For Qualified Business / People Development Businesses:
Steps for Businesses/Individuals to become a Regional
  Learning Partner and
market and present the elite
  CMC Course
in their region/marketplace

                  -Provided to an approved applicant to become a Regional Learning Partner..


This Agreement Statement contains the principles, licensing rules and steps set by the Behavioral Coaching Institute (BCI) for ................ ("the Licensee") to obtain a One Year Licensing Agreement of Use for the CMC Course.

The Behavioral Coaching Institute agrees that it will begin working towards the Licensing of ................. to deliver the Certified Master Coach (CMC) Course in ........, 200..

  • Some Key Licensing Operational Procedures and Steps for the Provider (License Holder) to follow in obtaining a 1 Year Regional License of Use for the CMC Course:

Because each region has its own language and cultural requirements the Licensee is best positioned to interview and enrol qualified applicants via their own marketing efforts. The Institute will forward any relevant territorial 'Course Registration of Interest Form' received via its own website to the Licensee.

The Licensee is trained in how to select and enrol qualified participants. It is expected that most (if not all) of the Licensee's course participants would originate via the License Holder's own marketing programs. Perry Zeus (BCI's Executive Director) personally oversees the Institute's International 'Partnering Program'. However, the Institute's local Senior Learning Partner provides all required training, support and guidance to the Licensee in the development and ongoing management of their local strategic marketing and sales efforts.

10 Key Points: -The invited Regional Licensee will:

1) Pay an initial 1 Year License Fee (for an exclusive, territorial use of Course and the Institute's Branding etc) -of $us9,950 (thereafter renewable at $us3,950 per year) plus Mentoring/Support (minimum number of sessions in Year One is 8, Year Two is 4, thereafter optional/on a need-to-basis)

2) Translate the course into the local language and adapt the course to the local culture..

3) Review the needs of their regional marketplace and consider reformatting the Program into 2 levels (an introductory/first level and advanced/second level). Note: Additional course material can be licensed to the Licensee if a First-level Course is required.

4) Provide local marketing of the course.

5) Receive the requisite training/supervision/mentoring -the 'Facilitator-in-training' can be accredited by the Institute's Facilitator via:
a) the nominated Senior Facilitator (who is already certified as a Certified Master Coach) becoming an Accredited CMC Course Facilitator via participation in two to three of the Institute's regular, regional CMC courses (in (N.Y., London, Sydney etc). He/she would assist the Institute's Facilitator in the first CMC Course and then co-present the CMC Course in the second and any third event. -or
b) via the Provider's own pilot CMC Courses.

Note: The Provider can also use any pilot CMC Courses (conducted with the Institute's Facilitator) to certify any additional nominated future in-house course facilitators as a CMC.

The Licensee's Course Facilitator/s, upon completion of the above steps, can be accredited by the Institute as CMC Course Facilitator/s and are therefore able to conduct the training of future/additional course facilitators.

Note: If the Provider has their nominated Facilitator trained/accredited via the Institute's own courses -there are no course fee charges and no training cost to the Provider. If the Provider conducts one of their own courses as part of the training vehicle -then the Provider will be responsible for the airfare and accommodation for the BCI Facilitator and also pay their standard facilitation fee. The Provider also has the right to design their advertising/marketing to take advantage of the additional presence of the high-profile BCI Facilitator.

6) The Licensee will pay for the business-class airfare and accommodation costs etc for Perry Zeus or pay for the airfare and accommodation costs etc for a nominated BCI Representative –re: periodic visits (at least annually) to confirm that the Institute's high quality standards of course delivery are achieved (and for any meeting with the Licensee's staff and clients etc). After the initial 1year License period and upon successful performance parameters being met the Provider is then granted a further 1 Year License of Use.

Note: A BCI Representative can also be an Institute's Facilitator who may also be available to assist in the presentation of a nominated CMC Course conducted by the Licensee

7) All educational and course marketing material or other medium used or designed by the Licensee citing Dr Skiffington's and BCI's names
or using any of the Institute's copyrighted material and other trademarks etc -needs to be first approved by Perry Zeus.

8) The Licensee pays for all costs related to conducting their course -eg: course venue cost, course materials etc..

9) The Licensee is responsible for the enrolment process of all participants in their course and will receive any relevant Course 'Registration
of Interest Form' ('ROI's') from the Institute's website to process. The Licensee will be trained by the Institute's local Senior Learning Partner
how to enrol qualified individuals from both their own marketing efforts and from any Institute's ROI's..

10) As each Region has its own special requirements -a Course Fee Sharing Formula is established on a per region basis.
-The Standard Formula for English speaking regions is = 60:40 (60% of the Course Fee payable to the Provider, 40% to the Institute
(subject to negotiation -according to the special needs/conditions of the region). Note: It is normally expected that the Provider (through
their own marketing efforts) would enrol all of their own students -therefore the below 60:40 Course Fee Sharing Formula
* would apply).

-A Special Floating Course Fee Formula is designed for more culturally diverse/non-English regions. It acknowledges the need
for the Licensee to spend considerable time and resources in translating and adapting the Course to best fit their region's culture and
perspectives. The formula is arrived at by simply calculating the number of students enrolled by the Licensee via our main website's Course 'Registration of Interest Form' (ROI) compared to the number of students enrolled through their own independent marketing/sales efforts. It
follows that the Licensee receives a sliding percentage figure on a scale from 40% (when more than 76% of the students are enrolled via
the Institute's
ROI's) to 60% (when less than 24% of the students are enrolled via the Institute's ROI's). Note: It is normally expected
that the Provider (through their own marketing efforts) would enrol all of their own students.

* Special Floating Course Fee Formula:
      - Less than 24% enrolled from BCI leads  ---> -The Provider receives 60% of the Course Fee
      - 25% to 50% enrolled from BCI leads  ---> -The Provider receives 53% of the Course Fee
      - 50% to 75% enrolled from BCI leads  ---> -The Provider receives 47% of the Course Fee
      - More than 76% enrolled from BCI leads  ---> -The Provider receives 40% of the Course Fee 

  -Next Step: -to discuss -simply complete this form to arrange an initial telephone interview with the Institute's local Senior
                          Learning Partner or Perry Zeus, our Executive Director.

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