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Corporate Coaching 
- some benefits and the importance of using validated behavioral
  change coaching toolkit (models, techniques and tools)
Corporate Coaching

Corporate Coaching -Some Benefits: 
It is increasingly recognized that Individuals and groups perform better with coaching and this performance translates into business results. Some of the specific ways in which corporate coaching is beneficial include the following: 
  •       Corporate coaching for leadership impacts companies through increased productivity, improved communication, increased staff commitment and loyalty and decreased levels of stress and tension.

  •       Corporate coaching assists individuals to remain loyal and committed to the company in the face of demanding global business hours, language barriers, differing work ethics and economic fluctuations.

  •       Corporate coaching can help prevent executive derailment, which, as some studies suggest, can be as high as thirty-three per cent for senior executives.

  •       Corporate coaching helps managers develop better interpersonal skills. Some common reasons for interpersonal conflict include executives being too abrasive, too controlling and too isolated. Coaches work with executives to explore these behaviours, to recognize and regulate their self-defeating beliefs, assumptions and actions.

  •       Corporate coaching helps leaders to think and plan more strategically, to manage risk more effectively, to create and communicate vision and mission.

  •       Corporate coaching aids in developing a culture of trust, commitment and personal responsibility both internally and with the external world of clients and customers.

  •       Corporate coaching enables the executive or manager to leverage his or her personal power more effectively.

  •       Corporate coaching can develop those leadership qualities that have been empirically proven to be associated with success. These include: cognitive capacity, social capacities, personality style, motivation, knowledge and expertise

Corporate coaching is now recognized as the critical platform for executives to achieve successful behavioral change and learning. 

2. Corporate Coaching and behavioral change
The ability of the corporate coach to translate behavioral feedback into an action plan is critical in creating an effective development plan for the executive. The corporate coach must be able to also determine the relationship between personal behavior and the organizational and business context in which the executive operates. Corporate coaching is all about achieving behavioral change and change is a psychological process.

A successful, professional, ethical corporate coach has to understand, be confident and competent in the psychological aspects of corporate coaching and a master in the use of a range of behavioral change techniques and validated psychological-based tools that bring about genuine, lasting, measurable results. To do so requires personalized training by a professionally qualified educator with psychological expertise is now a must  -as this not only provides the necessary corporate coaching credentials, skill sets, toolkit and resources but also contributes to the coach’s learning and development -ensuring the corporate coach is working within his or her personal and professional limits of competence.  

Only validated, behavioral scientific models, accelerated behavioral change techniques, competencies and behaviors identified in robust studies by leading academics are ever mentioned or used in our Certified Master Coach course. Other corporate coach training courses may use other models or derivatives of: ‘NLP’, the GROW model, counselling or other well-intentioned approaches -however, on what verifiable evidence is their model, practice and philosophy of coaching based?

Successful corporate coaching is not a suitable domain for employing outdated, un-scientific, unproven, simplistic coaching models and tools.

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Contents: Corporate Coaching toolkit, corporate coach, corporate coaching skills, corporate coaching techniques, evidence-based coaching toolkit, corporate coaching, corporate coaching, corporate coach, change, corporate coaching toolkit, management coaching, corporate coaching models, corporate coach techniques.