the list of course modules headings on your website (as per this site) as long as BCI's copyright/attribution is on the page.

6. eCourses, eZines, eBroadcasting, book/ebooks
Your license does not give you the right to repackage, broadcast or rebroadcast the courses concepts, forms, program tools or any material in the program in email, ezine or ecourse format nor in any book/ebooks you are writing.

7. Duration of use
2 Years, 4 Years or 8 Years  -subject to renewal and conditions of use.

8. Logos
You may not use or personalize or modify any BCI or 1to1 logo without permission.

9. Translations
Permission is required for any translation of our course material.

10. Upgrades
From time to time, we upgrade the materials or content of our licensed programs. These upgrades are optional and are available for a fee. 

11. Some situations which will cause withdrawal of a license.
a. If you harm the Institute's or Dr Zeus or Dr. Skiffington's name or trading names or brand through non-delivery, illegal activity or non ethical behavior etc.
b. You adapt materials and do not include the copyright/BCI attribution line on each page.


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